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Sharon giving Parker another pep talk in the kitchen; Parker decides he's not "on strike" anymore NT - scandalous
2:00AM 19/02/2008

Cams switch back mid-convo to Alli & Sheila talking about how one of the guys in the house eats, saying that this person binges & doesn't... - scandalous
2:02AM 19/02/2008

Sheila said her friends told her 3 things when coming in to the house: - scandalous
2:06AM 19/02/2008

Matt says the word on the street is that Alli is staying NT - scandalous
2:07AM 19/02/2008

Sheila says Alli is willing to make out w/ you for a vote; Matt says she should be willing to do so regardless, Alli denies it... - scandalous
2:09AM 19/02/2008

Matt lifts Chels up over his head w/ his feet (he's lying btwn Sheila & Alli) and plays "airplane" NT - scandalous
2:10AM 19/02/2008

Sheila gets called in the DR & is upset b/c she "has no eyes" (no eye make-up) NT - scandalous
2:12AM 19/02/2008

Matt is biting Alli & Sheila playfully NT - scandalous
2:12AM 19/02/2008

Alli & Chels tell Mattie he can "only have one" and then Chels lies on top of Alli & she plays with her hair NT - scandalous
2:14AM 19/02/2008

Mattie is doing a rather demented attempt at a Donald/Daffy Duck impression saying, "I love you" NT - scandalous
2:14AM 19/02/2008

Chels rolled over and put her knees up just as Matt decided to collapse on top of her... - scandalous
2:19AM 19/02/2008

Matt takes his shirt (and mic) off after saying "another day another dollar, just keeping these ho's in order", he goes to Park to macho talk NT - scandalous
2:21AM 19/02/2008

Matt tells Chels, "come lie with Daddy for a minute", Chels yells "Ballllaaa", Nat comes in to see what's up NT - scandalous
2:22AM 19/02/2008

...and Chels exits stage left asap NT - scandalous
2:22AM 19/02/2008

Mattie asks Nat if her fav time is bedtime. Matt gets up, I think to go talk to Chels, and Nat asks where James is. Chels crawls in bed w/ Nat NT - scandalous
2:24AM 19/02/2008

Matt comes back to Nat & Chels & says what the "f" is this, Nat tells him to get in the middle, but he gets in bed w/ Adam instead NT - scandalous
2:25AM 19/02/2008

James on the scene and crawls into bed w/ Chels & Nat NT - scandalous
2:26AM 19/02/2008

Chels & James are playing w/ Nat's boobs NT - scandalous
2:26AM 19/02/2008

Chels is upset b/c she only has a handful, Nattie says they're good (adult) - scandalous
2:29AM 19/02/2008

Nat says she'll ony give her partner lap dances, she doesn't want to go stealing anyone's soulmate or look like a cheater (lol)... - scandalous
2:32AM 19/02/2008

James & Chels say, "it's a lot nicer in this room" and "I'm not gonna go on strike, but I'm pretty p*ssed" NT - scandalous
2:33AM 19/02/2008

They talk about James/Chels have a cam directly on top of their bed & Nat/Matt are in the corners... - scandalous
2:36AM 19/02/2008

Nattie said she won't do lap dances enless it's someone she's attracted to, Sheila seems surprised by this.... - scandalous
2:38AM 19/02/2008
Ok, Sheila surprised b/c Nat said she would never give Adam a lap dance, even for a million dollars NT - scandalous
2:39AM 19/02/2008

Parker joins the partay & the lap dance talks continues. NT - scandalous
2:38AM 19/02/2008

Mattie rolls over, hanging on top of Sheila & she says oh my god Mattie! you have an amazing body! But I don't want it on me, lol NT - scandalous
2:40AM 19/02/2008

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