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Parker and Jen hug in the boat room - bbshannon
12:03AM 19/02/2008
Jen wanted to let her family know she is not trying to make them look bad - bbshannon
12:06AM 19/02/2008

HG in BY - iupshaw
12:07AM 19/02/2008

Natalie playing pool with Adam and Matt in the backyard - bbshannon
12:08AM 19/02/2008

Parker: Its so good we have Natalie on our side..Natalie is doing a good job breaking up convos apparently - bbshannon
12:13AM 19/02/2008

Jen and Parker in Boat Room eavesdropping on Josh and Allison...who has no idea they were in there NT - izabbfan
12:18AM 19/02/2008
Jen has her ear against the door on feeds 3 and 4 NT - bbshannon
12:19AM 19/02/2008

Josh in his bed..night vision. Ali crawls onto his bed and whispers something - bbshannon
12:18AM 19/02/2008

Parker is outside venting to Sharon. Alex, Sharon and Parker on the outside couches - bbshannon
12:23AM 19/02/2008

Everyone coming inside..people congregating in one room with lights off - bbshannon
12:29AM 19/02/2008

Parker imitates BB's voice saying the house lights must remain on at 1am - bbshannon
12:33AM 19/02/2008

Adam, Ali, Chelsia, James and Josh all in the bedroom talking - bbshannon
12:35AM 19/02/2008

Alex still doing his fake talk show..calls Chelsia a bitch after she takes off - bbshannon
12:39AM 19/02/2008

Bedroom crew still talking..all 4 feeds switch to them - bbshannon
12:45AM 19/02/2008
James talks about choking a girl, Matt talks about biting... NT - bbshannon
12:46AM 19/02/2008
Chelsia pulls Ali's hair and she says shes getting excited - bbshannon
12:47AM 19/02/2008
Ali noticed that the camera zoomed in when they mentioned a kiss. - bbshannon
12:50AM 19/02/2008

4 cams on living room "talk show" - bbshannon
12:54AM 19/02/2008

Bedroom with Sheila. More sex talk..being tied up NT - bbshannon
12:56AM 19/02/2008
Chelsia and James leave the room to join the living room crew NT - bbshannon
12:57AM 19/02/2008

Sheila "There is no sleeping in this house" Ali: "I ADORE HER!" (about Chelsia) NT - bbshannon
12:56AM 19/02/2008

All 4 feeds on Nat and Matt in Bed chatting...can hear other HGS in background - CruiseCritic
1:09AM 19/02/2008

Sheila asking about a website and James said its called ADULT FRIEND FINDER - CruiseCritic
1:11AM 19/02/2008

James just give Nat a little kiss. Sheila says she met her last BF on - CruiseCritic
1:13AM 19/02/2008

Ryan and James in BY smoking and talking about if today is Monday or Tuesday - CruiseCritic
1:15AM 19/02/2008

All 4 feeds now in kitchen with Matt, Chels and Parker. Matt eating - CruiseCritic
1:16AM 19/02/2008

Parker heads outside, Matt at counter eating on all 4 feeds NT - CruiseCritic
1:17AM 19/02/2008

Parker back in house and there is MUCH yelling and loud talking in the rest of the house - CruiseCritic
1:18AM 19/02/2008

Parker eats some nuts and says he just want to eat as he grabs a box of cereal - CruiseCritic
1:22AM 19/02/2008

Alli says that the "R" word was used for sure by Jen (racist?) as she and Sheila - CruiseCritic
1:26AM 19/02/2008

When Sheila & Alli having their lovefest, Alli said repeatedly that she will "carry" her to the end & wants nothing more than for her to win... - scandalous
1:59AM 19/02/2008

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