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Josh tellign nat how amanda laid it out abotu who would go if HOH and she could gaurentee him safety - raindrop110475
5:18PM 19/02/2008

They keep pointing out that jen calling ryan a racist when she loves him what will she say about us all who she doesn care about NT - raindrop110475
5:18PM 19/02/2008

Natalie says amanda backstabbed her she will forgive but never forget its only beeen 11 days and she went after me NT - raindrop110475
5:21PM 19/02/2008

sharon enter sauna with josh and nat and says "Hello my family" NT - raindrop110475
5:22PM 19/02/2008

Nat is upset with way parker "striked" against BB - raindrop110475
5:25PM 19/02/2008

Nat claims she told Amanda she would throw fit and get hair dye and picture like amanda - raindrop110475
5:26PM 19/02/2008

Amanda sent Jen down to block Ryan from talking to Sharon NT - WVpdles
5:56PM 19/02/2008

Alex and matt boxing say no face shots they are too pretty they make show ( ed they fight like girls) NT - raindrop110475
6:14PM 19/02/2008

James & Chelsia in BR - Praz
6:16PM 19/02/2008

everyone in the house is weight obsessed - Praz
6:23PM 19/02/2008
they think there is going to be a "how much does the whole house weigh" question NT - hasshoes
6:27PM 19/02/2008

Houseguests boxing the BY - Praz
6:29PM 19/02/2008

Operation top floor is what Adam has named getting rid of Jen/Parker and Amanda/Alex NT - WVpdles
6:32PM 19/02/2008

Sharon was trying to tell Josh, something about Parker overhearing Josh talking to Chel and James... - WVpdles
6:42PM 19/02/2008

Chel came and got Amanda to get the oven to work, so Sharon can continue telling that Parker said that Josh is making a mistake because... - WVpdles
6:48PM 19/02/2008

Josh and Sharon agree that if they were too keep Parker/Jen, the whole house would be after them NT - WVpdles
6:49PM 19/02/2008

Matt is talking about being on another show - Broodmore
7:21PM 19/02/2008
Yes, hes talking about when he was on Fear Factor NT - mcoop
7:28PM 19/02/2008

Amanda and Alex are getting along cooking NT - Broodmore
7:24PM 19/02/2008

James is explaining there is only 5 weeks left NT - Broodmore
7:26PM 19/02/2008

James thinks there is only 5 weeks left, but that doesn't count if they split the couples NT - sunflower05
7:29PM 19/02/2008

Food's ready! everyone gathering around the big table to eat NT - Broodmore
7:30PM 19/02/2008

James,Josh,Sheila ,Sharon,Alli in a room ( sorry dont know the code for that room) - iupshaw
7:30PM 19/02/2008

THey did the wave around the table then Adam said Grace NT - Broodmore
7:35PM 19/02/2008

"last Supper" - iupshaw
7:36PM 19/02/2008

Hgs wishing teams luck - Broodmore
7:39PM 19/02/2008

Matt suggested they all say something nice and something funny about the 2 couples on the block NT - WVpdles
7:39PM 19/02/2008

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