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Sheila then apologizes to Matt's mom, Parker's being a brat telling Sheila, "that not all that would be rock hard on Mattie" NT - scandalous
2:41AM 19/02/2008

Nattie asks Mat for a cuddle and he says no, she whines, he cuddles her a little and says, "see that's too much"... - scandalous
2:43AM 19/02/2008

Parker jumps in bed with ...a blonde...and they're sharing a pillow talking while she is rubbing his back....who is it? NT - scandalous
2:44AM 19/02/2008
It's Sharon NT - MtDewAddict
2:46AM 19/02/2008

It's Sharon, their faces are really close, but having trouble hearing what they're saying NT - scandalous
2:45AM 19/02/2008

Josh rolls over, seemingly unpleased that Parker's there NT - scandalous
2:46AM 19/02/2008

As Adam walks by Parker tells him to "lay the pipe" on Sheila NT - scandalous
2:47AM 19/02/2008

More talk to Adam about how Mattie doesn't like to cuddle with Nat... - scandalous
2:49AM 19/02/2008

Sharon is still rubbing Parker's back on one cam, but can't hear what he's saying... - scandalous
2:52AM 19/02/2008

James telling Chels she cracks her knuckles and other body parts in her sleep. She says, "really? I'm weird" (ed. is anyone around to take over?) NT - scandalous
2:54AM 19/02/2008

James wants to name his first kid "Amazing" whether it's a boy or a girl. NT - scandalous
2:56AM 19/02/2008

Parker makes his way back to his room, turns the light on really quick to the groans of Chels & James NT - scandalous
2:56AM 19/02/2008

James asks Chels if she wants a massage...she says no, maybe a shower... - scandalous
3:01AM 19/02/2008

James & Chels chatting about relationships, all the other hamsters seem to be in bed. (ed. which is where I'm headed, night) NT - scandalous
3:03AM 19/02/2008

everyone in bed quiet except parker - Broodmore
3:15AM 19/02/2008

Parker went to the DR... - folieadeux8381
3:21AM 19/02/2008

James and Chelsia are talking in bed NT - folieadeux8381
3:31AM 19/02/2008

It looks like all of the hamsters have gone to sleep now (and that goes for me too) NT - folieadeux8381
3:56AM 19/02/2008

Almost everyone in Bed - LilDarlin
4:07AM 19/02/2008

From 1:30 AM this morning ( I was listening as I fell back asleep) - Sheila and Alli talking and - CruiseCritic
4:38AM 19/02/2008

Houseguests sleeping on all feeds, then flames NT - rosiebbfan
9:07AM 19/02/2008

BB: Good morning houseguests, it's time to get up for the day NT - rosiebbfan
9:11AM 19/02/2008

Jen putting contacts in, Parker next to her at sink. Sheila in WC as well and sounds like someone in shower - CruiseCritic
9:14AM 19/02/2008

Parker, Jen, Sheila in the bathroom - rosiebbfan
9:14AM 19/02/2008

Josh gets up and puts on a hoodie over his pink shirt. Night cam on and you can see - CruiseCritic
9:15AM 19/02/2008

Saying today is going to be a sh tty day and Parker says it is going to - CruiseCritic
9:17AM 19/02/2008

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