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No camera on Alex NT - VanWinkle
10:26AM 19/02/2008

Adam in shower. Jen still laying on her bed. Everyone else is dressing, - VanWinkle
10:28AM 19/02/2008

FIRE! NT - VanWinkle
10:28AM 19/02/2008

Back from flames ...everyone still dressing or sitting around. - VanWinkle
10:29AM 19/02/2008

FLAMES! NT - VanWinkle
10:31AM 19/02/2008

Back NT - VanWinkle
10:31AM 19/02/2008

Jen said they need to get packed. NT - VanWinkle
10:32AM 19/02/2008

James telling Josh he should grow out this beard like Brad Pitt NT - VanWinkle
10:34AM 19/02/2008

Alex, Nat, Sheila amd Chel in kitchen. NT - VanWinkle
10:38AM 19/02/2008

Parker talking to Josh about what happed the other night. He tells - VanWinkle
10:40AM 19/02/2008

Parker reporting back to Jen on his talk to Josh. NT - VanWinkle
10:42AM 19/02/2008

Jen said Parker needs to attempt Sheila and Adam. NT - VanWinkle
10:43AM 19/02/2008

Parker telling Sharon that they are no longer in alliance with Alex and Amanda NT - VanWinkle
10:44AM 19/02/2008

Sharon says she will talk with Josh but he doesn';t want to make a decision until to night or - VanWinkle
10:46AM 19/02/2008

Alli and josh talking in bathroom while they groom. - VanWinkle
10:49AM 19/02/2008

Alli telkling Josh that Jen has been talking sh!t about her... - VanWinkle
10:51AM 19/02/2008

Alli and Josh still talking about Jen stabbing Ryan in the back to stay in the game. NT - VanWinkle
10:52AM 19/02/2008

Josh says he doen't know what to say to the DR any more. NT - VanWinkle
10:52AM 19/02/2008

Josh tells Alli it's still 3-1 and not to worry about it. NT - VanWinkle
10:53AM 19/02/2008

Alli tells Josh that she doesn't tust "them"...that they think because they changed their alliance they should now be trusted. - VanWinkle
10:55AM 19/02/2008

Alli says it weird that Jen's not getting ready. josh asks why not... - VanWinkle
10:56AM 19/02/2008

Talk stops between Josh and Alli as Jen walks in the BR. NT - VanWinkle
10:57AM 19/02/2008

Parker is up in HOH talking to Amanda about Jen NT - VanWinkle
10:58AM 19/02/2008

Amanda asks Parker if he's worried... He says NO...if it happens-it-happens! NT - VanWinkle
11:00AM 19/02/2008

Matt alex james chels and sheila all discussign whats in drinks in kitchen NT - raindrop110475
11:00AM 19/02/2008

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