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James and Ryan are in the BY smoking and talking politics. Adam and Alex are there too. - SouthernBelladonna
11:27AM 19/02/2008

Matt, Amanda, and Park are in HOH. They're talkaing about when you can do in sequester after getting evicted. - SouthernBelladonna
11:28AM 19/02/2008

Nat and Sharon are whispering about Park and others. - SouthernBelladonna
11:32AM 19/02/2008

Nat is talking about Amanda and about how people believe their own lies. NT - SouthernBelladonna
11:33AM 19/02/2008

Sharon tells Ali that people are going around saying that Ali has a speech ready and is sounding cocky. NT - SouthernBelladonna
11:36AM 19/02/2008

Parker is confronting Allison about saying things about Jen. They start talking about what's been said in the DR - MtDewAddict
12:14PM 19/02/2008

Parker telling ali that she did trash talk Jen in DR when they were int here together - raindrop110475
12:15PM 19/02/2008

Ali says her and parker could have both stayed if they were hypocrites and lied about being ryan and jen NT - raindrop110475
12:16PM 19/02/2008

Parker telling sheila I knwo agreement we made was made under f"ed conditions and he understands whatever decision she makes NT - raindrop110475
12:17PM 19/02/2008

ali stands up for sheila and her being woman of her word and not quarenteeing ali her vote cause she gave her work to parker so even shes not sure how - raindrop110475
12:18PM 19/02/2008

Shelia tells Park that he has no idea what she's going to do. She says that she has to agree with Adam - MtDewAddict
12:20PM 19/02/2008

Ali says hasnt campaigned to sheila and askign people for vote or tellign them why they should vote for her - raindrop110475
12:20PM 19/02/2008

parker says BB production set him and ali up for failure and we get flames NT - raindrop110475
12:21PM 19/02/2008

And they think voting may have started because they are pulling couples in Diary room NT - raindrop110475
12:22PM 19/02/2008

Ali tells parker hes strong - raindrop110475
12:27PM 19/02/2008

bb: matt, natalie plz go to the DR NT - kenderbabe
12:27PM 19/02/2008

Sheila says she feels bad for parker because he was stuck with partner who stoops to a lower level than the rest of house NT - raindrop110475
12:29PM 19/02/2008

They are on lockdown NT - VanWinkle
12:49PM 19/02/2008

Chel Allison and Matt in the bathroom. Sheila and Adam were called to the diary room. Chel screams wheres the camera were having and orgy. NT - Melonie
12:57PM 19/02/2008

Discussing wether or not they think voting will be today. NT - Melonie
12:58PM 19/02/2008

Chelsia tells Allison and Matt that she thinks evictions will be tommorow at 3 and then they have a couple hours to sit around and then HOH. NT - Melonie
12:59PM 19/02/2008

Allison and Chel looking at theirselves in the mirror discussing jeans. NT - Melonie
1:01PM 19/02/2008

Matt leans in and licks Allisons neck. She says oh you have been trying for my neck all day. NT - Melonie
1:02PM 19/02/2008

Someone (trying to see) crying in the sauna Allison and Chel run in. It is Sheila. NT - Melonie
1:05PM 19/02/2008

Sheila says something about the diary room she can't talk about it. NT - Melonie
1:06PM 19/02/2008

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