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Topic #7918835
rosiebbfan - BB: The bedroom lights must remain on during the day 0 Replies #7918835 9:17AM 19/02/2008
HGs talking about what time they went to bed, 4 or 5
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Topic #7918848
CruiseCritic - Parker says the strike has been lifted and Sheila says Thank God 0 Replies #7918848 9:19AM 19/02/2008
that was crazy. Parker says he is over it as he brushes his teeth.

Sheila says she is the same as him but the problem when you are pi ssed is that there is nowhere to go.

Sharon next to Parker at the sink. Jen laying on floor in BR where Ryan is
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Topic #7918866
rosiebbfan - Josh talking about his dream, screaming help 0 Replies #7918866 9:21AM 19/02/2008
He was at a party and his friends started cutting his organs out
Jen says she and Chelsia woke up and laughed
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Topic #7918870
CruiseCritic - Someone during sleep was yelling for help and apparently Josh was having a bad dream 0 Replies #7918870 9:22AM 19/02/2008
One of the girls said she and Chels were laughing BC they thought it was Adam

James at sink in kitchen getting ready to wash some dishes. Jen puttin away some pans.
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Topic #7918878
CruiseCritic - Looks like Jen pouring her soup into another pot and then says "No soup for you" 0 Replies #7918878 9:23AM 19/02/2008
James leaves sink area and Ryan is yawning in kitchen as he arranges his microphone and FLAMES
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Topic #7918908
CruiseCritic - James sweeping up area by garbage can in the kitchen and Jen is in 0 Replies #7918908 9:26AM 19/02/2008
the fridge. Sharon comes into/or rather walks thru the kitchen. many HGS in WC

Jen doing some cleaning up in the kitchen and James asking her where the water goes in this thing (coffee maker)

Hear Josh in WC saying it is nasty outside
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Topic #7918922
CruiseCritic - Josh in shower. Amanda just coming out of HOH room. Jen and James in kitchen 0 Replies #7918922 9:28AM 19/02/2008
Ryan, Alli, Sharon in WC and SHaron now in the kitchen in the fridge.

Josh says there is no water pressure. Ryan brushing teeth.

They think it is going to downpour today
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Topic #7918932
CruiseCritic - James chanting noises and dancing around kitchen - says he has to wash the windows today 0 Replies #7918932 9:30AM 19/02/2008
especially THAT window (as he points to one in KT)

Jen washing up some dishes
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Topic #7918947
CruiseCritic - Sharon comes into WC and asks Josh "want a bagel babe" and he says NO THATS A CARB 0 Replies #7918947 9:32AM 19/02/2008
says he doesnt eat eggs BC they are chicken fetuses.

He says he opts not to eat an abortion (ugh sick)
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Topic #7918952
CruiseCritic - Alli asks Josh if he eats chicken and he says yes, and Alli says well that is weird NT 0 Replies #7918952 9:33AM 19/02/2008
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Topic #7918957
CruiseCritic - BB- Allison please exchange your microphone with one in the SR 0 Replies #7918957 9:34AM 19/02/2008
Sharon eating a yogurt in kitchen and Jen is at the sink.

Josh still in the shower and was humming
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Topic #7918973
CruiseCritic - Sharon making bagel, Jen doing dishes, Josh getting out of shower and says he 0 Replies #7918973 9:37AM 19/02/2008
cant believe how cold this house gets.

Amanda comes into the kitchen and says good morning and asking James, Jen and Sharon how they slept.

Jen telling Amanda about Josh's dream yelling for help and Josh is in WC telling Sheila that he was yelling for help in his dream because he was
stuck in a house with 13 people he cant stand

(I gotta run for a bit with the dog)
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Topic #7919012
PrincessManda - Amanda is eating a bagel, Sheila just came out of the WC.... 0 Replies #7919012 9:44AM 19/02/2008
from putting her makeup on and is now the kitchen looking in the cupboards. James is eating breakfast. Josh is putting on his clothes. Alison went outside. Sharon is eating a bagel with amanda. Ryan is walking around in the kitchen and seeing whats happening outside.
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Topic #7919137
VanWinkle - Sharon and Parker are sitting on one of the sofas and talking about the up coming vote NT 0 Replies #7919137 10:09AM 19/02/2008
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Topic #7919138
VanWinkle - BB finally made James get up for the day NT 0 Replies #7919138 10:10AM 19/02/2008
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Topic #7919143
VanWinkle - Jen was talking to Parker and Sharon about Alli saying she had her speach prepared NT 0 Replies #7919143 10:11AM 19/02/2008
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Topic #7919153
VanWinkle - Parker & Sharon told Jen to just let her hang herself...(about Alli talking to evryone) NT 0 Replies #7919153 10:12AM 19/02/2008
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Topic #7919158
VanWinkle - Chel, Nat and Alli are in the bathroom getting dressed for the day. NT 0 Replies #7919158 10:13AM 19/02/2008
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Topic #7919173
VanWinkle - Jen and Ryan are laying on Jen's bed...he's rubbing her stomach NT 0 Replies #7919173 10:15AM 19/02/2008
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Topic #7919184
VanWinkle - Jen's complaining to Ryan about BB not giving her any cream (for her tushie rash) 0 Replies #7919184 10:17AM 19/02/2008
She said she told them yesterday and they still haven't done anything about it.
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Topic #7919189
VanWinkle - Sheila has now joined the other ladies in the bathroom NT 0 Replies #7919189 10:17AM 19/02/2008
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Topic #7919200
VanWinkle - Sheila talking again about the "Crystal Cathedral" NT 0 Replies #7919200 10:18AM 19/02/2008
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Topic #7919212
VanWinkle - Adam STILL in bed...Sheila trying to get him up for the day NT 0 Replies #7919212 10:20AM 19/02/2008
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Topic #7919224
VanWinkle - BB: "Adam, please put on your microphone!"...that got him out of bed NT 0 Replies #7919224 10:21AM 19/02/2008
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Topic #7919240
VanWinkle - Sheila now whispering to Adam that they need to do the right thing (regarding the vote) 0 Replies #7919240 10:22AM 19/02/2008
She said they need to be on the same page!
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