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Topic #7916958
bbshannon - Parker and Jen hug in the boat room 1 Replies #7916958 12:03AM 19/02/2008
They are being "ears" and not talking. Popping into conversations and then leaving..

Amanda pops in to tell them to turn off the lights cuz Sheila is going to bed.
Parker doesnt want to talk to Chelsia..he says he wants to ask her why shes running her mouth..and Jen says "dont dont dont!"
He won't..
Jen says people cant wait for Parker to leave cuz hes so negative.
Jen: I am so ***** sick of the Sheila/Alison thing..Ryan thinks its so ***** annoying. Ryan will put her in her place if she talks ***** about Jen again. BB tells her to put on her microphone.

Parker told Natalie to break that ***** up..not sure what he is talking about. They are whispering.
They seem to be celebrating their

Jen thinks that Mattie likes Alison..that they might've kissed.
Parker thinks he just wants to make her look like an ***** on national tv.
Jen and Sheila have apparently been getting along apologies but they are being civil.
Jen: they made something so small into something so big.
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bbshannon - Jen wanted to let her family know she is not trying to make them look bad #7916967 12:06AM 19/02/2008
She is amazed at how big it got blown up.
Jen says she didnt throw her bf under the bus, they brought themselves into it.
Jen thinks they should work on it would 3-1 instead of 2-2.
Parker: I really want James and Chelsia..names on the stake
Jen: kill em with kindness until then..I think Chelsia likes me..we've been cool with eachother.
Jen is angry that people seem to think they know Ryan..only for 2 weeks! That James will stick with Ryan as long as he is there.
Jen's heart goes out to Amanda for last night...nobody deserves that.
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Topic #7916976
iupshaw - HG in BY 0 Replies #7916976 12:07AM 19/02/2008
Josh ,Shiela goin to bed
BY : Adam,matt,James ,Ryan playing pool
Nat,Alex,Chelsia on couches
Looks like amanda off to bed
Parker and Jen talking game room , Parker telling jen that Josh is sick and tired of Alli & Shiela together all the time. Jen saying that they were the only ones inside no hanging with everyone else.

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Topic #7916979
bbshannon - Natalie playing pool with Adam and Matt in the backyard 0 Replies #7916979 12:08AM 19/02/2008
It seems to be pink shirt night..Natalie, Alex and Matt are all wearing pink. Matt's shirt says "damn girl" It is apparently his friend's shirt.

Earlier they were all getting along talking about embarrassing moments/where they shop/etc. A helicopter (LAPD) flew over and honked (?) at them. They all cheered.
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Topic #7917013
bbshannon - Parker: Its so good we have Natalie on our side..Natalie is doing a good job breaking up convos apparently 0 Replies #7917013 12:13AM 19/02/2008
Parker smiles!! He's wearing a grey New York t-shirt and a burgundy orange county hoodie. Him and Jen are whispering..happy they are keeping a low profile.

Jen: what a dumb ass she is. (dont know who)
Parker: I hope we get HOH..I hope we stay and put up Chels/James. I am dying to put them up. I want them the ***** out of here. I cannot wait.
Jen: the house would be so much better off..I really hope we stay..

Parker looks at the camera and gives 2 thumbs up and a huge smile!
Jen: you're crazy

Jen says everyone gave her stuff to wear and she hopes she can wear her cousins shirt in the next comp.
Ryan told Jen if she goes home/when she goes home, can you take Jada to the vet?

Parker is amped/stoked to get James out.
Jen pulls down her pants to change, shows Parker her rash. Parker notices the cameras zooming in.

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Topic #7917038
izabbfan - Jen and Parker in Boat Room eavesdropping on Josh and Allison...who has no idea they were in there NT 1 Replies #7917038 12:18AM 19/02/2008
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bbshannon - Jen has her ear against the door on feeds 3 and 4 NT #7917046 12:19AM 19/02/2008
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Topic #7917043
bbshannon - Josh in his bed..night vision. Ali crawls onto his bed and whispers something 0 Replies #7917043 12:18AM 19/02/2008
No idea what they are saying
All Josh says is "I cannot wait...lord help me"
Puts his pillow half over his face

Ali is going to bed as well but crawls onto Josh's bed to talk.
Josh: why am I here? Today was a bad day for him..Why am I doing this to myself?
Ali: Im gonna tell you why..ill tell you why. This is the chance of a lifetime..guess what. Ur gonna are. From day 1, have we not had an alliance?
Josh: yeah
Ali: Im not gonna win..I will take you the whole way. Im being ***** serious.
They have to win HOH.
Ali: Im gonna be the one calling the shots..
Josh: I need you to
Ali: Im doin it for Neil..and you
Josh: thank you..i really miss my family today. Im not used to being around so much reach a threshold.
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Topic #7917072
bbshannon - Parker is outside venting to Sharon. Alex, Sharon and Parker on the outside couches 0 Replies #7917072 12:23AM 19/02/2008
Parker calls Sheila and Ali two walking enemas..they are kissing his ass. They are playing the ***** out of Josh. Surrounding him.

Parker says Ali is in bed with Josh right now talking *****.
Josh always tells Sharon not to leave him..
Parker is going off on them trying to manipulate Josh.
Alex gets up and leaves..covering the pool table.
Parker tells Sharon hes been nothing but real..he hasnt been working them.
Sharon: Josh is the one who makes the decision..I havent been here.
That's why they're missing Joshua. THis is why I cant leave him obviously. He's a little puppy dog..
Parker: you might wanna see what she is talking about. She's def. manipulating

Sharon goes into the house.
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Topic #7917104
bbshannon - Everyone coming inside..people congregating in one room with lights off 0 Replies #7917104 12:29AM 19/02/2008
Ali and James cuddling..she's rubbing his head. They're all standing around talking.

Matt to Parker: Youre acting mad weird tonight.
Parker says something but I cant hear..he goes into the room where Jen is and tells her what he told Sharon. That Ali/Sheila are trying to be BFF with Josh.

Parker comes back out and Matt play punches him in the stomach.
Lights comes on..they're all standing around chatting
Alex puts on the crown and says "king of the castle, king of the castle"

Talk of Mr Rogers...Natalie shocked that Mr Rogers died..he went to Ali's college.
Asking Chelsia what the DR said about getting some "sauce" Apparently its too late.
Sheila calls to them saying shes trying to sleep and they are all gonna go into the living room instead.

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Topic #7917125
bbshannon - Parker imitates BB's voice saying the house lights must remain on at 1am 0 Replies #7917125 12:33AM 19/02/2008
Alex held the door open for Natalie cuz she got called to the DR. Him and Chelsia were gonna play fight

Parker: lets have an orgy
Alex: Showtime would lovvvee that
Alex calls Parker the man with many words to Big Brother. Doing a fake talk show...asking Sharon how her day was.
Parker says his day was "fruitful"
Alex : and talkative

Chelsia jumping on the foamies on the floor. The lights are off but they are all really hyper..probably still keeping Sheila in the next room awake.
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Topic #7917148
bbshannon - Adam, Ali, Chelsia, James and Josh all in the bedroom talking 0 Replies #7917148 12:35AM 19/02/2008
Sharon, Alex and Parker in the living room..

Jen brushing her teeth with Ryan watching her on the bathroom couch. All 4 feeds on them.
Ryan: lets go play checkers babe
Jen doesnt know how
Checker talk..fascinating

They are gonna join the others. Jen tells him to hold her hand
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Topic #7917174
bbshannon - Alex still doing his fake talk show..calls Chelsia a bitch after she takes off 0 Replies #7917174 12:39AM 19/02/2008
Chelsia was talking about shitting and vomiting and washing it out of her hair...nice.

He welcomes Jen to his show. They all clap. She has a problem..she has "RASSH!!" Talking about the dinner Jen made of vegetable soup..
Alex: were you stuffed?!
Sharon and Parker lovin it...
Chelsia walks by and flips them off.
Alex: great girl..Id love to take her home to mom.
Alex says Parker has a great smile but said nothing..

Alex thanks Jen for her interview. She hits him in the head with a pillow..he's so hyper! "Shes a great girl..with a rash"
Jen didn't get her cream.
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Topic #7917205
bbshannon - Bedroom crew still talking..all 4 feeds switch to them 3 Replies #7917205 12:45AM 19/02/2008
Ryan has joined the crew. Ali is the one who's talking the most.
Rub n Tugs, waxing, blowjobs...
Adam says some disgusting things I don't want to repeat about his *****.
Matt adding to the convo. Some girl puked while giving him head.

Asking Ryan if Jen "squirts" Ali plugs her ears and doesn't want to know.
Chelsia jumps onto the bed between James and Ali and they start spanking her bum.
Chelsia apparently likes to be hit...

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bbshannon - James talks about choking a girl, Matt talks about biting... NT #7917208 12:46AM 19/02/2008
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bbshannon - Chelsia pulls Ali's hair and she says shes getting excited #7917210 12:47AM 19/02/2008
All the guys in the room dare them to kiss..Ali wants something in return.

Matt wants more than a kiss if she gives Ali his vote.

You can hear the living room crew cheering from the other room.
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bbshannon - Ali noticed that the camera zoomed in when they mentioned a kiss. #7917222 12:50AM 19/02/2008
Sheila gets out of bed and the living room group cheers.
Ali: I love her!!

Chelsia: BIG BROTHER!!!!
Matt: you're not getting ***** *****. (booze)
Chelsia: I want a ***** case.
Ryan: we should start saving them.

Ali, Chelsia and James on a bed, Josh asleep on the other. Matt on a chair and Ryan on a chair.

James thinks the sleeping situation is the worst ever..their bed sucks. I think its broken.
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Topic #7917232
bbshannon - 4 cams on living room "talk show" 0 Replies #7917232 12:54AM 19/02/2008
Alex interviewing Sheila now. How did she feel about Adam at first sight?
Sheila wearing sunglasses: that I wanted to have his (adams) baby
Alex asks her about baby names etc. All laughing.
About her book. How they can't get any sleep.

Amanda has her head on Sharon's lap and she's playing with her hair. Parker and Jen are also on the couches.

Alex talking about "refreshing" Some inside joke Im not in on apparently.
Sheila going back to bed...everyone claps and says goodnight.
Alex calls James.."do you wanna talk!?"
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Topic #7917234
bbshannon - Bedroom with Sheila. More sex talk..being tied up NT 1 Replies #7917234 12:56AM 19/02/2008
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bbshannon - Chelsia and James leave the room to join the living room crew NT #7917236 12:57AM 19/02/2008
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Topic #7917235
bbshannon - Sheila "There is no sleeping in this house" Ali: "I ADORE HER!" (about Chelsia) NT 0 Replies #7917235 12:56AM 19/02/2008
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Topic #7917296
CruiseCritic - All 4 feeds on Nat and Matt in Bed chatting...can hear other HGS in background 0 Replies #7917296 1:09AM 19/02/2008
yelling, very loudly. Matt yells WTF

Hear Sheila say Kiss me like I am your grandma
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Topic #7917304
CruiseCritic - Sheila asking about a website and James said its called ADULT FRIEND FINDER 0 Replies #7917304 1:11AM 19/02/2008
says it costs $39.95 a month. SHeila says you have to be afraid of that crap.

James says he hasnt used it
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Topic #7917316
CruiseCritic - James just give Nat a little kiss. Sheila says she met her last BF on 0 Replies #7917316 1:13AM 19/02/2008

Someone says - who is cooking, smells like eggs.

Sheila saying if you cant meet someone in your day to day life - says something to Adam and called him Baller (which means my previous post where I thought he said WALLER was wrong)

James and Ryan now on all 4 feeds outside lighting up a smoke
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Topic #7917324
CruiseCritic - Ryan and James in BY smoking and talking about if today is Monday or Tuesday 0 Replies #7917324 1:15AM 19/02/2008
and Ryan says eviction is Wednesday. James says when they get out of here they wont even know what month it is and how BB never even told HGs when 9-11 happened.

Ryan said one of the girls lost their cousin. Crazy, so secluded

all 4 feeds on them
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Topic #7917329
CruiseCritic - All 4 feeds now in kitchen with Matt, Chels and Parker. Matt eating 0 Replies #7917329 1:16AM 19/02/2008
something out of a bowl

Chels says - OH peanuts and takes something out of a bowl.

Matt tells her he wishes she had a bigger as*

Matt is eating icecream. Parker washing a couple of dishes.
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Topic #7917333
CruiseCritic - Parker heads outside, Matt at counter eating on all 4 feeds NT 0 Replies #7917333 1:17AM 19/02/2008
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Topic #7917337
CruiseCritic - Parker back in house and there is MUCH yelling and loud talking in the rest of the house 0 Replies #7917337 1:18AM 19/02/2008
Parker at counter with a drink and Matt still eating icecream.

Someone (female) yells - Alli I need more pills?
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Topic #7917353
CruiseCritic - Parker eats some nuts and says he just want to eat as he grabs a box of cereal 0 Replies #7917353 1:22AM 19/02/2008
Matt says thats all he wants to do to.

(too much yelling in house, I am out - too early in am for me)

Feeds just switched to Nat and James and it looks like Nat is lying on table in sauna room and I think James is going to give her massage.

he just went and got some lotion and is rubbing her shoulders

Nat - does my mole n my back look like cancer? James says he has a couple of them. She said she had one removed before and it was not cancerous.

all 4 feeds just went to Alli and Sheila in bed. talk about Jen trashing her partner on national tv
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Topic #7917367
CruiseCritic - Alli says that the "R" word was used for sure by Jen (racist?) as she and Sheila 0 Replies #7917367 1:26AM 19/02/2008
chat in bed on all 4 feeds.

Alli - can I ask you a question? do racist people,... what do they think? is it being uneducated on top of...

FLAMES (and I am out)
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Topic #7917548
scandalous - When Sheila & Alli having their lovefest, Alli said repeatedly that she will "carry" her to the end & wants nothing more than for her to win... 0 Replies #7917548 1:59AM 19/02/2008
Says she knows she can't win b/c people won't want Ryan to win b/c it would = Jen winning.

Sheila's extremely moved by this and starts crying.
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