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Topic #7922919
raindrop110475 - Josh tellign nat how amanda laid it out abotu who would go if HOH and she could gaurentee him safety 0 Replies #7922919 5:18PM 19/02/2008
Nat is tellign him how it wont work and what makes her think she is strongest person in house andwhen josh says if soemone comes down and I go up on block ill go home and Nat is like exactly tellign him how if he chooses to keep parker and Jen he will go home next week
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Topic #7922923
raindrop110475 - They keep pointing out that jen calling ryan a racist when she loves him what will she say about us all who she doesn care about NT 0 Replies #7922923 5:18PM 19/02/2008
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Topic #7922946
raindrop110475 - Natalie says amanda backstabbed her she will forgive but never forget its only beeen 11 days and she went after me NT 0 Replies #7922946 5:21PM 19/02/2008
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Topic #7922955
raindrop110475 - sharon enter sauna with josh and nat and says "Hello my family" NT 0 Replies #7922955 5:22PM 19/02/2008
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Topic #7922981
raindrop110475 - Nat is upset with way parker "striked" against BB 0 Replies #7922981 5:25PM 19/02/2008
Says that this is closest they will ever be to 250k and that just exposure alone is worth it Josh will get his talk show they will be in magazines. Sharon says DR is a privildge and seem to think hes wasting it but sharon told Parker that maybe everyone will go sequester and america will choose who uy come back to play with
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Topic #7922991
raindrop110475 - Nat claims she told Amanda she would throw fit and get hair dye and picture like amanda 0 Replies #7922991 5:26PM 19/02/2008
shes tellign josh and sharon that amanda got those benefits after house fraked on her cause she threw fit and they all should get it. They all agree is bs
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Topic #7923362
WVpdles - Amanda sent Jen down to block Ryan from talking to Sharon NT 0 Replies #7923362 5:56PM 19/02/2008
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Topic #7923541
raindrop110475 - Alex and matt boxing say no face shots they are too pretty they make show ( ed they fight like girls) NT 0 Replies #7923541 6:14PM 19/02/2008
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Topic #7923563
Praz - James & Chelsia in BR 0 Replies #7923563 6:16PM 19/02/2008
J: How much do you weigh?
C: 112
J: That's good you lost 8 lbs
C; I lost ten and gained two.
J: You were ten pounds heavier?
C: I told you, I stopped drinking beer. Now if I could stop eating!

J: So youaren't going to get naked on this show at all?
C: I don't know!

It looks like they are going through a bag of beauty products or pills that chelsia has.
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Topic #7923642
Praz - everyone in the house is weight obsessed 1 Replies #7923642 6:23PM 19/02/2008
now josh is weighing himself and says he is 15 lbs overweight... chelsia says "you can do it, joshy!"
Chelsia says she is 112 and I heard Alli say she is 116 earlier.
I think Sheila is helping to make dinner
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hasshoes - they think there is going to be a "how much does the whole house weigh" question NT #7923680 6:27PM 19/02/2008
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Topic #7923713
Praz - Houseguests boxing the BY 0 Replies #7923713 6:29PM 19/02/2008
the houseguests are boxing in the BY (I smell trouble) while Sheila and Alli prep dinner in the kitchen. Matty and Alex are boxing as Adam is the ref. Amanda is cheering on Alex. Alex hits Matty and he seems a bit shook up. In the next round Alex knocks Matty down or he fell (this is not hardcore fighting but they all seem winded).
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Topic #7923755
WVpdles - Operation top floor is what Adam has named getting rid of Jen/Parker and Amanda/Alex NT 0 Replies #7923755 6:32PM 19/02/2008
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Topic #7923882
WVpdles - Sharon was trying to tell Josh, something about Parker overhearing Josh talking to Chel and James... 0 Replies #7923882 6:42PM 19/02/2008
so Parker doesn't think Josh will vote to keep them, but Amanda's joined them and Sharon didn't get to finish
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Topic #7923988
WVpdles - Chel came and got Amanda to get the oven to work, so Sharon can continue telling that Parker said that Josh is making a mistake because... 0 Replies #7923988 6:48PM 19/02/2008
Allison will be after them. Josh said but Parker doesn't know that Josh can control Alli and Sheila with their secret.
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Topic #7924020
WVpdles - Josh and Sharon agree that if they were too keep Parker/Jen, the whole house would be after them NT 0 Replies #7924020 6:49PM 19/02/2008
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Topic #7924526
Broodmore - Matt is talking about being on another show 1 Replies #7924526 7:21PM 19/02/2008
Says in season six they didn't so anything but stunts didn't have to eat anything gross. Is he talking abotu fear factor?
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mcoop - Yes, hes talking about when he was on Fear Factor NT #7924594 7:28PM 19/02/2008
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Topic #7924555
Broodmore - Amanda and Alex are getting along cooking NT 0 Replies #7924555 7:24PM 19/02/2008
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Topic #7924577
Broodmore - James is explaining there is only 5 weeks left NT 0 Replies #7924577 7:26PM 19/02/2008
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Topic #7924602
sunflower05 - James thinks there is only 5 weeks left, but that doesn't count if they split the couples NT 0 Replies #7924602 7:29PM 19/02/2008
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Topic #7924612
Broodmore - Food's ready! everyone gathering around the big table to eat NT 0 Replies #7924612 7:30PM 19/02/2008
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Topic #7924616
iupshaw - James,Josh,Sheila ,Sharon,Alli in a room ( sorry dont know the code for that room) 0 Replies #7924616 7:30PM 19/02/2008
talking about sequester, forgiving but not forgetting ,how everyone feels
James , scale of what you have against the person , stratigeic,personal,

dinner ready they all head to the kitchen .
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Topic #7924665
Broodmore - THey did the wave around the table then Adam said Grace NT 0 Replies #7924665 7:35PM 19/02/2008
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Topic #7924671
iupshaw - "last Supper" 0 Replies #7924671 7:36PM 19/02/2008
doing wave, adam said grace " thank the lord for all who stay , for all who go , well all be friends in the end.. bless the food Amen. ( awww. )
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Topic #7924707
Broodmore - Hgs wishing teams luck 0 Replies #7924707 7:39PM 19/02/2008
they are going around the table saying there goodbyes to the two teams that are up
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Topic #7924709
WVpdles - Matt suggested they all say something nice and something funny about the 2 couples on the block NT 0 Replies #7924709 7:39PM 19/02/2008
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