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Topic #7917682
scandalous - Sheila then apologizes to Matt's mom, Parker's being a brat telling Sheila, "that not all that would be rock hard on Mattie" NT 0 Replies #7917682 2:41AM 19/02/2008
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Topic #7917686
scandalous - Nattie asks Mat for a cuddle and he says no, she whines, he cuddles her a little and says, "see that's too much"... 0 Replies #7917686 2:43AM 19/02/2008
he's being jerky to her in front of the others. He gives her a little cuddle and then stops. Sheila said, "night kids" and Matt says, "night mom" and (of course) Sheila says "oh god, don't call me mom!!!"
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Topic #7917696
scandalous - Parker jumps in bed with ...a blonde...and they're sharing a pillow talking while she is rubbing his back....who is it? NT 1 Replies #7917696 2:44AM 19/02/2008
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MtDewAddict - It's Sharon NT #7917706 2:46AM 19/02/2008
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Topic #7917699
scandalous - It's Sharon, their faces are really close, but having trouble hearing what they're saying NT 0 Replies #7917699 2:45AM 19/02/2008
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Topic #7917708
scandalous - Josh rolls over, seemingly unpleased that Parker's there NT 0 Replies #7917708 2:46AM 19/02/2008
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Topic #7917713
scandalous - As Adam walks by Parker tells him to "lay the pipe" on Sheila NT 0 Replies #7917713 2:47AM 19/02/2008
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Topic #7917721
scandalous - More talk to Adam about how Mattie doesn't like to cuddle with Nat... 0 Replies #7917721 2:49AM 19/02/2008
She says he calls himself "the cuddlemaster" but won't cuddle with me.

Matt says, "right now it's 4 in the morning, I don't wanna be touched."

Nat corrects him that it's 3.
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Topic #7917731
scandalous - Sharon is still rubbing Parker's back on one cam, but can't hear what he's saying... 0 Replies #7917731 2:52AM 19/02/2008
Chels & James talking on another. I think they were talking about how many people she's been with, and I think they were alluding to her being with girls, too, but Chels shuts the convo down saying my father is watching this.

James says that he thinks she's a lot crazier that she's saying, and she says, hell yeah.

She talks about how she's danced topless on a bar on her birthday...while ringing a cowbell. (ed. i know, don't ask me)
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Topic #7917733
scandalous - James telling Chels she cracks her knuckles and other body parts in her sleep. She says, "really? I'm weird" (ed. is anyone around to take over?) NT 0 Replies #7917733 2:54AM 19/02/2008
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Topic #7917736
scandalous - James wants to name his first kid "Amazing" whether it's a boy or a girl. NT 0 Replies #7917736 2:56AM 19/02/2008
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Topic #7917739
scandalous - Parker makes his way back to his room, turns the light on really quick to the groans of Chels & James NT 0 Replies #7917739 2:56AM 19/02/2008
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Topic #7917749
scandalous - James asks Chels if she wants a massage...she says no, maybe a shower... 0 Replies #7917749 3:01AM 19/02/2008
Chels asks if he needs a shower. He says it could never hurt, why do I smell? He proceeds to start smelling his own armpit and Chelsia's butt.
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Topic #7917761
scandalous - James & Chels chatting about relationships, all the other hamsters seem to be in bed. (ed. which is where I'm headed, night) NT 0 Replies #7917761 3:03AM 19/02/2008
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Topic #7917784
Broodmore - everyone in bed quiet except parker 0 Replies #7917784 3:15AM 19/02/2008
Parker got up to get a glass of water and is watching the hamsters
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Topic #7917809
folieadeux8381 - Parker went to the DR... 0 Replies #7917809 3:21AM 19/02/2008
no more strike? lol
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Topic #7917828
folieadeux8381 - James and Chelsia are talking in bed NT 0 Replies #7917828 3:31AM 19/02/2008
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Topic #7917861
folieadeux8381 - It looks like all of the hamsters have gone to sleep now (and that goes for me too) NT 0 Replies #7917861 3:56AM 19/02/2008
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Topic #7917872
LilDarlin - Almost everyone in Bed 0 Replies #7917872 4:07AM 19/02/2008
Almost all in Bed except Adam He is looking at memory wall and now is in BR smoking on couch
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Topic #7917910
CruiseCritic - From 1:30 AM this morning ( I was listening as I fell back asleep) - Sheila and Alli talking and 0 Replies #7917910 4:38AM 19/02/2008
They had been talking about being racist and Sheila said that she had to get her son out of school so many times when they lived in South Carolina because of it.

She said that the one time he was playing with a black boy when he was like in 6th grade (she thinks around 6th grade) and another child came over and kicked her son because he was playing with this boy.

Her son was taken to the teachers or principals office and was told that he better not be playing with "those" kids or else he will end up just like them.

Sheila was very upset and this happened a few times and she said that when she went to parent-teacher conferences she would go in the classroom and the teachers would treat the black children like they didnt exist and would yell at them and be mean to them, she couldnt believe how badly they were treated.
She said she had to pull her son out of school several times because of racism and it really bothered her....

(ed-made me sick and had to close my computer at this point)
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Topic #7918781
rosiebbfan - Houseguests sleeping on all feeds, then flames NT 0 Replies #7918781 9:07AM 19/02/2008
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Topic #7918790
rosiebbfan - BB: Good morning houseguests, it's time to get up for the day NT 0 Replies #7918790 9:11AM 19/02/2008
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Topic #7918807
CruiseCritic - Jen putting contacts in, Parker next to her at sink. Sheila in WC as well and sounds like someone in shower 0 Replies #7918807 9:14AM 19/02/2008
BB - HG it is time to get up for the day and we can see two feeds still focused on a couple of beds with little movement
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Topic #7918815
rosiebbfan - Parker, Jen, Sheila in the bathroom 0 Replies #7918815 9:14AM 19/02/2008
Sharon in bed talking about someone (Josh?) yelling help in his sleep really loud 6 times.
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Topic #7918822
CruiseCritic - Josh gets up and puts on a hoodie over his pink shirt. Night cam on and you can see 0 Replies #7918822 9:15AM 19/02/2008
a couple other HGS finally getting out of bed. Looks like Sharon and Josh are up and now Josh changed into a pullover hoodie and leaves the room.

Someone (Alli) ? sitting up in bed and not sure who is next to her asleep..

Jen brushing teeth on two feeds
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Topic #7918834
CruiseCritic - Saying today is going to be a sh tty day and Parker says it is going to 0 Replies #7918834 9:17AM 19/02/2008
rain on your head. I think he was talking to Jen.

Alli now out of bed and BB says - The bedroom lights must remain on during the day and everything is now bright.

Ryan is still in bed and now gets up

Chels in WC now as well
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