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Topic #7920562
SouthernBelladonna - Sheila is crying. She says it's about something in the DR and she can't talk about it. 0 Replies #7920562 1:07PM 19/02/2008
Ali is telling her that whatever it is, it's OK.

Chel, Josh and Sharon are there...everyone looks worried.

Ali asks if it was about the vote and Sheila didn't really answer.

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Topic #7920641
genx - FLAMES stop for a brief minute to Sheila saying "why do you think I'm crying?" NT 0 Replies #7920641 1:14PM 19/02/2008
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Topic #7920643
EvelDickthebest - Qiuck Sec a shoot of Sheila in the sauna room NT 0 Replies #7920643 1:14PM 19/02/2008
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Topic #7920708
EvelDickthebest - Feeds back Ali saying she fell for it guess she means sheila was faking NT 0 Replies #7920708 1:21PM 19/02/2008
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Topic #7920716
SouthernBelladonna - Josh/Sharon talk about the vote. Josh says J/P are the stronger couple and you have to get out the strong people first. 0 Replies #7920716 1:22PM 19/02/2008
Ali and Chel are in the bathroom with them. Josh seems to be giving reason for voting out J/P...reasons to tell the others.

Sheila is in the kitchen with several other HGs. She's not crying anymore, but still looks a little upset.

Back in the bathroom...

Ali: "I totally fell for it."

Josh said it would be the biggest mistake of her life if she did that.

Ali: I know she had to make it look like I was going home....

(ed. It seems they are talking about Sheila crying)
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Topic #7920777
SouthernBelladonna - James is upset. He's talking with Ali about Sheila. 0 Replies #7920777 1:28PM 19/02/2008
He says that if she f**ks this week up for him, he will go after her next week.

Ali says it's pissing her off too...Sheila is her best friend in the house...she doesn't know why Sheila is doing it.

Ali also selling herself as a person to keep because noone wants Ryan to win.

Ali goes to J/S...tells them she's getting upset with Sheila...doesn't under stand it...also saying she's a good person to take to the end.
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Topic #7920835
SouthernBelladonna - James is cleaning the sauna. Josh and Chel are in the sauna room wth him. 0 Replies #7920835 1:34PM 19/02/2008
They are just chatting at the moment...

James super whispered...couldn't make it out...Josh then says he's getting nervous about the situation

In the bathroom, Ali and Sharon are still talking. Sharon says it was smart of Sheila to act that way...Ali says she's not worried...Sheila wouldn't vote her out...Sharon says Sheila would be a moron to vote Ali out.

Back in the sauna room, Josh and Chel wonder what BB is doing outside to cause the LD.

Now talking about Sheila acting/crying....worry about the vote...saying if it's 2-2, they are f**ked.

Josh says James needs to work Adam to make sure about the vote.

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Topic #7920853
SouthernBelladonna - Chel just confirmed to Josh that they did not vote yet. 0 Replies #7920853 1:36PM 19/02/2008
This was after talking about whether or not Sheila had cast a vote.

Chel said they didn't when they were called in...just talked.
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Topic #7920966
Melonie - Jen crying Sheila is consoling her telling her that she is sticking to her word and that all will be alright. NT 0 Replies #7920966 1:47PM 19/02/2008
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Topic #7920972
SouthernBelladonna - Sheila is talkaing to Jen...jen is crying. Sheila keeps saying she and Adam are going to do the right thing. 0 Replies #7920972 1:48PM 19/02/2008
She's leading Jen to believe she is voting out Ali/Ryan.

Sheila is saying it's all Adam...she understands why he needed to convince why she's crying....

Meanwhile in the bathroom, Ali is working Matt hard for his/Nat's vote...says she'll do whatever or go against whoever if he does this. Matt doesn't think she needs his vote, that she has Sheila/Adam's.

Now Sheila is telling Jen about how she was upset by the racism remarks.
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Topic #7920987
SouthernBelladonna - Ali says she's freaking out and "so f'n nervous." NT 0 Replies #7920987 1:49PM 19/02/2008
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Topic #7921003
Melonie - Sheila tells Jen that she does not hate her. And Jen says she doesn't think she should have never said anything about racism in the house. 0 Replies #7921003 1:50PM 19/02/2008
Sheila tells Jen she has a great men. Jen crys a bit says she doesn't want to talk about it. Sheila and Jen talking about how things get twisted in the house. Sheila says that everybody knows somebody has got to go to break up that. Sheila starts to cry to Jen about Allison being the only one that has been there for her. Now they are both crying. Jen is saying now they will have each others backs through the whole game.
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Topic #7921015
SouthernBelladonna - Sheila is singing the praises of Adam to Jen. Saying how smart he is. NT 0 Replies #7921015 1:52PM 19/02/2008
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Topic #7921022
SouthernBelladonna - Ali/Ryan talk. Ali says she thinks Sheila's crying was an act. NT 0 Replies #7921022 1:53PM 19/02/2008
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Topic #7921028
Melonie - Jen and Sheila wants to see what Adam is like in the real world. 0 Replies #7921028 1:53PM 19/02/2008
Sheila and Jen talking about Adams slip and how Adam cried when he realized what he said he was bad. And how he works his but off for the parents of kids with Autism. She says Adam feels very bad now for what he said. Sheila says no one is perfect. They are talking about how amazing he is but he shows his crazy balla said to the guys.
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Topic #7921050
SouthernBelladonna - Ali tells Ryan that Jen looked at her and smirked when she saw Sheila crying. NT 0 Replies #7921050 1:55PM 19/02/2008
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Topic #7921054
Melonie - Josh and Sharon called to the diary room. NT 0 Replies #7921054 1:55PM 19/02/2008
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Topic #7921114
Melonie - Allison and Ryan talking in the bathroom 0 Replies #7921114 2:01PM 19/02/2008
Allison says Sheila plays the game to much. They are laughing a bit. They laughed about Jen buying into Sheilas act. Allison says Jen ran up to Parker and see see. And Allison telling him about Jen telling Sheila when they are gone they will have to be like best friends.
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Topic #7921177
Melonie - Allison tells Ryan that she don't thinks he realizes the magnitude of that comment yet. 0 Replies #7921177 2:09PM 19/02/2008
Allison says people are cruel in this world. That its cruel that Jen took those two words and put his name in a sentence. The two words racist and predudice. Ryan says Sheila just assumed that. Allison said well in the real world maybe it does'nt affect you but in the real world it does. Allison tells Ryan that she hopes he understands why she doesn't like her. That she has the potential to be a really good person.

Allison talking again about Sheila coming out bawling to pretend that she was against Allison. Sheila comes in Ryan asks why she was acting like that. She asks him if she is paronid. Allison tells her she deserves an emmy. Sheila says that Adam is a loose cannon. That Adam wants to stick to the original plan. Ryan says Adam tells him he can't stand Parker. Sheila said that you can not figure out or read Adam. Sheila says it makes her really nervous that they do not know when the votes or locked in. They do not know what happens if the two can't agreee.
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Topic #7921181
SouthernBelladonna - Sheila tells Ali/Ryan that the reason she was crying is that Adam is messing with the vote...not agreeing with her. 0 Replies #7921181 2:09PM 19/02/2008
(ed. missed some...please fill in the gaps)

Sheila says she thinks he is doing it to hurt her...
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Topic #7921201
Melonie - Sheila says that Allison knows that her soulmate is insane 0 Replies #7921201 2:10PM 19/02/2008
She says that she is gonna make tshirts of Adam when she gets out laughing. Jen comes into the bathroom. Sheila asks her what she has had to eat.
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Topic #7921246
Melonie - Sheila and Ryan now alone in the bathroom in the loveseat. 0 Replies #7921246 2:16PM 19/02/2008
Jen tells Ryan she will not be able to sleep tonight. She tells Ryan that HOH comps are always outside. She thinks that the voting will be tommorow afternoon.

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Topic #7921262
Melonie - Matt and Parker in the pink bed. 0 Replies #7921262 2:20PM 19/02/2008
Matt tells Parker that tommorow is big. Tommorow will decide how the game goes. It will move alot quicker with couples. Boom two people boom two people gone.
Parker asks what they should do about alex. Matt says keep them close.

Matt does not want to win HOH this week. Because this week it can not be a tie. Matt would rather wait till he can be a deciding factor.

Matt said they have got to make sure Parker stays that is it. He says Chel is for keeping parker till he walks around all negative. They say that James is an attention whore.

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Topic #7921267
Melonie - Parker says James is gonna get his regardless if he is there. Matt says unless he wins HOH, parker says he better pray. NT 0 Replies #7921267 2:20PM 19/02/2008
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Topic #7921276
Melonie - Allison is called to the Diary room. NT 0 Replies #7921276 2:22PM 19/02/2008
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