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Topic #7972769
bman1218 - It is now Hailing at the bb house! NT 0 Replies #7972769 8:40PM 23/02/2008
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Topic #7972782
SouthernBelladonna - The HGs exclaim that it's hailing. Che runs out in it and lies down. James jumps on top of her. 0 Replies #7972782 8:41PM 23/02/2008
Laughing and screaming...Sheila says they are adorable.
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Topic #7972791
SouthernBelladonna - Sheila talking about making new slop tomorrow. NT 0 Replies #7972791 8:42PM 23/02/2008
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Topic #7972793
SouthernBelladonna - LD is over. BB left the food for them. NT 0 Replies #7972793 8:42PM 23/02/2008
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Topic #7972845
sunny217 - m/n arguing.. 0 Replies #7972845 8:47PM 23/02/2008
nat is upset because matt said he doesn't like girls who are "outgoing" matt clarifies and says that for him personally he wouldn't go for a girl that got naked and put tattoos wherever.. but that he loves her personality, thinks she is one of the most fun girls in the house, would def hang out with her outside the house.. he keeps saying sorry, nat still trying to argue
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Topic #7972849
SouthernBelladonna - Matt hugs Nat. Then they argue. 0 Replies #7972849 8:47PM 23/02/2008
He fusses at her for her bringing up him not wanting to F her in public...Nat gets a little upset...says he puts down her personality...

Fight over him saying he didn't like outgoing girls...he says her personality is great, but she's not his type (because of her getting naked and stuff).

Nat saying she's just joking and ball-busting...he can't take it

Nat is still mad...Matt trying to explain stuff, Nat offended...

James: I love you guys. Stop..It's not worth it.

Matt is apologizing...
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Topic #7972872
SouthernBelladonna - Nat goes inside crying. Matt says.."that's why I can't say you like me and I don't." 0 Replies #7972872 8:49PM 23/02/2008
Nat is inside being upset and saying Matt hurts her feelings and she hopes she gets voted out.

Outside, Matt is telling the guys he just doesn't like Nat like that...
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Topic #7972898
SouthernBelladonna - Nat: Why did they put me with him? I've been lonely for 9 months. I didn't want to be put with an a**hole. NT 0 Replies #7972898 8:51PM 23/02/2008
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Topic #7972900
sunny217 - Nat wonders if the reason matt treats her that way is because he is putting up a wall because he really likes her.. 0 Replies #7972900 8:51PM 23/02/2008
..Or maybe he's repulsed by me, then she laughs.
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Topic #7972946
sunny217 - Ali to Nat: If i was you, i wouldn't completely ignore him, but I wouldn't try anymore 0 Replies #7972946 8:54PM 23/02/2008
Nat: I won't. (ed yeah right!)
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Topic #7972950
SouthernBelladonna - The girls are listening to Nat complain about Matt. Ali says if Nat is tired of Matt treating her so terribly. 0 Replies #7972950 8:54PM 23/02/2008
Nat says Matt calls her bad for showing her but, but it's OK for him to moon everyone and rub up on all the girls...

Matt always pushing her away...

Nat saying she just wants to go home.

Ali saying that they love her and who cares about Matt.
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Topic #7972997
sunny217 - It kind of sounds like m/n met eachother before moving into bb house? like in the selection process maybe? 0 Replies #7972997 8:57PM 23/02/2008
were asked who they thought their soulmate should be.. they each said each other. it sounded like prior to bb house?? i guess i'm not sure..
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Topic #7973013
SouthernBelladonna - Che comes in and says matt told her to go check on Nat because she was crying. Nat says she wasn't crying, just mad. NT 0 Replies #7973013 8:59PM 23/02/2008
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Topic #7973021
SouthernBelladonna - Che asks Nat if she wants something out of Matt (relationship). Nat says she doesn't know. 0 Replies #7973021 9:00PM 23/02/2008
Che tells her that Matt absolutely doesn't want a relationship and that's why he's acting this way.
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Topic #7973032
bman1218 - Josh is eavesdropping on the girls talk from the other room NT 0 Replies #7973032 9:00PM 23/02/2008
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Topic #7973043
SouthernBelladonna - The girls are discussing how Matt has been trying to play all of them. How he thinks... 0 Replies #7973043 9:01PM 23/02/2008
he can have any of the girls. Sharon saying how he's been playing up to her because of the veto.

(ed. gotta stop updating for now...)
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Topic #7973078
sunny217 - N: on valentine's day, we kissed... he wanted more, but I wouldn't give more 0 Replies #7973078 9:03PM 23/02/2008
Someone else said that mattie tells everyone else that he's never tried anything with nat and never would
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Topic #7973125
sunny217 - The girls think Nat should go out and call Matt out in front of all the guys about what happened between them 0 Replies #7973125 9:06PM 23/02/2008
and then come back inside and not talk to him after that.. they think he'll start treating nat better if she does that
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Topic #7973178
Broodmore - Nat confronts Matt 0 Replies #7973178 9:09PM 23/02/2008
She accuses him of hitting on every girl there but gets mad at her for being free with her body. Matt says he is upset she is bringing this out in the open. Matt says he does not want any drama and she is right in everything she is saying and he is sorry.
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Topic #7973246
sunny217 - M/N argue in LR.. in front of mostly everyone 0 Replies #7973246 9:12PM 23/02/2008
She calls him out about kissing her at night, he doesn't deny it but moves to a different subject..She also calls him out about him flirting w/ all the other girls.. she wants him to stop acting like she wants his "nut sack" ... Matt doesn't want to argue, keeps apologizing, she keeps bringing stuff up.
Matt: Physically I am attracted to you, I would f*** you right now, emotionally, I don't want to be emotionally attatched to anyone in this house. Emotionally I wouldn't go for someone who put tatoos on their boob, I go for the more conservative type.. I'm sorry, I'm sorry.. I realize I'm going home for this..
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Topic #7973401
sunny217 - All houseguests in LR listening M/N argue/ Matt trying to apologize 0 Replies #7973401 9:20PM 23/02/2008

Matt: I am an *****, I'm sorry if you feel that I'm extra mean to you. I miss people at home, that's why I'm acting this way. (ed Matt is kinda of making an idiot out of himself.. they are having this convo in front of everyone on purpose..seems kind of..lame and weird) I have respect for women. I never said stripping or pulling your pants up was wrong. I've had sex with strippers. I've had sex with a lot of people. All I was saying out there was what wasn't attractive to me, but you are the most genuinely nice person I've ever met (clapping in background)
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Topic #7973490
sunny217 - More of the argument.... 0 Replies #7973490 9:24PM 23/02/2008
Nat: the only reason I'm mad is because everytime I try to talk to you, you barely talk to me back. I leave you alone, let you do your thing, whenever I come into the same room as you, you get up and leave. Ask everyone in this house, you are the meanest to me out of everyone in this house. I shouldn't have to make the effort to try and get to know my partner.
(nat keeps looking at everyone else in the LR when she thinks she is making a point.. like they are auditioning for a TV show or something. I can't imagine how awkward it would be sitting in that living room)
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Topic #7973530
EvelDickthebest - Chelsia chiming in on fight NT 0 Replies #7973530 9:25PM 23/02/2008
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Topic #7973569
EvelDickthebest - Matt saying he knows he is going home NT 0 Replies #7973569 9:27PM 23/02/2008
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Topic #7973605
EvelDickthebest - Matt You are right I am wrong You Win ! NT 0 Replies #7973605 9:29PM 23/02/2008
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