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Topic #7967919
SouthernBelladonna - Ali is complaining about Sheila to Amanda. NT 0 Replies #7967919 1:03PM 23/02/2008
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Topic #7967957
WVpdles - Nat joins Alli and Amanda in the sauna, Ali went to get tweezers and Amanda told Nat everyone 0 Replies #7967957 1:07PM 23/02/2008
hates Sheila, they have to get Josh/Sharon to use the veto so Sheila can go up.
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Topic #7968034
WVpdles - Flames - no idea why all 4cams were on the sauna NT 1 Replies #7968034 1:17PM 23/02/2008
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WVpdles - Feeds back, all 4cams on sauna, Amanda went to DR to get her meds. NT #7968079 1:24PM 23/02/2008
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Topic #7968093
MtDewAddict - HG's celebrate over HOT WATER!!!! NT 0 Replies #7968093 1:25PM 23/02/2008
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Topic #7968098
WVpdles - Hot water is back on NT 0 Replies #7968098 1:25PM 23/02/2008
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Topic #7968123
bcbmom - Sharon goes in sauna and tells nat and ali that hot water is back on 0 Replies #7968123 1:28PM 23/02/2008
Nat: we were wondering what all the hollering was for
Sharon: I felt it myself there is hot water again..

Sharon thinks it is back early thinking they will have POV ceremony tonight.
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Topic #7968158
bcbmom - Sharon ali talking about how quick shelia turned on ali 0 Replies #7968158 1:31PM 23/02/2008
Ali can't understand why shelia turned on her (ali) without even talking to her

Sharon can't understand it either since they have been friends since day one.

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Topic #7968175
WVpdles - James came down from HoH NT 0 Replies #7968175 1:32PM 23/02/2008
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Topic #7968232
bcbmom - Nat and Ali in sauna talking 0 Replies #7968232 1:38PM 23/02/2008
Ali tells Nat that Ryan is not in the game and she has to make decisions for him. Tell Nat that if it is up to her Nat/Matt will stay because they all know who is starting all the stuff (meaning Amanda) and says nat know how she (ali) feels about her.
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Topic #7968254
bcbmom - Ali tells Nat that she and Matt have a pact 0 Replies #7968254 1:40PM 23/02/2008
She says that ryan/ali will not put Nat/Matt on the block unless that is the only option (final 3 and they are HOH)
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Topic #7968503
WVpdles - After sitting out with Adam and Matt for a while James decides it's perfect sleeping weather and goes back to HoH bed. NT 0 Replies #7968503 2:04PM 23/02/2008
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Topic #7968508
SouthernBelladonna - Ali is working out. Matt and Adam are in the BY chatting. NT 0 Replies #7968508 2:05PM 23/02/2008
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Topic #7968528
WVpdles - Josh is in HoH with Chel and James, talking about veto and next HoH NT 1 Replies #7968528 2:06PM 23/02/2008
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WVpdles - Josh said he's not using the veto, because then both would stay and that would be a death sentence for J/C #7968539 2:08PM 23/02/2008
they're his friends and he's not doing that to them.
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Topic #7968543
SouthernBelladonna - Josh tells Che about the deal Amanda offered him. She asks if he's going to take it and he says no. 1 Replies #7968543 2:08PM 23/02/2008
James comes in HOH and Josh is telling him about it.

While this is going on, Che is getting dressed and is showing her booty to the feeds wearing a tiny thong.
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WVpdles - James thought he was naked when he came in then said oh you're wearing 'dental floss' NT #7968554 2:09PM 23/02/2008
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Topic #7968570
SouthernBelladonna - Josh telling them what he's going to say when he doesn't use the veto. 0 Replies #7968570 2:11PM 23/02/2008
It's strategic...y'all are strong...have won comps....formed an alliance in the beginning...

He thinks it will be a good speech.

He also says if S/A give a sympathy vote, it will be a good excuse to put them up against A/A.

James talking about letting Adam hand himself in the game...also how annoyed he was with Adam talking game tight after Amanda's attack.

Josh says S/A couldn't even stop fighting while Amanda was being put on the stretcher.

Now they're wondering how much of the fainting thing will be shown on TV...
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Topic #7968600
SouthernBelladonna - Josh saying how the boys get to Adam... 0 Replies #7968600 2:14PM 23/02/2008
He says they always get him at the pool table...somewhere he (Josh) never goes.

He also says the girls get to Sheila because she's "always on that tuffet in the bathroom whining" and he shudders.
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Topic #7968625
SouthernBelladonna - Now all feeds have switched to Nat telling Sharon about a bruise she has and how she is accident prone. NT 0 Replies #7968625 2:17PM 23/02/2008
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Topic #7968631
SouthernBelladonna - Nat saying she just doesn't want to go yet. "Just one more week..." NT 0 Replies #7968631 2:18PM 23/02/2008
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Topic #7968690
jaynixx - Nat and Ali 0 Replies #7968690 2:23PM 23/02/2008
All feeds on Nat and Ali in bathroom
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Topic #7968717
jaynixx - Chel, James and Josh discussing strategy in HOH room NT 0 Replies #7968717 2:27PM 23/02/2008
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Topic #7968746
SouthernBelladonna - Josh, James, and Che are discussing Sheila and Ali's lesbian story. 0 Replies #7968746 2:29PM 23/02/2008
Che says she was hoping was true because they've never had 2 lesbians on BB before.
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Topic #7968822
SouthernBelladonna - Ali and Adam are in the BY talking about how Sheila should have just come to talka to Ali. 0 Replies #7968822 2:38PM 23/02/2008
It's currently raining in the BB BY.

Adam says he's worried about being a target now (because of Sheila).

Ali says not to worry, that J/S aren't going to use the veto...and worst case scenario, even if it was used, he and Sheila would still be safe if they went up.

Adam asks if they are voting M/N off. Ali says she doesn't know...thinks they are keeping everything the same.

Ali saying it would be good for A/S to win HOH next week...also saying she'd like to get some power in the house too.

Adam saying he's rather Ali/Ryan win the next HOH.

Ali says she loves Ryan...she adores him...thinks he's just great...she says Ryan and Adam are her 2 fav guys in the house.
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Topic #7968832
SouthernBelladonna - Ryan comes out to the BY to smoke. Adam smoking too. Still talking about the blow-up with Sheila yesterday. 0 Replies #7968832 2:40PM 23/02/2008
Talking about how it was Amanda who stirred it up...Nat too.
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Topic #7968843
SouthernBelladonna - Ali still talking about the lies that were told to Sheila that caused the fight. 0 Replies #7968843 2:41PM 23/02/2008
She says it's crazy that someone said she hates Josh...she loves Josh.
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Topic #7968855
SouthernBelladonna - Ali says Sheila doesn't realize that her crying last week made other people doubt their votes and she had ro do damage control. NT 0 Replies #7968855 2:43PM 23/02/2008
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