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Topic #7983416
Melisah - Allison is tweezing Alex's eyebrows now. I guess they're all taking turns. 0 Replies #7983416 8:40PM 24/02/2008
Alex is making jokes with the word "pluck."
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Topic #7983453
Melisah - BB just gave the HGs cans of beer and a bottle of wine. NT 0 Replies #7983453 8:43PM 24/02/2008
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Topic #7983483
Melisah - Everyone has come into the kitchen for beer! 0 Replies #7983483 8:45PM 24/02/2008
Except for Allison and Alex, they're in the bathroom. Ali still plucking Alex's eyebrows. Sheila's also in the bathroom keeping them two company.
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Topic #7983511
Melisah - FotH... 0 Replies #7983511 8:50PM 24/02/2008
There was a bit of a debate on who could have alcohol. (Maybe BB is clarifying.)
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Topic #7983526
Melisah - Natalie's chugging beer. Everyone's encouraging her. NT 0 Replies #7983526 8:52PM 24/02/2008
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Topic #7983539
Melisah - Everyone wants Natalie to chug one more... 0 Replies #7983539 8:54PM 24/02/2008
Natalie's waiting until Showtime starts. Now they're talking about the group bubble bath they're planning tonight.
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Topic #7983546
Melisah - Sheila/Allison in bathroom discussing game/strategy. 0 Replies #7983546 8:55PM 24/02/2008
James/Ryan in the BY smoking.
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Topic #7983586
Melisah - Ryan, "Let's go get Natalie hammered." James and Ryan go back inside. 0 Replies #7983586 8:59PM 24/02/2008
Josh saying, "Natalie... time for your medicine!" Amanda's getting her eyebrow's tweezed now.
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Topic #7983688
susooz - Nat was doing portraits with nail polish-pretty good too-then 0 Replies #7983688 9:07PM 24/02/2008
they got the booze so now they are creating a strip game with fake $ & talking lap dances NT
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Topic #7983729
susooz - Josh is gonna be the host of the strip tease game NT 0 Replies #7983729 9:09PM 24/02/2008
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Topic #7983746
susooz - Sheila trying to turn it around to guys strip & girls pay but NOOOO NT 0 Replies #7983746 9:11PM 24/02/2008
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Topic #7983749
sunny217 - Whoever has the most $$ at the end gets a back massage from all the guys. NT 0 Replies #7983749 9:11PM 24/02/2008
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Topic #7983772
sunny217 - Adam brought "The Posing Pouch" ... I think it's edible underwear?? One size fits most! NT 0 Replies #7983772 9:12PM 24/02/2008
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Topic #7983785
sunny217 - Josh is putting it on over his underwear (LOL) .. claims he doesn't have enough junk to fill it up NT 0 Replies #7983785 9:13PM 24/02/2008
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Topic #7983877
sunny217 - Matt: I can't wait to see Nattie's moves as a stripper Ali: I bet Chelsia has some good moves 0 Replies #7983877 9:21PM 24/02/2008
They are still making the fake money for this game..seems it will only be between Nat and Chel
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Topic #7983912
sunny217 - Talking about food comp...James was hungover 0 Replies #7983912 9:24PM 24/02/2008
James said as soon as he felt it pull a little, he let go
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Topic #7983934
sunny217 - Passing out $$ for the game.. 0 Replies #7983934 9:25PM 24/02/2008
Everyone gets 1 $100, 1 $20, 1 $10, and 3 $5's. Everyone is supposed to have an even amount of money. Josh was changing in the HOH bedroom and is ready to come out in whatever he's wearing.
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Topic #7983966
sunny217 - Nattie and Chel are in HOH changing too..they are both dressed in black men's shirts, high black socks.. 0 Replies #7983966 9:28PM 24/02/2008
Josh has pink shirt and the edible underwear over a thong.. nothing else. HG's are sitting in LR ready for the show!
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Topic #7984060
sunny217 - Josh, I mean "Sebastian" takes his shirt off, and begins announcing 0 Replies #7984060 9:35PM 24/02/2008
Natalia and Gretchen will be stripping tonight.. looks like it will be a team effort, they both come out. lots of girl on girl action. HG's are starting to hand out the $$ OMG Josh was humping Chel as she was bending over! ridiculous
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Topic #7984110
sunny217 - Chel is moving from on HG to the other.. fake sexing them all 0 Replies #7984110 9:38PM 24/02/2008
Mattie is enjoying himself.. I think Chel is winning the comp. Chel gets on Ryan and slaps him in the face.. rubbing herself on him.. then puts her boobs in his face and motorboats him.. ryan is blushing. Matt yells for them to take their tops off.. Josh is drumming on something HG's are clapping, screaming, laughing
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Topic #7984126
sunny217 - Chel and Nattie kiss after the HGs chant "make out make out!" NT 0 Replies #7984126 9:39PM 24/02/2008
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Topic #7984251
mcoop - Chel and natalie take their tops off 0 Replies #7984251 9:45PM 24/02/2008
and than put the dollars on their nipples. but we could see their tits multiple times
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Topic #7984300
mcoop - Josh just stuck a cucumber in nat's ass 0 Replies #7984300 9:47PM 24/02/2008
she is now deep throating the cucumber as chel holds it for her
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Topic #7984319
sunny217 - HG's chant "take it off!!" Nattie doesn't need much encouragement.. and Chelsia follows suit 0 Replies #7984319 9:48PM 24/02/2008
Tops are off.. they are covering up with fake money.. it keeps falling off. Chelsia's butt is red from getting slapped I'm pretty sure. Chel put her bra back on.. they are making out again.. (ed Nat should really put her bra back on.. not doing a very good job of keeping them hidden) Cucumbers are now busted out.. Nat sticks her naked breasts in James's face and motorboats him.
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Topic #7984329
sunny217 - And now whipped creme! Nat putting it on her breasts a la Varsity Blues NT 1 Replies #7984329 9:49PM 24/02/2008
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sunny217 - James just licked it off!!!!!! ..Chel too NT #7984349 9:50PM 24/02/2008
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