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Topic #7979239
BellaEllaElla - amanda claims she's not gassy 0 Replies #7979239 2:14PM 24/02/2008
amanda, sharon and ryan all talk in the bathroom about how infrequently jen poops (like every 2 weeks) and how amanda and sharon rarely fart or burp.
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Topic #7979339
willowtree - Amanda wants to talk loud with Ryan so it doesn't seem like they are scheming NT 0 Replies #7979339 2:26PM 24/02/2008
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Topic #7979386
willowtree - Sharon told Alex to promise to keep his mouth shut and that Amanda/Alex were safe NT 0 Replies #7979386 2:32PM 24/02/2008
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Topic #7979400
Drew - sheila and allison talking about bb8 0 Replies #7979400 2:33PM 24/02/2008
talking about how Amber acted like she was everybody's best friend
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Topic #7979415
Drew - flames for a minute and then Allison and Sheila still talking game NT 0 Replies #7979415 2:35PM 24/02/2008
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Topic #7979456
KingMac - Josh just said Sheila&Adam cant win hoh if its mental or phisical, he says they're handicaped just like Sheila's son. NT 2 Replies #7979456 2:41PM 24/02/2008
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Drew - Joshuah, not James...Joshuah, Sharon, and Amanda were talking outside by the hottub #7979484 2:43PM 24/02/2008
That's when the comment was made. And then Amanda went inside so it wouldn't look suspicious, so now Sharon and Joshuah are talking about how they can't wait for Sheila to be gone.
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honeyb - Josh, not James NT #7979474 2:42PM 24/02/2008
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Topic #7979460
willowtree - Josh/Sharon/Amanda in BY talking about how Josh 0 Replies #7979460 2:41PM 24/02/2008
prefers everyone thinking they are in a fight and Josh still steaming over Sheila's lie in sauna room
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Topic #7979466
KingMac - Sharon says WOW That was nice. NT 0 Replies #7979466 2:41PM 24/02/2008
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Topic #7979527
cindytexas - Josh and Sharon talking in hot tub. Sharon says Adam is stupid and they both agree Sheila is too. Josh asks if they have college degrees. 0 Replies #7979527 2:48PM 24/02/2008
Sharon says Sheila dropped out of school in the 8th grade.
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Topic #7979538
cindytexas - Allison told Sheila that hundreds of thousands of people auditioned for Big Brother. NT 0 Replies #7979538 2:48PM 24/02/2008
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Topic #7979540
CruiseCritic - Sharon and Josh in HT, Adam working out on stepping? machine and 1 Replies #7979540 2:48PM 24/02/2008
Sheila and Alli talking in sauna room on couch.

Nat, Amanda, Chel and a couple of guys in the WC
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WieKacie - Alex working out not Adam. NT #7979552 2:49PM 24/02/2008
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Topic #7979560
CruiseCritic - Natalie is working on James hair and looks like Chel has something going on in her hair 0 Replies #7979560 2:50PM 24/02/2008
as well. Nat now doing something to Ryans hair and Amanda is brushing her hair.

They are not in WC, they are in HOH
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Topic #7979598
CruiseCritic - Nat has some dye on her hands as she is working on Ryans hair 0 Replies #7979598 2:53PM 24/02/2008
Chels has a bunch of foil wraps on her hair and said she will keep looking at them to check it out

Amanda says they should use blow-dryer and Nat says that is what she is going to do to ryans hair to speed up the process.

James in one HOH chair and Amanda in another.

Amanda says she has water boiling and asks anyone if they want slop and they say no.

Nat says Ryans hair is slightly changing....
Amanda asks how long he needs to leave on his hair and she (Nat) says she will just keep an eye on it.
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Topic #7979616
CruiseCritic - Chels saying "watch,everyones hair will turn out bright orange" 0 Replies #7979616 2:55PM 24/02/2008
Nat laughs and they discuss about mixing the powder with the liquid to do the hair.

Ryan says - do what you do Nattie

James and Chels now sitting in HOH chairs. James has his feet on her chair and is spinning the chair a little.

He has on those purple sweat pants, no shirt, no socks.
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Topic #7979631
CruiseCritic - Ryan "how we doing" as he goes in HOH WC and checks hair - they have to 0 Replies #7979631 2:57PM 24/02/2008
do a little more in the back that Chels spotted on his way in.

Nat says she will take a little blow dryer to it.

Chels unzipping and rezipping pillow cases on the pillow that is on the chair.

Nat going to use blow dryer on low so they can see the process changing.

Feed switched to Amanda in Kitchen...
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Topic #7979636
CruiseCritic - Amanda cooking up another pot of slop and looks like Sharon is in kitchen with her NT 0 Replies #7979636 2:58PM 24/02/2008
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Topic #7979650
willowtree - James told Chel he'd get her name tattooed to his body NT 0 Replies #7979650 3:00PM 24/02/2008
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Topic #7979654
CruiseCritic - Around the feeds - Alli and SHeila on F1 and F2 and HOH room now on F3 and F4 0 Replies #7979654 3:00PM 24/02/2008
Alli talking about a 12 step program that is her idea and that she did AA meetings.

Hear Chels yell shut the f up from the HOH room

Sheila says she would never bring that up (alli and AA) and Alli says she is kind of proud of it

Sheila - you are proud of it? It ruined your relationship

Alli - I have done the work, not all of it. But over a year.
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Topic #7979680
CruiseCritic - Alli is doing her nails. Sheila asks Alli if "they" knew that and Alli says yes 0 Replies #7979680 3:05PM 24/02/2008
and they loved it. She is very good with numbers.

At the same time an addiction never goes away and it will be with you for the rest of your life.

Sheila - do you think people can redeem themselves.

Alli - I am living proof and if HE? redeems himself, he would be so happy with himself.

Sheila says he has overcome it before but not for long.

Alli - my biggest thing with addiction is that ppl dont understand it and would love to write a book about it.

Sheila - you should, you are a womana and ppl would appreciate it. You dont see women and think abotu that issue. It is harder to accept that.

Alli - it was hard to get help, i would go to places and they would ask me - are you sure?

ALex just came in and has on Allis? shorts he did a little leg lift and says he is going to go eat some slop. he leaves the room

Sheila says she said to HIM that she offered to take him to AA and other meetings etc...
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Topic #7979698
CruiseCritic - Amanda brings a bowl a slop into Sheila and she is happy. Amanda asks if she 0 Replies #7979698 3:08PM 24/02/2008
can join them and they said yes. When Amanda leaves the room Alli tells her she really doesnt want to talk about her situation.

Sheila says that we will just talk about addiction.

Amanda returns and asks what they are talking about and they say addiction and ask her if it was ok and AManda says yes.

She says it is fine to talk about it, want to write about it bc of her dad

Alli - addicts dont want to talk about it bc they feel bad

Amanda - sometimes addicts are afraid to change bc when they get straight they regret it when ppl tell them that they tried to help them

Sheila wants to know how she is a victim and Alli asks her if she has ever had an addiction and SHeila says of course.

three girls talking about addiction and how to say no
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Topic #7979716
CruiseCritic - SHeila has let him back into her life over and over again. She loves him to death but it is 0 Replies #7979716 3:09PM 24/02/2008
toxic to her son.

Alli says she understands addiction to a T and until you really say NO, nothing will change.

Sheila says that he has made her feel like she is the guilty party bc she has put up with his sh!t
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Topic #7979745
CruiseCritic - Sheila says being in htis house and taught her one thing and she thanks BB 0 Replies #7979745 3:12PM 24/02/2008
and says she realizes she doesnt have to tolerate it anymore. Wants to start all over.

Alli asks her if she could say no to her son if he begged for it....

Amanda talking about someone that is a great singer, albums etc and his mom has a heroine addict. they are like shocked.

Amanda says this was on MTV and he took his Mom to rehab and she has changed. Says he gave his Mom the $ and enabled her
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Topic #7979747
willowtree - Natalie promising Sharon that Matt and Natalie wont put them up next week NT 0 Replies #7979747 3:12PM 24/02/2008
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Topic #7979779
CruiseCritic - Natalie and SHaron are talking by a couch and Nat says why do you think Amanda 0 Replies #7979779 3:15PM 24/02/2008
is going around being buddy buddy with everyone. Natalie talking about operation Condor (she talks way too fast even for me)

Nat saying all HOHs are mental anyways. Amanda and Alex won the mental one. She wants Sharon to talk to Joshy. Nat is whispering...hear her mention Amandas name again.

Nat says she promises that if she stays she promises if they win HOH, you guys are safe
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Topic #7979839
CruiseCritic - Natalie says that she really helped her get rid of Jennifer and she was like OK 0 Replies #7979839 3:19PM 24/02/2008
lets keep it the same (last week) . She says she wants to stay one more week and that A/A are going to go after, who do we trust more.

Josh comes in and Nat says JOSHYYYYY

She wants him to come over there while noone is around and he wants to grab a quick tshirt.

Nat is in his face whispering (cant hear her) and hear Josh go mmm, hmmm

Josh says things happen here daily which is just craaaazy. tells her he has loved her since day one and we will see

nat says i love you guys. I dont care if you get rid of us next week.

whispering more to them both (sharon/josh)

Josh tells her she has to ride it out for a couple days and to not stress out and Nat says she will enjoy her last three days and she will have fun and enjoy every minute.

Nat says sometimes you have to have a fight with your partner to make up. SHe says her and Matt are friends now


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