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Topic #7979878
CruiseCritic - Josh and Sharon now alone with a little whispering and they leave the room and go towards the kitchen 0 Replies #7979878 3:23PM 24/02/2008
Josh says SHeila is freaking out, she is freaking out (she has been talking to the girls for awhile nothing about game)

Josh and Sharon head up to HOH room, knock on door and they go in.

James laying in bed and Chels still with foil on her head.

Josh says that he and sheila got in a spat and that she lied to his face.

Josh - i wanted to test this b!tch and says sheila, i need to know somwthing, what is going on between Adam and Matt - he tells her he heard that ADam already made a deal with them

He asks her again and she says I swear. Josh said he confronted her and said he heard it last night and says to him well everyone lies, I am so sorry.

Josh - i asked you three times and you threw adam under the bus - i coudl go get adam right now.

Josh says she was flipping out and says she is now crying in the sauna room "oh josh hates me" to Allison (not true)

(have to leave this feed - he drives me nuts)
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Topic #7979889
willowtree - Josh recapping Sheila's lie to James and Chelsia NT 0 Replies #7979889 3:24PM 24/02/2008
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Topic #7979913
CruiseCritic - Alli, Sheila and Amanda still in sauna room talking about addiction and 0 Replies #7979913 3:26PM 24/02/2008
Amanda and SHeila eating up bowls of slop that Amanda made.

Amanda asks her when her bday is and Alli says she will be 29 in July. Amandas mom bday is 7-7-57

Alli says at age 25, you will take a change. Amanda says she used to be as chatty as Natty and when she turned 21 she changed and is more of a nurterer.

Amanda - 2 boys 2 girls in her family and she is the baby.

Alli tells amanda she is very strong in regards to her father.

Sheila is talking to someone that is getting in sauna - (not sure who)
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Topic #7979931
CruiseCritic - Natalie now sitting on the couch in sauna room with the three girls and Nat is 0 Replies #7979931 3:28PM 24/02/2008
removing her nailpolish.

Alli and Amanda now having their own conversation and Sheila talking to Nat about slop.
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Topic #7979934
CruiseCritic - Girls (Alli, Amanda, Nat and Sheila) saying all they want is to be appreciated.... whether by family or BFs NT 0 Replies #7979934 3:28PM 24/02/2008
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Topic #7979945
Jen - Amanda telling Sheila and Allison about her dad. 0 Replies #7979945 3:29PM 24/02/2008
Telling stories of his other suicide attempts in massage room.
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Topic #7979966
CruiseCritic - F1 and F2 is Alli/Amanda/SHeila and Nat - F3 and F4 are HOH room with 0 Replies #7979966 3:31PM 24/02/2008
Josh, Sharon and CHels. talking about working on someone in HOH room.

Josh saying Sheila already lied about Jen and Parker and now that she has lied about Nat/Matt she was flipping out, screaming for Allison. Josh says she is a liar and cant be trusted

Chels says she doesnt think ADam could ever get POV

(both feeds giving me a headache - I am out)sorry
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Topic #7979995
Jen - James, Chel, Sharon, and Josh talking about things missing in the house. 0 Replies #7979995 3:33PM 24/02/2008
A coat rack, a paddle in boat room, etc.
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Topic #7980037
Jen - Amanda talking about being pre-judged... 0 Replies #7980037 3:38PM 24/02/2008
in massage room with ali and sheila.
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Topic #7980098
Jen - F3 and F4 Amanda, Sheila, and Ali talk about forgiveness... 0 Replies #7980098 3:44PM 24/02/2008
Nat paints her nails.
Also talk of their parents.
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Topic #7980162
Jen - All 4 feeds now on Ali, Nat, Sheila, and Amanda. 0 Replies #7980162 3:50PM 24/02/2008
Talking about how people always point out the negatives versus the positives.
Nat talks about how her mom was a positive person.
The girls are talking about how hard it will be to leave the BB house.
Also talk of how the most unobvious people can have addictions.
Overall just random convos.
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Topic #7980201
Jen - All 4 feeds switch to the HOH room... 0 Replies #7980201 3:54PM 24/02/2008
sounds like someone is in the shower.
James and Sharon talking about votes and scenarios of what might happen next week.
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Topic #7980209
Jen - Amanda called to the DR NT 1 Replies #7980209 3:55PM 24/02/2008
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Jen - Alex called to the DR NT #7980249 3:59PM 24/02/2008
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Topic #7980286
WieKacie - James, Chelsia, Sharon and Josh in HOH 0 Replies #7980286 4:02PM 24/02/2008
James said he wish he could vote this week.
Josh: "Do you really?"
James: "Yeah, I want to vote Matty out."
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Topic #7980317
Jen - Amanda and Ali in Kitchen making food. 0 Replies #7980317 4:06PM 24/02/2008
Ali loves being in the house now.
Ali said the show will make fun of how she eats.
Amanda: 3/4 cup of water and not even 1/4 cup of juice
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Topic #7980341
Jen - Ali and Amanda laughing... 1 Replies #7980341 4:08PM 24/02/2008
Shaking their butts and doing weird strip tease in front of Ryan while he is snoring...
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Jen - Ryan complains that they should have woken him up earlier. NT #7980361 4:10PM 24/02/2008
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Topic #7980520
Jen - Ali talking about Ryan to Sheila and Amanda. 0 Replies #7980520 4:21PM 24/02/2008
She says she would like him if he weren't with Jen.
She doesn't like how he smokes though. (Someone please take over ed.)
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Topic #7980622
cindytexas - Josh, Sharon, James and Chelsia talking in HOH room. They're talking about HOH comp, they don't want Amanda and Alex to win. 0 Replies #7980622 4:28PM 24/02/2008
Chelsia just said if Amanda is doing well in comp, she will take the key chain, put it around her neck and make a hanging motion with it -- she demonstrated -- to upset Amanda. (ed: I'm shocked and sickened by this comment.)
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Topic #7980728
Snarf123 - Chel and James kissing, goofing around in the HoH; Nat and Alex playing basketball game in BY. NT 0 Replies #7980728 4:36PM 24/02/2008
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Topic #7980816
Snarf123 - Josh, James, Ryan and Sharon in Kitchen making fun of Sharon's nude-colored bikini. They say it looks like she's naked. NT 0 Replies #7980816 4:41PM 24/02/2008
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Topic #7980907
Snarf123 - Nat beat Alex 3-1. They head inside to join the Kitchen crew for dinner preparations. 0 Replies #7980907 4:47PM 24/02/2008
Amanda, Sheila and Allison still in Sauna Room grooming and gabbing.
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Topic #7981016
Snarf123 - Alex is doing 20 push-ups as punishment for making a crack at Amanda. 0 Replies #7981016 4:57PM 24/02/2008
Amanda came out of the sauna with big rollers in her hair calling attention to them and Alex said anything will make you look better.

This is after Amanda stood in the hallway flexing her buttcheeks and admiring them in a mirror.
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Topic #7981364
Tikkanen - Ryan, James, Chel, Matt, Nat, Sheila random talk in kitchen. Amanda doing hair with Josh watching. NT 0 Replies #7981364 5:28PM 24/02/2008
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Topic #7981445
Tikkanen - Natalie and Ali horsing around while cleaning bathroom (Josh watching). Nat used to work at Hooters. Others smalltalk in kitchen eating. NT 0 Replies #7981445 5:35PM 24/02/2008
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Topic #7981549
Tikkanen - Sheila wants Dr. Will to do her plastic surgery on Dr. 90210. James/Ryan talk badly about the makeover shows. 0 Replies #7981549 5:45PM 24/02/2008
James playfully accuses Sheila of "acting" and being an "actress".

Sheila laughingly says "I see where you're going. ... I'm sensitive."

James: I left my emotions at the door. Too much on the line. Don't break down and cry.

Ali: I just cleaned off 20 boogers off the back of the toilet.

James (to Sheila): that's your partner (Adam).

Mocking talk about "soulmates" in the house. Sheila compliments James and his attitude, life, etc. Natalie walks thru and offers to have him stay in Oregon.

James asks about Sheila's ex. He is a musician who is married to one of Joan Jett's former bandmates. She says he is married, living with his wife in Jamaica and owns a hotel.
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