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Allison is tweezing Alex's eyebrows now. I guess they're all taking turns. - Melisah
8:40PM 24/02/2008

BB just gave the HGs cans of beer and a bottle of wine. NT - Melisah
8:43PM 24/02/2008

Everyone has come into the kitchen for beer! - Melisah
8:45PM 24/02/2008

FotH... - Melisah
8:50PM 24/02/2008

Natalie's chugging beer. Everyone's encouraging her. NT - Melisah
8:52PM 24/02/2008

Everyone wants Natalie to chug one more... - Melisah
8:54PM 24/02/2008

Sheila/Allison in bathroom discussing game/strategy. - Melisah
8:55PM 24/02/2008

Ryan, "Let's go get Natalie hammered." James and Ryan go back inside. - Melisah
8:59PM 24/02/2008

Nat was doing portraits with nail polish-pretty good too-then - susooz
9:07PM 24/02/2008

Josh is gonna be the host of the strip tease game NT - susooz
9:09PM 24/02/2008

Sheila trying to turn it around to guys strip & girls pay but NOOOO NT - susooz
9:11PM 24/02/2008

Whoever has the most $$ at the end gets a back massage from all the guys. NT - sunny217
9:11PM 24/02/2008

Adam brought "The Posing Pouch" ... I think it's edible underwear?? One size fits most! NT - sunny217
9:12PM 24/02/2008

Josh is putting it on over his underwear (LOL) .. claims he doesn't have enough junk to fill it up NT - sunny217
9:13PM 24/02/2008

Matt: I can't wait to see Nattie's moves as a stripper Ali: I bet Chelsia has some good moves - sunny217
9:21PM 24/02/2008

Talking about food comp...James was hungover - sunny217
9:24PM 24/02/2008

Passing out $$ for the game.. - sunny217
9:25PM 24/02/2008

Nattie and Chel are in HOH changing too..they are both dressed in black men's shirts, high black socks.. - sunny217
9:28PM 24/02/2008

Josh, I mean "Sebastian" takes his shirt off, and begins announcing - sunny217
9:35PM 24/02/2008

Chel is moving from on HG to the other.. fake sexing them all - sunny217
9:38PM 24/02/2008

Chel and Nattie kiss after the HGs chant "make out make out!" NT - sunny217
9:39PM 24/02/2008

Chel and natalie take their tops off - mcoop
9:45PM 24/02/2008

Josh just stuck a cucumber in nat's ass - mcoop
9:47PM 24/02/2008

HG's chant "take it off!!" Nattie doesn't need much encouragement.. and Chelsia follows suit - sunny217
9:48PM 24/02/2008

And now whipped creme! Nat putting it on her breasts a la Varsity Blues NT - sunny217
9:49PM 24/02/2008
James just licked it off!!!!!! ..Chel too NT - sunny217
9:50PM 24/02/2008

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