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mattie and sharon going at it again.. for a while! NT - sunny217
10:09PM 24/02/2008

Nattie trying to kiss Matt.. he's not having it NT - sunny217
10:10PM 24/02/2008

OMFG! James, is umm....yeah - mcoop
10:11PM 24/02/2008

James gets out of pool.. naked.. (ed.. he is very well endowed!! wow..) - sunny217
10:12PM 24/02/2008

Sharon and Matt go for a third time NT - EvelDickthebest
10:13PM 24/02/2008

Nattie tries to kiss Mattie again.. he says " no no no we are partners!" - sunny217
10:13PM 24/02/2008

triple kiss w/ chel nat and alex.. now triple kiss w/ adam (gross) NT - sunny217
10:14PM 24/02/2008

FINALLY! Adam gets some of the action! - mcoop
10:15PM 24/02/2008

Amanda,Alli & Sheila all disgusted - think Nat just saved herself & Matt NT - susooz
10:16PM 24/02/2008

Nat and Chel trying to get Matty to Kiss Josh. NT - mcoop
10:18PM 24/02/2008

Sharon won't make out with the girls.. Alex holds her down and they both peck her NT - sunny217
10:19PM 24/02/2008

Sharon and Alex.. Nattie and Matt.. one big make out party NT - sunny217
10:20PM 24/02/2008

Sharon long make out session with Alex NT - EvelDickthebest
10:21PM 24/02/2008

Three make outs Nat and James Chel Matt Sharon Alex still going at it NT - EvelDickthebest
10:22PM 24/02/2008

Sharon still going at it with Alex NT - EvelDickthebest
10:23PM 24/02/2008

Chel and Matt making out.. Nat: maybe they are the other couple!! - sunny217
10:24PM 24/02/2008

"The Bitches"(Amanda,Alli,Sheila) talking about how Jen will react towards Ryan - susooz
10:25PM 24/02/2008

Now Sharon and Matt back at it and Nat and Alex NT - EvelDickthebest
10:25PM 24/02/2008

Nat chasing Matt around the pool. Matt keeps telling her NO. NT - mcoop
10:25PM 24/02/2008

Nat (whining of course): Sharon is getting ALL the action.. she's getting the longest kisses NT - sunny217
10:26PM 24/02/2008

Josh: That beaver's hungry NT - teamdonatolove
10:26PM 24/02/2008

Matt they are losers everyone inside NT - EvelDickthebest
10:28PM 24/02/2008

Alli keeps saying she is in Shock!, Sheila says men think with another part - susooz
10:28PM 24/02/2008
That was Sheila not Sharon NT - WVpdles
10:30PM 24/02/2008

Ryan leaves the hot tub, Hgs discuss what jens reaction would be NT - teamdonatolove
10:30PM 24/02/2008

Alli & Amanda thinking about going out - Sheila no way- then Ryan comes in - susooz
10:31PM 24/02/2008
That was Ryan that tried to get them to come out not Josh NT - WVpdles
10:32PM 24/02/2008

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