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amanda claims she's not gassy - BellaEllaElla
2:14PM 24/02/2008

Amanda wants to talk loud with Ryan so it doesn't seem like they are scheming NT - willowtree
2:26PM 24/02/2008

Sharon told Alex to promise to keep his mouth shut and that Amanda/Alex were safe NT - willowtree
2:32PM 24/02/2008

sheila and allison talking about bb8 - Drew
2:33PM 24/02/2008

flames for a minute and then Allison and Sheila still talking game NT - Drew
2:35PM 24/02/2008

Josh just said Sheila&Adam cant win hoh if its mental or phisical, he says they're handicaped just like Sheila's son. NT - KingMac
2:41PM 24/02/2008
Joshuah, not James...Joshuah, Sharon, and Amanda were talking outside by the hottub - Drew
2:43PM 24/02/2008
Josh, not James NT - honeyb
2:42PM 24/02/2008

Josh/Sharon/Amanda in BY talking about how Josh - willowtree
2:41PM 24/02/2008

Sharon says WOW That was nice. NT - KingMac
2:41PM 24/02/2008

Josh and Sharon talking in hot tub. Sharon says Adam is stupid and they both agree Sheila is too. Josh asks if they have college degrees. - cindytexas
2:48PM 24/02/2008

Allison told Sheila that hundreds of thousands of people auditioned for Big Brother. NT - cindytexas
2:48PM 24/02/2008

Sharon and Josh in HT, Adam working out on stepping? machine and - CruiseCritic
2:48PM 24/02/2008
Alex working out not Adam. NT - WieKacie
2:49PM 24/02/2008

Natalie is working on James hair and looks like Chel has something going on in her hair - CruiseCritic
2:50PM 24/02/2008

Nat has some dye on her hands as she is working on Ryans hair - CruiseCritic
2:53PM 24/02/2008

Chels saying "watch,everyones hair will turn out bright orange" - CruiseCritic
2:55PM 24/02/2008

Ryan "how we doing" as he goes in HOH WC and checks hair - they have to - CruiseCritic
2:57PM 24/02/2008

Amanda cooking up another pot of slop and looks like Sharon is in kitchen with her NT - CruiseCritic
2:58PM 24/02/2008

James told Chel he'd get her name tattooed to his body NT - willowtree
3:00PM 24/02/2008

Around the feeds - Alli and SHeila on F1 and F2 and HOH room now on F3 and F4 - CruiseCritic
3:00PM 24/02/2008

Alli is doing her nails. Sheila asks Alli if "they" knew that and Alli says yes - CruiseCritic
3:05PM 24/02/2008

Amanda brings a bowl a slop into Sheila and she is happy. Amanda asks if she - CruiseCritic
3:08PM 24/02/2008

SHeila has let him back into her life over and over again. She loves him to death but it is - CruiseCritic
3:09PM 24/02/2008

Sheila says being in htis house and taught her one thing and she thanks BB - CruiseCritic
3:12PM 24/02/2008

Natalie promising Sharon that Matt and Natalie wont put them up next week NT - willowtree
3:12PM 24/02/2008

Natalie and SHaron are talking by a couch and Nat says why do you think Amanda - CruiseCritic
3:15PM 24/02/2008

Natalie says that she really helped her get rid of Jennifer and she was like OK - CruiseCritic
3:19PM 24/02/2008

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