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Chelsia out of HoH room, goes downstairs. Josh telling Chelsia he cut his hair and he looked like a child molester or Debbie from Dallas NT - alanis
9:47AM 24/02/2008

Allison eating cereal; Ryan goes back to the bedrooms; Alex almost done shaving his chest NT - alanis
9:48AM 24/02/2008

Sheila asking when food will be restored; Josh says it'll be restored on Thursday; says a Ricky Martin song was played when they were woken up NT - alanis
9:49AM 24/02/2008

Sheila requested Madonna to be played, says she loves her; Sharon loves Celine Dion so does Josh; Chelsia saying she loves Lindsay Lohan's "Rumours" - alanis
9:51AM 24/02/2008

Flames NT - alanis
9:52AM 24/02/2008

Feeds back, Amanda/Alex/Ryan still in bathroom; Joshuah eating cereal, Allison cleaning kitchen up NT - alanis
9:55AM 24/02/2008

Amanda says shower is freezing, all the hot water taken up. Sheila sits down with Josh drinking out of a bowl NT - alanis
9:57AM 24/02/2008

Sheila said she tought there was some alcohol in the margarita mix because she had a bit of a headache NT - alanis
9:57AM 24/02/2008

James up; says good morning to everyone, BB tells Ryan to put on mic; James eating cereal NT - alanis
9:59AM 24/02/2008

Allison telling Sheila that they are gonna find out what ingredient made her have her allergic reaction NT - alanis
9:59AM 24/02/2008

Josh changing in his room; the men are eating in the kitchen; someone says "why can't she just ***** die in her sleep" NT - alanis
10:01AM 24/02/2008

Brief flames; Josh heads to Kitchen; Alex asks what number Josh buzzed his hair with; Amanda with bikini on NT - alanis
10:05AM 24/02/2008

The girls taking about the Eagles; Allison just saw them last year in concert; Sheila says the new Nokia Theatre in LA is unbelievable NT - alanis
10:08AM 24/02/2008

Sheila says it was an amazing concert; says the Dixie Chicks were awesome, Josh called to the DR NT - alanis
10:08AM 24/02/2008

Says "Not Ready to Make Nice" was amazing; and that Natalie from the Dixie Chicks is funny NT - alanis
10:09AM 24/02/2008

All feeds on the BY now; James and Ryan are smoking, Ryan saying someones definitely together NT - alanis
10:10AM 24/02/2008

James says he saw Sheila talking to Amanda; Natalie/Matt and BB announces smoking is permitted on patio only NT - alanis
10:11AM 24/02/2008

James heads back in; and heads to HoH room; in the Hoh bath with Chelsia now NT - alanis
10:13AM 24/02/2008

James says he figured the puzzle a bit more out (not sure what he's talking about), Chelsia says "don't ***** tell anybody that" and heads off NT - alanis
10:14AM 24/02/2008

James saying that future comps are gonna be prizes, Chelsia in her bikini, James says they need to take out the trash - alanis
10:17AM 24/02/2008

James says Ryan overhead Adam talking to Matt saying one of them had to win HoH next week NT - alanis
10:18AM 24/02/2008

Chelsia says that it would be funny if Adam and Sheila got it; James says he doesn't think Matt will be here NT - alanis
10:19AM 24/02/2008

James asks if Chelsia's lip still hurts; says no. both out of HoH room and go downstairs NT - alanis
10:20AM 24/02/2008

James asks what time Ryan woke up; says 9:30, says he'd rather wake up on his own than wake up to Ricky Martin NT - alanis
10:21AM 24/02/2008

James called to the DR; Ryan heads outside; Allison/Amanda/Sheila in bathroom w/ bikinis on NT - alanis
10:22AM 24/02/2008

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