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Gets up and goes to the toilet; everyone else asleep NT - alanis
8:53AM 24/02/2008

Josh gets out and washes hands and drys them, now brushing his teeth NT - alanis
8:58AM 24/02/2008

Josh now weighing himself but doesn't say how much he weights; he now turns on the water to take a shower NT - alanis
9:02AM 24/02/2008

Josh out of shower; continue doing his ADLs; Sheila is now up and Josh tells Sheila he thinks he wants to shave all his hair NT - alanis
9:19AM 24/02/2008

Sheila and Josh up aand rest of HGs still sleeping NT - jaynixx
9:20AM 24/02/2008

Flames NT - jaynixx
9:21AM 24/02/2008

Sheila appears to be making coffee or something NT - jaynixx
9:22AM 24/02/2008

He says it looks like the WTC, but she says he should trip the top and wouldn't do the sides; - alanis
9:22AM 24/02/2008

Josh heads to the storage room then he says if he does use PoV then she and Adam will be up; Sheila says she doesn't see them winning HoH NT - alanis
9:24AM 24/02/2008

Josh says that he doesn't see himself using the PoV especially after last nights situation with Matt and Natalie fighting NT - alanis
9:25AM 24/02/2008

Adam now up NT - jaynixx
9:27AM 24/02/2008

No its just Josh sorry NT - jaynixx
9:27AM 24/02/2008

Josh in the bathroom about to cut his hair. he says "it has to be done" and puts on a towel over him. NT - alanis
9:28AM 24/02/2008

Josh preparing to buzz his hair off NT - jaynixx
9:28AM 24/02/2008

Josh is cutting his hair now and is whining a little bit NT - alanis
9:28AM 24/02/2008

Ryan now up and says good morning to Sheila NT - alanis
9:29AM 24/02/2008

Ryan appears to be up NT - jaynixx
9:29AM 24/02/2008

Sheila goes to the bathroom while Josh is buzing off his hair. Josh is pouting and Sheila says to leave some hair off the top NT - alanis
9:30AM 24/02/2008

FotH (possible wake up call?) NT - alanis
9:30AM 24/02/2008

Feeds back, Alex brushing teeth; and Josh goes to the toilet again, we see Amanda in the BR and Sheila is taking a shower NT - alanis
9:37AM 24/02/2008

Chelsia up and James is still in bed and we get flames again NT - alanis
9:38AM 24/02/2008

Everyone up; Alex shaving his chest; everyone doing their daily morning routine NT - alanis
9:41AM 24/02/2008

Allison/Sharon in kitchen; Amanda/Alex/Sheila/Ryan in bathroom NT - alanis
9:43AM 24/02/2008

Josh saying his hair was getting too long and wasn't gonna let anyone scissor cut it. NT - alanis
9:44AM 24/02/2008

Amanda tells Sheila she was in the DR late last night NT - alanis
9:46AM 24/02/2008

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