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Josh and Sharon now alone with a little whispering and they leave the room and go towards the kitchen - CruiseCritic
3:23PM 24/02/2008

Josh recapping Sheila's lie to James and Chelsia NT - willowtree
3:24PM 24/02/2008

Alli, Sheila and Amanda still in sauna room talking about addiction and - CruiseCritic
3:26PM 24/02/2008

Natalie now sitting on the couch in sauna room with the three girls and Nat is - CruiseCritic
3:28PM 24/02/2008

Girls (Alli, Amanda, Nat and Sheila) saying all they want is to be appreciated.... whether by family or BFs NT - CruiseCritic
3:28PM 24/02/2008

Amanda telling Sheila and Allison about her dad. - Jen
3:29PM 24/02/2008

F1 and F2 is Alli/Amanda/SHeila and Nat - F3 and F4 are HOH room with - CruiseCritic
3:31PM 24/02/2008

James, Chel, Sharon, and Josh talking about things missing in the house. - Jen
3:33PM 24/02/2008

Amanda talking about being pre-judged... - Jen
3:38PM 24/02/2008

F3 and F4 Amanda, Sheila, and Ali talk about forgiveness... - Jen
3:44PM 24/02/2008

All 4 feeds now on Ali, Nat, Sheila, and Amanda. - Jen
3:50PM 24/02/2008

All 4 feeds switch to the HOH room... - Jen
3:54PM 24/02/2008

Amanda called to the DR NT - Jen
3:55PM 24/02/2008
Alex called to the DR NT - Jen
3:59PM 24/02/2008

James, Chelsia, Sharon and Josh in HOH - WieKacie
4:02PM 24/02/2008

Amanda and Ali in Kitchen making food. - Jen
4:06PM 24/02/2008

Ali and Amanda laughing... - Jen
4:08PM 24/02/2008
Ryan complains that they should have woken him up earlier. NT - Jen
4:10PM 24/02/2008

Ali talking about Ryan to Sheila and Amanda. - Jen
4:21PM 24/02/2008

Josh, Sharon, James and Chelsia talking in HOH room. They're talking about HOH comp, they don't want Amanda and Alex to win. - cindytexas
4:28PM 24/02/2008

Chel and James kissing, goofing around in the HoH; Nat and Alex playing basketball game in BY. NT - Snarf123
4:36PM 24/02/2008

Josh, James, Ryan and Sharon in Kitchen making fun of Sharon's nude-colored bikini. They say it looks like she's naked. NT - Snarf123
4:41PM 24/02/2008

Nat beat Alex 3-1. They head inside to join the Kitchen crew for dinner preparations. - Snarf123
4:47PM 24/02/2008

Alex is doing 20 push-ups as punishment for making a crack at Amanda. - Snarf123
4:57PM 24/02/2008

Ryan, James, Chel, Matt, Nat, Sheila random talk in kitchen. Amanda doing hair with Josh watching. NT - Tikkanen
5:28PM 24/02/2008

Natalie and Ali horsing around while cleaning bathroom (Josh watching). Nat used to work at Hooters. Others smalltalk in kitchen eating. NT - Tikkanen
5:35PM 24/02/2008

Sheila wants Dr. Will to do her plastic surgery on Dr. 90210. James/Ryan talk badly about the makeover shows. - Tikkanen
5:45PM 24/02/2008

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