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Topic #7988849
CruiseCritic - Matt says HOH has it made next week bc they have the deciding vote..unless the vote is 0 Replies #7988849 3:58AM 25/02/2008
2-0 next week. All three guys sitting in chairs now around counter.

Talking about a battle and Adam says he has dead weight and James says it could be to your advantage.

James telling Matt that Josh hates you and he hates Amanda too. James says he hangs around with Josh but all they talk about is gay bars.

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Topic #7988854
CruiseCritic - The three guys are turned around now all staring at memory wall 0 Replies #7988854 3:59AM 25/02/2008
James talking how BB will ask if they want the money or the soulmate. thinking BB is looking for the true soulmate.

Matt saying Nat will say forget the money, I want Matt
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Topic #7988860
CruiseCritic - Talking about Hudson river and they asked James if he has it figured out and James 0 Replies #7988860 4:01AM 25/02/2008
says "figure it out it is easy" Both Adam and Matt ask him if he has it figured out and James says he thinks Alli has it figured out.

James says when he watches the screen in HOH room he wonders what the f everyone is talking about and when he cant see anyone he wonders where everyone is.

Matt tells james he would not be surprised if james isnt on the block next week.

James says he really cant trust anyone
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Topic #7988864
CruiseCritic - Talking about how many weeks are left and they figure there are only 0 Replies #7988864 4:03AM 25/02/2008
4 weeks and Matt says all the rest of the couples will decide who wins - one couple will get 50k to split and the main couple will get 500k to split.

talking about wishing for a roullette table so they could bet the $$$
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Topic #7988878
CruiseCritic - Matt says you could parlay that into alot of money and he would prob bring 50k with him and bet 0 Replies #7988878 4:05AM 25/02/2008
10k on red and then 10k on black. and give a couple of his friends like $500 each to spend.

Talking about throwing a big party. Matt says he would give his mom money and James said he would take care of his Mom.

Cant count your eggs before they are hatched and Matt says I know - I am on the block.

Matt says your fate is on ONE couple. talking how they might bring back one couple - Matt thinks it may be Parker or if Matt leaves they might bring him back,

James saying maybe a new couple will come in
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Topic #7988887
CruiseCritic - Matt saying we are all fd dont know why we all signed up for this. 0 Replies #7988887 4:07AM 25/02/2008
talking how it is 4am and his? grandma gets up at 9

Adam says he wants an orgy - all staged and he doesnt care if he gets any action, he wants to watch.

James says he has to make out with SHeila before he leaves

Adam says he is going to bed...Matt follows and asks James if he has his key

James heads upstairs.
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Topic #7988891
CruiseCritic - James going down hallway by HOH room, walking slowly - looking at table and stuff on 0 Replies #7988891 4:08AM 25/02/2008
wall outside HOH room and lays down on the couch outside HOH room
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Topic #7988895
CruiseCritic - F1 - James closeup/F2 James panned/ F3 Matt in bed with Nat and F4 cant tell NT 0 Replies #7988895 4:09AM 25/02/2008
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Topic #7988897
CruiseCritic - All quiet, James playing with his key just laying there looking around NT 0 Replies #7988897 4:10AM 25/02/2008
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Topic #7988903
CruiseCritic - James spinning key around with the rope/chain and nothing else (I am out now) NT 0 Replies #7988903 4:11AM 25/02/2008
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Topic #7988928
CruiseCritic - James now in bed in HOH room and all hamsters appear to be asleep NT 0 Replies #7988928 4:21AM 25/02/2008
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Topic #7989099
cdnhockeygoddess - James is really restless, keeps moving every few minutes. NT 0 Replies #7989099 5:25AM 25/02/2008
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Topic #7989121
cdnhockeygoddess - James up and back from WC (did not wash hands). Chelsia rolled over and said its that youand flicked him on the face NT 0 Replies #7989121 5:36AM 25/02/2008
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Topic #7990069
croatian - All still asleep NT 0 Replies #7990069 8:21AM 25/02/2008
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Topic #7990512
Blakely - Josh is up, in bathroom, weighing himself and checking himself out in the mirror NT 1 Replies #7990512 9:28AM 25/02/2008
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Blakely - now getting in the shower NT #7990519 9:29AM 25/02/2008
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Topic #7990767
bbbrat - Sheila up getting ready to take a shower. Joshua laying out in backyard NT 0 Replies #7990767 10:00AM 25/02/2008
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Topic #7990954
bbbrat - Alex up & now outside with Josh NT 0 Replies #7990954 10:20AM 25/02/2008
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Topic #7990959
NYTC7 - Sheila writing a note on a paper towel with nailpolish 0 Replies #7990959 10:20AM 25/02/2008

then we get Flames
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Topic #7990964
CruiseCritic - Josh laying in sun and Alex just went outside to join him and Josh said he is 1 Replies #7990964 10:21AM 25/02/2008
so much happier that the sun is shining. Says it has been so depressing. Sheila is up as well and her and Alex were talking in WC on what BB said when they came in the house

Be evicted as couples, nominated as couples etc. Alex running in yard and we see Sheila writing in black nailpolish HUDSON and then

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CruiseCritic - When Sheila and Alex were talking about couples, she was wondering if they meant they had to STAY as couples #7990982 10:22AM 25/02/2008
Alex says they have to sleep in same bad as the partner BB gave them
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Topic #7990965
bbbrat - Sheila writing Hudson something with nail polish on paper towel & then flames NT 0 Replies #7990965 10:21AM 25/02/2008
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Topic #7990991
NYTC7 - Feeds back, sheila back in kitchen, no sign of paper towel 0 Replies #7990991 10:23AM 25/02/2008
Amanda is up
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Topic #7991000
NYTC7 - Amanda says shes going to wake Alli up b/c she asked her to if it was nice out NT 0 Replies #7991000 10:24AM 25/02/2008
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Topic #7991002
CruiseCritic - Josh laying in sun - SHeila by coffee machine and ALex laying on the ground in BY 0 Replies #7991002 10:25AM 25/02/2008
looks like Amanda just got up and she goes outside and Josh goes
How convenient you are already in your bathing suit..

Amanda says she has to go wake Alli up bc Alli wanted to get up early if it was sunny out. She thanks Sheila for making coffee and Sheila tells her that Alex made it.

Amanda goes in room to wake Alli up - Ryan stirs and Alli is already out of bed. Sharon is getting up as well
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Topic #7991019
CruiseCritic - Amanda is in SR and Sheila is getting her coffee ready. Looks like Amanda is 0 Replies #7991019 10:27AM 25/02/2008
changing her batteries. Sheila takes her bowl o' coffee in the WC and grabs a towel.....

Amanda comes back in WC and talk about having to wear the bathing suit all day yesterday. SHeila is putting on green bikini
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Topic #7991035
CruiseCritic - Sheila says the coffee is really good. Has green top on and black bottoms and Amanda has on her 0 Replies #7991035 10:28AM 25/02/2008
pink bikini. Amanda going to get some coffee..

quiet in BY with the guys laying down. SHeila changing her bikini bottoms under her black robe
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