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Topic #7991049
CruiseCritic - Earlier Shiela told Alex she glad she was not involved in the situation last night and is sure that her son 0 Replies #7991049 10:29AM 25/02/2008
is happy this morning. Alex says we were just having fun
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Topic #7991061
CruiseCritic - SHeila going outside with her bowl o coffee and towel - Ryan goes back to bed 0 Replies #7991061 10:30AM 25/02/2008
SHeila is putting her towel on the ground nect to Alex.

Sharon is in SR changing her batteries
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Topic #7991083
CruiseCritic - Sheila lays down and opens her robe for some sun. Amanda comes outside with her 0 Replies #7991083 10:32AM 25/02/2008
bowl o coffee and is going to lay on lounger next to Josh.

Josh says his internal clock is still set on Dallas time so he is at 1130.
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Topic #7991093
CruiseCritic - Sharon and Alli in Wc and SHaron saying it was weird that they had stuff in SR with her 0 Replies #7991093 10:33AM 25/02/2008
name on it and Alli says they do that once in awhile.

Alli putting her hair up in wc and yawning
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Topic #7991114
CruiseCritic - Amanda now all organized and is on lounger with Josh. Alli says she had to go 0 Replies #7991114 10:34AM 25/02/2008
check on her medicine to make sure it was in there.

Sharon says she wakes up here and feels half-dead.

Alli says she hasnt had a good nights sleep here yet, one decent night.

sharon brushin teeth. no talking outside
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Topic #7991148
CruiseCritic - Sharon still brushing teeth and feeds on the group outside in silence 0 Replies #7991148 10:37AM 25/02/2008
Sharon has white bekin on and is heading towards the kitchen and says - Is sheila out there. Alli tells her yes.

Sharon in fridge now talking to Alli as Alli gets some cereal ready
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Topic #7991166
CruiseCritic - Alli saying she has to talk to her today about it and Sharon says let me know what YOU... 0 Replies #7991166 10:39AM 25/02/2008
and says that would probably be the better choice with the slop.

Alli takes cereal and tells Sharon she will meet her outside. Sharon says she isnt hungry right now and then screw it, I am coming.

Alli goes outside and says good morning. Sharon now in WC
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Topic #7991171
CruiseCritic - Alli puts her towel down next to Sheila. BB- Amanda pls put on your microphone NT 0 Replies #7991171 10:39AM 25/02/2008
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Topic #7991180
CruiseCritic - Josh offers to get Sharon a chair and she says she can get it herself 0 Replies #7991180 10:41AM 25/02/2008
She is rolling it over next to the lounger with Josh and Amanda.

Sheila and Alli talking about getting a good night of sleep. Sheila has taken her robe off. Talk about having to sleep in bikini and sheila said she didnt want to take it off and be nude next to Adam.

Wonders what time "they" went to bed
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Topic #7991185
CruiseCritic - Amanda putting lotion on her feet and Sheila talking about bizaare dreams in the house 0 Replies #7991185 10:42AM 25/02/2008
BB - Allison, please go to the DR

Amanda asks Alli if she could get her medicine for her too and Alli says she will try
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Topic #7991193
CruiseCritic - 2 feeds are on James and Chels in bed. Others on the BY group. 0 Replies #7991193 10:43AM 25/02/2008
noone talking at the moment
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Topic #7991220
CruiseCritic - Alli comes running out and says to Amanda that she asked for her and tells 0 Replies #7991220 10:44AM 25/02/2008
Amanda that they will call her in a minute. Amanda drinks from her bowl o coffee. noone is talking
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Topic #7991240
CruiseCritic - 6 in BY all on their backs besides Alex on stomach. Oops, sheila now turned over 0 Replies #7991240 10:46AM 25/02/2008
and nothing going on. no talk no nothing (so I am going to go away for awhile)
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Topic #7991276
NYTC7 - Matt now up, goes to look out in BY and then to WC 0 Replies #7991276 10:50AM 25/02/2008
Ryan in bathroom and Matt opens door, whoops
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Topic #7991280
IggysPINKTights - Matt now up walks in on Ryan in the potty NT 0 Replies #7991280 10:50AM 25/02/2008
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Topic #7991285
NYTC7 - Ryan/Matt brushing teeth, general chit chat about the weather NT 0 Replies #7991285 10:51AM 25/02/2008
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Topic #7991315
NYTC7 - Matt says he was up until 5 w/ baller & james 0 Replies #7991315 10:53AM 25/02/2008
talking, none of us could sleep

Ryan says those 2 will sleep all day

Matt is surprised he's up this early

Matt heard someone say sun and he didn't want to sleep the whole day away

Matt heads out to lay out, Ryan says he'll be out soon
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Topic #7991333
NYTC7 - Nat getting up, saying she wasn't hungover to Matt NT 0 Replies #7991333 10:55AM 25/02/2008
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Topic #7991344
NYTC7 - FLAMES NT 0 Replies #7991344 10:55AM 25/02/2008
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Topic #7991357
NYTC7 - Feeds back, F1 & F2 on BY and F3 and F4 WC NT 0 Replies #7991357 10:57AM 25/02/2008
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Topic #7991386
NYTC7 - Sharon & Josh whispering 0 Replies #7991386 11:00AM 25/02/2008
I can't hear what they are saying, talking about Sharons earlier convo w/ Alli?

Josh says he can trust amanda more than Alli

It's really hard to hear b/c Alli & Sheila are talking/laughing too

BB good morning hg its time to get up for the day
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Topic #7991414
NYTC7 - More sharon/josh 0 Replies #7991414 11:04AM 25/02/2008
i'm only catching bits & pieces, sorry

I heard josh and sharon say they both trust amanda (ed. lol how things change)

i'm giving up, i can't hear with the airplanes going over and the other background noise
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Topic #7991455
NYTC7 - Amanda/Matt talk in kitchen 0 Replies #7991455 11:08AM 25/02/2008
talk of last nights debauchery

talk of Alex kissing Sharon, a lot

Amanda saying he can't be overly nice to Nat or she will get the wrong impression

Chel up and downstairs
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Topic #7991480
NYTC7 - All HG in BY except Amanda, Adam & James NT 0 Replies #7991480 11:11AM 25/02/2008
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Topic #7991504
NYTC7 - BB attention hgs there are fresh batteries in the SR NT 0 Replies #7991504 11:12AM 25/02/2008
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