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Matt pulled Nat aside and told her not to spend time only with Alli - leleana
10:41PM 28/02/2008

James, Chel and Nat are in the kitchen making animal noises NT - WVpdles
10:45PM 28/02/2008

Matt Adam playing pool, talking about Alli trying to get Nat on her side NT - leleana
10:50PM 28/02/2008

James, Chel, Nat, Matt, and Adam are in kitchen eating fresh baked chocolate chip cookies NT - WVpdles
10:53PM 28/02/2008

Ryan has Ali in checkmate NT - WVpdles
10:58PM 28/02/2008
Ali - I suck, I don't play chess anymore NT - WVpdles
10:59PM 28/02/2008

Ali's in bedroom talking to Sheila, Sheila doesn't feel well. NT - WVpdles
11:06PM 28/02/2008

Ali - the quote (on the wall) bugs her, because she chimed in a half a second after Sharon. (time has gone from 2 seconds down to 1/2 second) NT - WVpdles
11:10PM 28/02/2008

Ali - I've been on the block 3 weeks now, and the reason is just ridiculous NT - WVpdles
11:12PM 28/02/2008

Josh telling Sharon that Alli dresses like mismatched Sales Rack NT - Bigjock4u9
11:17PM 28/02/2008

josh in HoH telling sharon ali is a mis matched walking sale rack. how much mascara do you need to put, why does she want it to clump like that. NT - WVpdles
11:18PM 28/02/2008
josh thinks ali's eye should be so heavy from wearing 5,000lbs of mascara. NT - WVpdles
11:19PM 28/02/2008

josh - her hair is so boring so ashie, looks like it's been in a BBQ pit. - WVpdles
11:21PM 28/02/2008

poor alison has never has fast food because of the chemicals. josh has had fast food all his life, which one is the sane individual. - WVpdles
11:23PM 28/02/2008
Josh also said, "a FETUS could beat Allison at chess" -- NT - Pig32
9:52AM 29/02/2008

josh - ali would be the absolute worse lay in the house. bet she kisses like a flounder, just lays there like a dead fish. or she's such a freak.. - WVpdles
11:26PM 28/02/2008

Josh going on tear up Ali rant in the HOH for like 10 min NT - EvelDickthebest
11:27PM 28/02/2008

josh ripping on her being the most forgiving person in here. like reaaaaallly. does she really think - WVpdles
11:27PM 28/02/2008

Sharon thinks this is the first time ali's ever had mascara, in the house. NT - WVpdles
11:28PM 28/02/2008

Adam is jerking off in bed while Sheila is laying there facing away from him NT - WVpdles
11:35PM 28/02/2008

Nat is walking around studying the house (for Veto comp) NT - BBaz
11:58PM 28/02/2008

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