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Sheila talking about how someone said that she sounds like "Leanne" (LuAnne) from King of the Hill. - BB_Addiction
11:16AM 28/02/2008

Ry, Matt, Sheila, Adam, Chels, and James talking about waiting for the food comp and wondering what kind of comp it's going to be.. NT - BB_Addiction
11:21AM 28/02/2008

Sheila talking about eating a live octopus in Japan. NT - BB_Addiction
11:22AM 28/02/2008

Adam says he hates food comps. NT - BB_Addiction
11:23AM 28/02/2008

James says he was hungover during the last food comp but was still able to hold on longer than Ryan. - BB_Addiction
11:24AM 28/02/2008

Nat telling Sharon and Josh about Matt being mean to her lately NT - BB_Addiction
11:35AM 28/02/2008

Flames on all 4 feeds NT - BB_Addiction
11:39AM 28/02/2008

F1 and 2 on Sheila and Josh in kitchen. - BB_Addiction
11:41AM 28/02/2008

Ali and Josh talking and bicering NT - EvelDickthebest
11:42AM 28/02/2008

Josh is telling allison he can't wait to send her home. J and A gettin into argument about education. NT - BB_Addiction
11:43AM 28/02/2008

Flames on feeds now NT - BB_Addiction
11:43AM 28/02/2008

Feeds back up on Alli and Josh still arguing. Alli called Josh a "crazy motherf*cker" - BB_Addiction
11:48AM 28/02/2008

ali told josh i wonder who chase is butt f*cking, he said dont worry nobody wants to do that to you, she said i dont want to get butt f*cked because - HighRollerz
11:49AM 28/02/2008

ali gets near josh and he says stay back and give me the 5ft , she said it only applies to me-the producers said you(josh) has to stay 5 ft from me NT - HighRollerz
11:50AM 28/02/2008

F1 and 2 on Alli in surf room with James and Chels - BB_Addiction
11:50AM 28/02/2008

josh is gathering hg's except for ali and ryan to go to HOH NT - HighRollerz
11:51AM 28/02/2008

All feeds on Josh getting everyone in HoH room except Ryan and Alli. - BB_Addiction
11:52AM 28/02/2008

josh and sharon asking HG's what to do to get Ali/Ryan out NT - HighRollerz
11:54AM 28/02/2008

F4 in HoH room. Everyone talking about PoV. Flames back up. NT - BB_Addiction
11:55AM 28/02/2008

ali talking bad about CBS allowing this to go on, and we get FLAMES NT - HighRollerz
11:55AM 28/02/2008

Everyone is agreed in evicting Allison and Ryan. - BB_Addiction
12:00PM 28/02/2008

Flames on feeds. Probably food comp. NT - nmbeach
12:20PM 28/02/2008

Triva comp! NT - VanWinkle
12:47PM 28/02/2008

Feeds back everyone in BY girls in green outfits boys in overalls NT - xXkrypticXx
2:11PM 28/02/2008

It was a group food comp NT - xXkrypticXx
2:11PM 28/02/2008

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