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Ali was using nail polish to put something on Josh's Key NT - HighRollerz
2:12AM 28/02/2008

Flames NT - HighRollerz
2:12AM 28/02/2008

Back from flames, Matt and Nat fighting on hammock about Nat being mistreated by Matt NT - HighRollerz
2:13AM 28/02/2008

Nat telling Matt that he ignores her and doesn't talk to her NT - HighRollerz
2:18AM 28/02/2008

Sharon said o Josh they have been runnning the house from the beginning. She has been working one side and Josh the other side of the house. NT - HighRollerz
2:20AM 28/02/2008

Matt gets in bed with Chel and James and pretends they are having a 3some for the cams...FLames! NT - HighRollerz
2:25AM 28/02/2008

DR just said "Josh please go to the diary", he said oh gosh... NT - HighRollerz
2:28AM 28/02/2008

Producer - josh to DR. josh - oh no this isn't gonna be good NT - WVpdles
2:28AM 28/02/2008

Josh back from DR, Sharon said what happened, Josh said cant talk about it but everythings fine. NT - HighRollerz
2:31AM 28/02/2008

Josh tells Sharon he has a gag order NT - kandio
2:36AM 28/02/2008

James up to bathroom, washes hands, and runs to kitchen NT - WVpdles
2:47AM 28/02/2008

All HGs asleep NT - WVpdles
4:00AM 28/02/2008

All still sound asleep NT - o0jonna0o
6:17AM 28/02/2008

All still asleep. F4 is guinea pig eating NT - mks
8:20AM 28/02/2008

At least the guinea pigs are awake on F4 NT - bcbmom
8:20AM 28/02/2008

I take that bak they were up long enough to clean themselves - bcbmom
8:23AM 28/02/2008

Flames NT - mks
9:33AM 28/02/2008

Sheila in the shower, josh and sharon trying to figure out how to get to F2 in HOH NT - chatter862
9:49AM 28/02/2008

BB - shegator2
9:50AM 28/02/2008

Sharon commenting on how different BB is this season - chatter862
9:51AM 28/02/2008

Sheila up in shower on F3-4, Josh/Sharon still in HOH, saying Mat/Nat - shegator2
9:53AM 28/02/2008
Sharon mentioned backdoor for Matt and Nat for next week if J/C win HOH, not this week. They still want A/R to go this week. NT - bluegenjutsu
10:13AM 28/02/2008

Sharon telling josh that she never was "with" alex - chatter862
9:54AM 28/02/2008

Josh says he's not going to do the ED tactic of attacking someone before comps - chatter862
9:55AM 28/02/2008
Sharon asked him if they should do that to Nat after Alli is gone and he said No, that Nat is too innocent for that kind of treatment. NT - Disneyisme
9:57AM 28/02/2008

Flames...guess its wake up time in BB house - shegator2
10:02AM 28/02/2008

Feeds back up. Nat, James, Sheila, Adam in kitchen making breakfast on F3-4 NT - BB_Addiction
10:18AM 28/02/2008

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