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Now Trivia. NT - WieKacie
5:50PM 28/02/2008

Trivia Still NT - PrincessManda
6:17PM 28/02/2008

still trivia NT - alex_davis
6:39PM 28/02/2008

Feeds back, Ali/Sheila eating NT - WVpdles
6:55PM 28/02/2008

feeds are back NT - mks
6:55PM 28/02/2008

josh/sharon in hoh. allison, matt, sheila, nat, ryan in kitchen NT - shermeli
6:58PM 28/02/2008

Matt/Nat Ali/Ryan are nommed NT - WVpdles
6:58PM 28/02/2008
Each are discussing how many weeks they've been up on the block. NT - WVpdles
6:59PM 28/02/2008

James, Matt, Adam and Chelsia in the bedroom....chelsia tells adam not to pick his nose on her bed.... - echo
7:09PM 28/02/2008

the bedroom crew are now discussing the discussing the difference between a unitard and a leotard NT - echo
7:16PM 28/02/2008

Celsia just yelled get a boner james i think NT - echo
7:16PM 28/02/2008
james changed into a tight green unitard NT - echo
7:18PM 28/02/2008

james just put on a green unitard NT - shermeli
7:17PM 28/02/2008
totally saw James' pen!s on F1 when he was putting on the unitard NT - BB_Addiction
7:21PM 28/02/2008

james said he would wear it for the rest of the show NT - echo
7:18PM 28/02/2008

james is now rubbing himself to make himself hard wearing the unitard...the others a laughin so hard NT - echo
7:20PM 28/02/2008

james now prancing himself into kitchen ...sheila and allison in there NT - echo
7:20PM 28/02/2008

Sharon pops out of the hoh room and yells to james hes crazy NT - echo
7:21PM 28/02/2008

Nat making steak for everyone for dinner NT - echo
7:22PM 28/02/2008

James laying on sheila....hardon and all...rubbin on her and shes laughin NT - echo
7:23PM 28/02/2008

Ryan says hes not gay but he cant help but look at it...sheila agrees..says its like a train wreck they cant look away.....james smilin away NT - echo
7:24PM 28/02/2008

Ryan and Allison, Nat and Matt are nominated NT - sanmor
7:26PM 28/02/2008

James and Adam now outside smoking NT - echo
7:28PM 28/02/2008

Ryan joins the boys to smoke NT - echo
7:30PM 28/02/2008

James asked Ryan if he and Alli were good now and Ryan said "yea" NT - mks
7:37PM 28/02/2008

James is called to the DR. Before he leaves, Ryan tells him he looks like a lizard in the unitard. NT - SouthernBelladonna
7:37PM 28/02/2008

nobody is on slop NT - mks
7:37PM 28/02/2008

Ryan and Adam comment that there's no slop this week. - SouthernBelladonna
7:38PM 28/02/2008

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