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Flames back up on all 4 feeds. NT - BB_Addiction
10:19AM 28/02/2008

All feeds on HG's in kitchen eating breakfast NT - BB_Addiction
10:23AM 28/02/2008

BB was adament about them not talking last night and getting up this morning when no one would get up NT - mks
10:25AM 28/02/2008

Ryan is awake and walking into the kitchen NT - BB_Addiction
10:32AM 28/02/2008

F1 and 2 on Ryan layin on the couch NT - BB_Addiction
10:33AM 28/02/2008

Allison and Nat in bathroom on F1 A is washing her face and Sheila is blowdrying her hair NT - BB_Addiction
10:36AM 28/02/2008

F1&F2- Sheila and Allison in bathroom F3&F4-Josh, Chels, Sharon in kitchen NT - BB_Addiction
10:40AM 28/02/2008

Chels and Nat saw Adam's butt while he was in the shower NT - BB_Addiction
10:42AM 28/02/2008

Sheila, Chels and Nat talking about doing nominations later. NT - BB_Addiction
10:43AM 28/02/2008

Sharon and Josh on F3 in HOH talking about Allison sucking up to everyone - BB_Addiction
10:49AM 28/02/2008

All feeds on the kitchen with Sheila, Nat & Alli talking about how mean Matt is to Nat NT - o0jonna0o
10:55AM 28/02/2008

BB-"Ryan, please come to the diary room" NT - BB_Addiction
10:56AM 28/02/2008

Sheila and Allison in kitchen talking about their lesbian plan being "so last week" NT - BB_Addiction
10:57AM 28/02/2008

Sheila and Alli are laughing in the kitchen about Ryan bringing up the lesbian story thing...Alli says - Disneyisme
10:58AM 28/02/2008

Chelsia talking about the girls doing all the dishes and laundry and they aren't doin it anymore. NT - BB_Addiction
10:58AM 28/02/2008

All feeds on Allison in Bathroom putting on makeup NT - BB_Addiction
11:00AM 28/02/2008

In the bathroom Chels asked Alli if she feels better..Alli says she is so over she is ready to go nuts, she is - Disneyisme
11:00AM 28/02/2008

Chelsia and James cuddling on bed. Chelsia told James she just got her period. NT - BB_Addiction
11:02AM 28/02/2008

Alli is now telling Adam the same thing about her comments to Josh. Alli says that Josh is an idiot psycho and there is no - Disneyisme
11:02AM 28/02/2008

Ryan just came out of the DR and Chels asked him how it went...he says it went great! - Disneyisme
11:06AM 28/02/2008

BB- "Ryan, please put on your microphone"... "Allison, please go to the diary room" NT - BB_Addiction
11:06AM 28/02/2008

All 4 feeds on Ryan, James, Chels, and Adam talking about rim jobs. NT - BB_Addiction
11:10AM 28/02/2008
Ryan says he doesn't want anyone licking his a-hole...unless the girl is a dirty wh***, then it would be okay. NT - Disneyisme
11:11AM 28/02/2008

Enter Sheila to the surf room. They are talking about Sheila and Adam making sweet love...Sheila says Adam already told her she is like his mom. NT - Disneyisme
11:12AM 28/02/2008

In the surf room Ryan says that Alli is in the DR getting her wounds cleaned before any more salt gets in them. NT - Disneyisme
11:13AM 28/02/2008

Someone told Sheila (earlier on) that she sounds like (Luann) a girl from the King of the Hill and how funny it is - Disneyisme
11:15AM 28/02/2008
Lu Ann - as in Luann Platter (famous from Luby's cafeterias)! NT - Lynzrocket
11:18AM 28/02/2008

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