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Ali's gone to the DR after another confrontation with Sharon and Josh - WVpdles
12:05AM 28/02/2008

...and we get FLAMES NT - MtDewAddict
12:08AM 28/02/2008

alli confronts sharon about bathroom incident where alli thought she heard sharon say she was bitchy - lalali
12:10AM 28/02/2008
this happened before going in to the DR and flames NT - lalali
12:11AM 28/02/2008
adam whom ryan trusts confirms sharon was telling the truth and ali did seem to be bating josh NT - WVpdles
12:11AM 28/02/2008

Ali out of dr. Ryan asks ali why she didn't do what she said she was going to told. Ali said bye don't care have a nice life. - WVpdles
12:17AM 28/02/2008
alli flipped him off....says everything she said/thought about ryan was wrong NT - lalali
12:18AM 28/02/2008
Ryan is angry and telling Chel/James & Matt about the fight they just had and - zuzu
12:29AM 28/02/2008

Chel going in to talk to Ali NT - WVpdles
12:20AM 28/02/2008

Ali called Ryan a F*in *****. She doesn't care. Ryan's retarded if she thinks she would go out there and like whatever. NT - WVpdles
12:21AM 28/02/2008

Ali telling chel ryan is her partner he better start kissing her ass or she'll throw every comp NT - WVpdles
12:23AM 28/02/2008

Chel trying to keep Ali from DOR. Ali wants BB to give josh a huge reprimand NT - WVpdles
12:27AM 28/02/2008

josh telling nat at HT about Sheila/Ali lesbian lie NT - WVpdles
12:27AM 28/02/2008

Ali said she will walk out, she won't put up with someone threatening to slit her throat and strangle her NT - WVpdles
12:29AM 28/02/2008

Chel is telling Ryan about her conversation w/A. Chel said Ali is mad at Ryan for not - zuzu
12:33AM 28/02/2008
Ryan says its BS what Ali did and said to him and he won't speak to her until she apologizes to him. Ryan - zuzu
12:35AM 28/02/2008

Chel to Ryan, it would be so selfish if Ali leaves, she signed a contract knowing what to expect. josh is not going to kill someone in this house. - WVpdles
12:34AM 28/02/2008

Ryan - Ali says she's so strong but she is breaking. Ryan told josh ali just gave him the finger. - WVpdles
12:36AM 28/02/2008

Ryan - ali has such an ego she wants to believe josh doesn't rattle her. NT - WVpdles
12:38AM 28/02/2008

Josh - it's a game, she can't threaten to sue everytime someone calls you a name NT - WVpdles
12:38AM 28/02/2008

josh said the lesbian story is coming out tomorrow to show how manipulative she can be NT - WVpdles
12:39AM 28/02/2008

Chel telling ryan the complete story, how they were married, had an adopted son. That the story built and lasted for 11 days. NT - WVpdles
12:40AM 28/02/2008
Ryan's face is complete shock. Chel said ali wanted to leave the 1st time that's why they told the story NT - WVpdles
12:40AM 28/02/2008

Ryan said Ali told him to do damage control because she lied about being a lesbian but didn't tell him about the details NT - WVpdles
12:41AM 28/02/2008

Ryan said let her leave, I don't want her as a partner NT - WVpdles
12:43AM 28/02/2008

Chel said Ali would be doing the exact same thing as josh if she had won hoh NT - WVpdles
12:45AM 28/02/2008
Ryan agrees. how can he have her back when she's f*n him in the game NT - WVpdles
12:45AM 28/02/2008

looks like a slumber party is happening in the middle(couch) bedroom. - WVpdles
12:49AM 28/02/2008

Josh is on HoH bed listening to CD playing with tv remote NT - WVpdles
12:50AM 28/02/2008
He's now dancing NT - WVpdles
12:52AM 28/02/2008

Matt moved to floor with Ryan. Girls are on one bed. Nat slapped Chels butt making it red. Chel crawled in between Adam and James - WVpdles
12:53AM 28/02/2008
James said he won't lie he has had a dream about having sex with Sheila. He offered to take her 3 rounds if she ever needs to. NT - WVpdles
12:54AM 28/02/2008

josh dancing with a stuffed toy and clapping his hands. NT - WVpdles
12:56AM 28/02/2008

Sharon heading up to HoH. Josh coming down. James is laying with his arm around Chel and kisses her neck NT - WVpdles
12:59AM 28/02/2008

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