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Brendabythebay - Matt & Ryan talking in the BY about James... 0 Replies #8077658 10:56PM 02/03/2008
Matt says he doesnt trust James, especially after what he said to him today. If he wants to call my girl schizophrenic and *****, say about my girl.

R: Does he know she is?

M: No, but if he's gonna say that about her...

Matt talks about how James' weak spot is his girl. The look on his face when they were in the pool and when Matt kissed Chels. Next time they have beer/wine guess who he's gonna make out with (Chels.) I don't wanna mess with a kid's heart but if he's gonna fk with my partner, he's fking with me.

R: I'm gonna have say ***** to him. I might say to him, I know you want Mattie outta here, we can work together. But its just purely strategic, I have your back.

M: Strategic like me and Chels (laughs)

M: I'm gonna follow her around and just talk to her.

Ryan laughs.
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Topic #8077693
Brendabythebay - More Matt & Ryan in backyard 0 Replies #8077693 10:59PM 02/03/2008
Ali just came out and yelled over to Ryan "you ok?" said something about beating her 8 times and went back inside and Ryan says "bitch" low.

Matt asked Ryan who he'd want out first, him or Josh? (Ed I think the him was James.) Ryan doesnt know.

Matt & Ryan discussing the cig factor. Ryan tells Matt he told (I think James) that he requested more cigs and he thinks he'll get them. (He doesnt really.) Matt asks how he's gonna get by without them, Ryan says doesnt know. Be on edge. The patch.

Sharon comes out and game talk ends.
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Topic #8077855
Brendabythebay - Sharon comes back from DR to BY talking to Matt and Ryan 0 Replies #8077855 11:13PM 02/03/2008
They ask about her breakup with Jacob. She tells the long story, midway Matt is called to DR and he's like No way I wanna hear this story but goes. Sharon tells how she found out jacob cheated on her multiple times *long story*.
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Topic #8077923
Brendabythebay - Matt returns from DR to BY and Sharon retells the breakup story for him. 0 Replies #8077923 11:18PM 02/03/2008
Matt interrupts her: Was she hot? (referring to the girl that Jacob was cheating on Sharon with.)

Sharon: Well,

Matt: Was she hotter than you?

Sharon: No.

Sharon continues story how she texted then called the girl, they compared notes.
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Topic #8078051
Brendabythebay - Sharon's breakup with Jacob story still going on in BY to Ryan and Matt. 0 Replies #8078051 11:29PM 02/03/2008
Inside, Ali was washing some towels and wringing out the water in the shower. Sheila came in and they talked a little about the laundry and how in season 3 they had this thing to wring out the water.
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Topic #8078169
Brendabythebay - Sharon says that Jacob got a call from BB telling him someone nominated him to be on the show. NT 0 Replies #8078169 11:38PM 02/03/2008
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Topic #8078218
Brendabythebay - Nat talking about her ex and how he gave her a promise ring and Ryan asks 0 Replies #8078218 11:42PM 02/03/2008
whats a promise ring and Matt says basically that I wont fck anyone else while you wear this and Nat says basically.

Sharon says I had like 17 promise rings from Jacob.

Now they are discussing webcams. Matt says its the best invention evah.
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Topic #8078324
Brendabythebay - Adam & james went out to BY for cig, now inside playing chess. Ryan went inside to watch. 0 Replies #8078324 11:53PM 02/03/2008
Sharon Nat and Matt still in BY. Sharon telling about the song that was her song when she went through the Breakup (I think she said it was Stranger.)
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