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Topic #8071479
Telbrook - Sheila talking to Natt outside; Natt confirms to her that M/N will but up J/C and J/S if they win HOH...Alli is talking to herself while doing laundry 0 Replies #8071479 3:10PM 02/03/2008
"Take your tarantula eye and wallflower looks and go..." keeps repeating many of the things Josh said to her in the fight 2 days ago...she seems to just be stewing while scrubbing the clothes.
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Topic #8071525
Taffy - ...2 cams on Nat and Sheila are 1 Replies #8071525 3:13PM 02/03/2008
Bashing Allison while laying in the sun in BY, saying it's too late for Allison to try to befriend them...

2 cams following Allison as she washes clothes by hand and goes out to put them in the looking at herself in the mirror saying something about "tarantula eyes" and that she's a wallflower, whether they like it or not? "that's it, that's who you are, a wallflower, take you third eye, tarnatula eyes, deal with it sister, so good! ssso good! ssso good!"...

Allison goes back to washing and mumbling..."...oh... and... and... I have no style...still the best, sister!...How could you?!...How could you?! Bring one bag of clothes for three months to wear on National Television?...I couldn't see...I couldn't see through my tarantula eyes...How could you?!...oh, no talking(singing) nooo talking...they're big boys...big boys!...Hello there tarantula eyes!..." (ed. ???)
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CruiseCritic - When she said "big boys" she was referring to Ryans boxers as she took them out of the wash bin to hang on shower door NT #8071575 3:15PM 02/03/2008
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Topic #8071671
CruiseCritic - Alli brings load of wet clothes outside and puts them in the dryer - she goes back in 0 Replies #8071671 3:19PM 02/03/2008
the house and in the WC. looking at herself in the mirror, drinking from her cup and flipping something up in the air and catching it. She is back pulling more clothes out of the wash basin and hanging them up on the shower door.

Clothes are sopping wet.

SHe says "unders" ref: to panties.

Alli talking - DO not, - everything you say, everything you do. you dont deserve to talk because you are a wallflower, tarantula, third eye and the c word. you are the c word Allison, dont you know that. third eye...(alli then laughs)
you and your third eye.

she puts more soap in the basin and is adding some towels to to it.
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Topic #8071698
CruiseCritic - Allison wringing out the clothes that were on shower door and heads back outside 0 Replies #8071698 3:20PM 02/03/2008
she adds them to the clothes in the dryer. Nat and Sheila look at her (they are on lounger together)
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Topic #8071718
CruiseCritic - Feeds not on Alli anymore :( and F1 and 2 now on Matt and Adam and the other two 0 Replies #8071718 3:21PM 02/03/2008
are on Nat and Sheila on the lounger

(I want more Alli - that was interesting)
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Topic #8071758
CruiseCritic - Sheila and Nat saying that "noone else did it - you did it" ref: to Alli 0 Replies #8071758 3:24PM 02/03/2008
Matt talking about joining Bostons sports club and prices that it costs for monthly membership fees. Adam saying he didnt go for a year and then his CC card had been charged 3K and it was too late to dispute the charges bc it was over a year.

Matt talking about Celtic cheerleaders and he met one. Sheila and Nat still talking about Alli (tired of listening to them)
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Topic #8071776
CruiseCritic - Adam heading into the house and Matt is on one of the double loungers by himself 0 Replies #8071776 3:25PM 02/03/2008
Sheila - if you are not on the block, why would you cause so much chaos?

she was referring to Allison last week when she wasnt on the block
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Topic #8071802
CruiseCritic - Alli talking in the mirror while Adam next to her cleaning his ears out. 0 Replies #8071802 3:27PM 02/03/2008
Alli says the only thing that really gets her is Sheila - she really gets to me.

Adam - tell me about it - she is the worst. Alli says she cannot wait to hang out with him on the Jersey shore.

Adam says he hates her (Sheila)

Alli - says that Sheila flipped on her and she promises that she has nothing against him (Adam)

BB- Adam please adjust your microphone
Adam- I will in a minute

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Topic #8071835
CruiseCritic - Alli hugs Adam and says she will be happy for him if he stays and she tells him to bring his 0 Replies #8071835 3:30PM 02/03/2008
laundry in and he says he will do it later. He leaves the WC and walks thru bedroom where Ryan is laying on the couch.

Matt comes in WC and Alli asks him if he needed to take a shower and he said he would wait and do it later.

Adam says he will wait since there are clothes in the dryer and then he will do his.

Alli plans to clean the whole bathroom and said when the load comes out of the dryer, the towels will be dripping and then they can wash his clothes.

feed leaves WC again and shows Matt going thru sliding glass doors to the BY
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Topic #8071852
CruiseCritic - Sheila and Nat still talking and Adam bring Nat a blanket and Sheila tells Adam she 0 Replies #8071852 3:32PM 02/03/2008
still loves him...Adam says - I hope so.

Adam tells them that he told Alli not to campaign bc she doesnt want to see his bad side. Says that Alli said she wouldnt. Says he told Alli that he doesnt want ppl yelling at her all the time.

Alli and Matt now in KT

Sheila tells Adam to just behave and not go crazy
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Topic #8071868
CruiseCritic - Adam tells them that Alli told him she hopes they go far in the game 0 Replies #8071868 3:33PM 02/03/2008
and Sheila says "that was nice of her"
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Topic #8071885
CruiseCritic - Natalie tells SHeila that they have nothing to worry about and Sheila says she knows that 0 Replies #8071885 3:34PM 02/03/2008
she and Matt are solid. Nat talking how Chels put her and Mattie up on the block.

Matt playing pool
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Topic #8071898
CruiseCritic - Adam with towel wrapped around his waist and tells Sheila no worries when she tells him 0 Replies #8071898 3:35PM 02/03/2008
thank you soul- mate. (ref to what he said to Alli about not campaigning)

James and Chels are in hammock together
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Topic #8071913
CruiseCritic - BB- James please do not obstruct your microphone. He and Chels are talking 0 Replies #8071913 3:37PM 02/03/2008
on two feeds and Nat and Sheila on the other two.

You can hear Matt in background
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Topic #8071928
CruiseCritic - Chels and James huddled under blanket on hammock, not saying too much right now 0 Replies #8071928 3:39PM 02/03/2008
Chels - how much is beer in Sarasota - bud domestic

James says around $2 bucks

Chels asking prices of imports/micro etc. James said they are the same around $3. Said it is different out here - better.
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Topic #8071953
CruiseCritic - Chels asking shot prices and Sheila and Nat still talking about the game and hear them mention Amanda 0 Replies #8071953 3:41PM 02/03/2008
Talking how if Jen/parker were still there - they would be in F4.

F1 and F2 on James/Chels and F3 and F4 on Sheila and Nat.

Sheila tells Nat she knows the game better than any of them....

(someone take over for a bit, Please)
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Topic #8071983
Telbrook - James and Chelsia making fun of Nat's abortions. NT 0 Replies #8071983 3:44PM 02/03/2008
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Topic #8072022
Melisah - James and Chelsia don't think they're getting much air time 0 Replies #8072022 3:46PM 02/03/2008
because they're not as weird/dramatic as the other guests. (They're getting airtime, but the cameras always cut away to something boring just when J/C get interesting. It's a mystery!)
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Topic #8072107
Shannon72 - Nat told Sheila that if James/Chelsia vote for A/R to stay in house then they will have a target on 0 Replies #8072107 3:53PM 02/03/2008
their backs. Natt knows she and Matt are voting for A/R to leave so if the vote is 1-1 then the house will know J/C was the other vote.

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Topic #8072122
Melisah - Matt/Adam chatting, Sheila/Natalie chatting, James/Chelsia chatting. 0 Replies #8072122 3:54PM 02/03/2008
Matt/Adam talking about how the votes are going to fall.

Sheila/Natalie talking about drama and doctors and personal issues and possible alliances. It's hard to hear, they're talking quietly.

James/Chelsia talking about someone Chelsia knows.

Matt doesn't think they've seen the end of Jen/Parker.

Cams 1 & 2 on Matt/Adam, 3 & 4 of Sheila/Natalie now.
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Topic #8072130
Melisah - Now Matt thinks it's going to Alex/Amanda who come back. 0 Replies #8072130 3:55PM 02/03/2008
Adam agrees because they don't need Parker antagonizing the cameras.
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Topic #8072134
Shannon72 - Sheila talking about her yeast infection issues saying that her gyno told her 0 Replies #8072134 3:55PM 02/03/2008
that when women get older they are more prone to getting them. She was telling Nat that Alli tried to make it seem as if it was something else (STD). Sheila upset most over the fact that the guys know she had a yeast infection because they don't really understand why women get them. (ed. Sheila alluding to guys thinking she doesn't keep herself clean down there)

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Topic #8072144
Melisah - It sounds like the vote is going to fall 2:0, Allison/Ryan go home. 0 Replies #8072144 3:56PM 02/03/2008
If Natalie's telling the truth that she and Matt are voting to evict to A/R and J/C are with J/S and want A/R gone too, then it's 2:0.
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Topic #8072224
Shannon72 - Sheila giving love advice to Nat 0 Replies #8072224 4:03PM 02/03/2008
Sheila giving Nat advice on how to attract Matt. That Sheila says Matt was raised by a single mother so that means she doted on him so he's looking for a woman that is more reserved. Sheila telling Nat she should tone it down a bit. Sheila telling Nat that Matt probably has some anger issues too because he didn't have a dad or siblings around. Sheila telling Nat to step into Matt's shoes and see it from his point of view.

Sheila said the more you don't bug Matt then the more he'll come toward you. Sheila telling Nat just to do her own thing and Matt will come around.
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Topic #8072294
Shannon72 - Adam told Matt that he was one of the business men behind the show The Apprentice 0 Replies #8072294 4:08PM 02/03/2008
and how he was part of the creative team that designed all the challenges such as the lemonade stand challenge.

Then we get flames.
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