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Back from flames...james no longer in HT NT - JimAndJanet
9:12PM 04/03/2008

James back..josh showing his snap "crucifiction" thingie NT - JimAndJanet
9:12PM 04/03/2008

Chelsia teasing James ..telling him not to pee in the HT and he says "you are like my mother" NT - JimAndJanet
9:13PM 04/03/2008

She Bot and Alli still talking on other feed..sorry can't stand to listen to them too long NT - JimAndJanet
9:14PM 04/03/2008

Sheila selling alli on idea that when they go outside there will be a virus that is "death " part - raindrop110475
9:16PM 04/03/2008

Josh talking about his Boyfriend chase loving Buffalo Wild Wings and that he (josh) sent him flowers for Valentines NT - JimAndJanet
9:16PM 04/03/2008

Sheila just told Ali her theory. When the siren sounds everyone goes outside and be separated by a virus, that's the death part. There's 8 weeks - WVpdles
9:17PM 04/03/2008
Sheila - When they go outside for the siren there will be something that tears the couples apart and they will play as singles NT - WVpdles
9:20PM 04/03/2008

Now to Nat/Matt and Baller in spa room NT - JimAndJanet
9:18PM 04/03/2008

flames....... NT - DanaRose
9:19PM 04/03/2008

Nat whispering in her high tone voice..cant make it out..but Matt has his back to her and play punches baller and ignores Nat NT - JimAndJanet
9:20PM 04/03/2008

looks like nat is writing with nail polish on paper towels..studying? NT - JimAndJanet
9:21PM 04/03/2008

Nat sharing with baller the counts of the logs on the wall NT - JimAndJanet
9:22PM 04/03/2008

back from flames, Ali's telling ryan and matt that she told Amanda she wasn't keeping - WVpdles
9:22PM 04/03/2008

Nat sharing more numbers with baller with her eyes buldging in excitement NT - JimAndJanet
9:23PM 04/03/2008

Nat talking to baller more...saying God is all around her..she feels it strong NT - JimAndJanet
9:24PM 04/03/2008

Nat is definately writing in nail polish..a "cheat sheet" that she is saying is hers and ballers - JimAndJanet
9:25PM 04/03/2008

Now Alli talking to Matt...not happy that they wont tell her how - DanaRose
9:28PM 04/03/2008

Ali wants Matt to announce tonight who he's voting for. Matt said let's have a sit down talk. - WVpdles
9:28PM 04/03/2008

Alli, SHe bot, adam , matt and ryan in KT and Alli STILL talking about wanting to know who is voting for who NT - JimAndJanet
9:29PM 04/03/2008

Alli still pumping, Saying everyone wants to know, Sheila says she wants to know tomorrow, Ryan says - DanaRose
9:30PM 04/03/2008

Alli calling james out that he said that he wants to know which way m/n is voting so that they can go with the house and make it 2-0... - JimAndJanet
9:32PM 04/03/2008

matt telling alli to relax and stop pushing the issues NT - JimAndJanet
9:33PM 04/03/2008

Matt saying he doesnt care how J/c vote..because he is going to get them out next week NT - JimAndJanet
9:33PM 04/03/2008

Now ev one saying that they dont want to know..including ryan..and they are all ganging up on alli..and she is getting pissed...ryan has the voice of - JimAndJanet
9:35PM 04/03/2008

everyone tired of allison talking about wanting to know if she is leaving - lalali
9:36PM 04/03/2008

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