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Josh and Sharon in HOH NT - JimAndJanet
10:32PM 04/03/2008

Nat and Baller...nat..reciting her numbers again (wow)..Nat to DR with MATT...she says "oh that's wierd" and then continues - JimAndJanet
10:33PM 04/03/2008

James/Chels up in hoh with J/S..talking about that BB took the remote out of HOH and tv is off NT - JimAndJanet
10:35PM 04/03/2008

Josh talking about loosing it due to what J/C was told in DR...i missed what they said ..but ev one going to DR in pairs - JimAndJanet
10:38PM 04/03/2008

Josh is freaking out in the HoH - folieadeux8381
10:39PM 04/03/2008

In HOH the two couples know that nat has been drawing clues on paper and Josh will - JimAndJanet
10:40PM 04/03/2008

Josh VERY animated NT - JimAndJanet
10:41PM 04/03/2008

Theorys abound....josh "maybe it is to fight for a vaccine that keeps you from being evicted for the rest of the season" and the - JimAndJanet
10:42PM 04/03/2008

Nat to DR and HOH crowd cheering that she is going to get a penalty nom for the writing on the paper NT - JimAndJanet
10:43PM 04/03/2008

BB "hg, you are not to talk about your DR sessions with other HG's" NT - JimAndJanet
10:47PM 04/03/2008

josh says he is going to be up all night and they tell him that he needs his beauty rest and her - JimAndJanet
10:48PM 04/03/2008

chels and james gone from hoh...and sharon says "they know something" talking about C/J NT - JimAndJanet
10:49PM 04/03/2008

Josh is so paranoid that only the two couples will be called in to the DR tonight. Sharon - Disneyisme
10:57PM 04/03/2008

Josh says to Sharon "Can you even imagine of she stays somehow and ends up being the one to vote me out next week?!" - Disneyisme
10:58PM 04/03/2008

Sheila talking about working out....chit chat NT - JimAndJanet
11:00PM 04/03/2008

Sharon want Josh to chill and go to bed. He is having a fit! He says - Disneyisme
11:00PM 04/03/2008

Sharon tells Josh she is ready, she is wearing her military hear, she will not get kicked out of the house - Disneyisme
11:03PM 04/03/2008

all 4 guys at chess table...josh still pacing in HOH NT - JimAndJanet
11:05PM 04/03/2008

Josh says he is really becoming paranoid. He says he can not sleep, that he needs to check the whole perimeter to see - Disneyisme
11:05PM 04/03/2008

Josh is calling out to Mission control in LA saying "we definetly have a problem, we defintely have some issues here..." NT - Disneyisme
11:06PM 04/03/2008

Nat still in DR? maybe... (dont see her) NT - JimAndJanet
11:06PM 04/03/2008

Sheila was talking about socks and not bringing enough in front of Alli, and Chel said - folieadeux8381
11:07PM 04/03/2008

Sheila to DR..nat must be out NT - JimAndJanet
11:07PM 04/03/2008
Nat in sauna for awhile now NT - kitkat07
11:09PM 04/03/2008

Josh is saying he will look like s*** tomorrow in front of Julie because he will have - Disneyisme
11:08PM 04/03/2008

alli swears on her life that matt and nat are voting for her to stay NT - JimAndJanet
11:10PM 04/03/2008

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