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flames, (prob another wake up call) NT - DanaRose
9:30AM 04/03/2008

Matt and Nat up, J/C stirring and Adam hasnt moved!... NT - DanaRose
9:33AM 04/03/2008

Chelsia is up and talking to Ali - Timot
9:34AM 04/03/2008

Chels changing batteries in SR, then goes to bathroom, Alli finally... - DanaRose
9:34AM 04/03/2008

Matt hugging Chelsia from behind in bathroom... - DanaRose
9:38AM 04/03/2008

Nat up now in KT with big black bobby socks (?????) - DanaRose
9:39AM 04/03/2008

Matt, sheila and Alli laying out in BY, Ryan snoring in hammock, BB says - DanaRose
9:43AM 04/03/2008

Sharon telling Josh shes trying to figure out every "single-ass" scenario... - DanaRose
9:52AM 04/03/2008

Chelsia joins crew in BY, all still laying out in silence NT - DanaRose
9:53AM 04/03/2008

Josh and Sharon in HOH, Josh in shower, Sharon now goes to get batteries NT - DanaRose
9:54AM 04/03/2008

Sharon looks at crew in BY and does the usual pit stop at the guinea pig cage, - DanaRose
9:59AM 04/03/2008

Sharon says Guinea Pigs hear her cutting fruit and theyre freaking out, now Nat is - DanaRose
10:03AM 04/03/2008

Outside crew of Ryan, Matt, Chelsia, Sheila and Alli must be asleep, still no talking NT - DanaRose
10:04AM 04/03/2008

Adam is up says good morning to Sharon and to bathroom NT - DanaRose
10:05AM 04/03/2008

James just went out to BY, just lays down with 'crew' ALL still in silence, (tense? or asleep?) NT - DanaRose
10:06AM 04/03/2008
*Natalie is there too NT - DanaRose
10:07AM 04/03/2008

Sharon just said to Josh, the hot chick just had to wake up the boys (adam n james) cuz theres stuff to do today. BB: change batteries HGS) NT - DanaRose
10:09AM 04/03/2008
(sounded like hot chick was on bb staff) NT - DanaRose
10:24AM 04/03/2008

Matt/Natslie called to DR NT - DanaRose
10:10AM 04/03/2008

Sahron and josh scramble to get ready, all HGs are surprised theyre - DanaRose
10:14AM 04/03/2008

Josh goes to BY, stsnds by crew and says Lively crew out here and goes back inside. Goes to fridge. NT - DanaRose
10:23AM 04/03/2008

Josh and Natalie talking about votes... - DanaRose
10:32AM 04/03/2008

Josh to BY, joins Chelsia, Alli Sheila Ryan and Adam, BB:James Chelsia plz go to DR NT - DanaRose
10:39AM 04/03/2008

Matt and Nat in bathroom, - DanaRose
10:43AM 04/03/2008

Nat to BY, says hi everybody, hi 8-Baller ,you have risen . Adam says hi and - DanaRose
10:47AM 04/03/2008

Ryan, Adam and Matt in KT... - DanaRose
10:52AM 04/03/2008

Chelsia in KT now, makes comment about Ryan eating pina colada yogurt, - DanaRose
10:57AM 04/03/2008

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