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alli finally walks away after matt appoligizes that he talks loud....alli goes to she bot NT - JimAndJanet
9:36PM 04/03/2008

Matt and Alli really yelling at each other... - DanaRose
9:37PM 04/03/2008
In the argument, Matt also said to Alli: youre digging your own grave right now i hope you know that NT - DanaRose
9:40PM 04/03/2008

Alli to the shower....josh inside and asking matt why he was so quiet today - JimAndJanet
9:38PM 04/03/2008

nat saying that she drew "little pictures" and that noone can see em..and they mock her about her counting things and making - JimAndJanet
9:44PM 04/03/2008

Alli telling chel that matt told her chel was talkign smack on her ( not true) - raindrop110475
9:44PM 04/03/2008
He did tell alli that chels was talking smack about her clothes after helping her pick them out NT - JimAndJanet
9:48PM 04/03/2008

Sheila and alli tlakign about how wierd it is that j?c and M/N are acting like big deal to tell them who they are voting for - raindrop110475
9:46PM 04/03/2008

James in BR asking Sheila and Alli if they are stressing and if they want to know tonight.. - JimAndJanet
9:51PM 04/03/2008

James says "matt already told you (alli) didnt he?" And alli turns on water to finish with her teeth and doesnt really answer..sheila says "did he ?" - JimAndJanet
9:53PM 04/03/2008

Shebot and Alli man bashing NT - JimAndJanet
9:54PM 04/03/2008

james being the supportive friend to baller with baller complaining about shebot NT - JimAndJanet
9:58PM 04/03/2008

James saying his whole family has been in jail including him and ev one has tats NT - JimAndJanet
10:01PM 04/03/2008

chels starts to talk about her roomate and a story and then flames NT - JimAndJanet
10:02PM 04/03/2008

pizza served by ryan....talking and eating around round table in kitchen NT - JimAndJanet
10:04PM 04/03/2008

sheila and alli chatting in bathroom couch thingie...not listening to them...(sorry can't handle it) NT - JimAndJanet
10:06PM 04/03/2008

HG talking crap about amanda..mocking her "herpes type one" comments and chels says that - JimAndJanet
10:09PM 04/03/2008

Nat non-existant for about a hour now....last seen in the spa room studying her pictures on the paper towel NT - JimAndJanet
10:10PM 04/03/2008

Josh mentions watching porn and being high on drugs which makes it better. NT - JimAndJanet
10:11PM 04/03/2008

Intense sex talk in the kitchen while eating. Matt asks josh when the first time he had sex with a man and he says 18 (or 16) sorry lol NT - JimAndJanet
10:13PM 04/03/2008

Matt says his first was at 18 NT - JimAndJanet
10:13PM 04/03/2008

Ryan talking to Adam saying how his partner is running around annoying everyone NT - JimAndJanet
10:17PM 04/03/2008

Sheila and alli STILL talking in the bathroom...over 45 min now NT - JimAndJanet
10:18PM 04/03/2008

James and Chelsia to DR..together..called in my BB and Baller and Ryan say..they have never heard them call a couple together before NT - JimAndJanet
10:19PM 04/03/2008

Matt and Ryan off to play chess NT - JimAndJanet
10:21PM 04/03/2008

Adam talking about starting an accessory line after getting out of BB..he was involved with production of shows in the past NT - JimAndJanet
10:23PM 04/03/2008

adam saying he wants to donate to after school program with the winnings and start an accessory company too NT - JimAndJanet
10:25PM 04/03/2008

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