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Ryan beats Allison AGAIN! 10-1 now. NT - Snarf123
4:20PM 04/03/2008

Josh in hot-tub with Adam standing by visiting. Josh telling Adam not to - cjo
4:25PM 04/03/2008

James & Chel laying in hammock with Allison. Allison says she should - cjo
4:28PM 04/03/2008

Ryan goes to take a nap. Chels, James and Alli chatting by hammock. - Snarf123
4:28PM 04/03/2008

sharon in HT with josh tellign him to stop his goign off on people till after POV is played cause if ALLI won POV this week they were scr+wed - raindrop110475
4:42PM 04/03/2008

james josh and sharon making fun of chels cause she can drive stick shift NT - raindrop110475
4:43PM 04/03/2008

on other feeds nat is reading bidble to Adam and thinks there are hidden messages in biible for BB is all about the numbers she has counted and those - raindrop110475
4:45PM 04/03/2008

Indoor lockdown NT - DanaRose
4:56PM 04/03/2008

Alli telling ryan at this point she can gaurentee that J/C are not gonna vote for them ryan says no not lookign good but he is gonna tlak to them - raindrop110475
4:56PM 04/03/2008

adam askss alli fi she is gonna play chess with ryan again she says no and adam says never and she says no cause we are gettign evicted NT - raindrop110475
4:58PM 04/03/2008

Josh going in sauna, Alli, Chelsia and James in KT Ryan and Adam come inside and go to BRs. James joins - DanaRose
4:59PM 04/03/2008

Josh and James plot to take Natalies bible and hide it...(more) - DanaRose
5:11PM 04/03/2008

Camera doing extremely slow pan (and close-up) of Josh laying in underwear from toe to head. NT - BrownCoat
5:27PM 04/03/2008

Josh/Sharon can't find remote in HOH. Alli, Sheila, Chelsia downstairs chit-chatting about travel (Alli talking). NT - BrownCoat
5:30PM 04/03/2008
Downstairs in kitchen. NT - BrownCoat
5:31PM 04/03/2008

Inside Lockdown over NT - izabbfan
5:33PM 04/03/2008

Josh/Sharon in HOH discussing how Matt is surprised how smart James is. Sharon says - BrownCoat
5:34PM 04/03/2008

Josh/Sharon now napping in HOH. My feeds are down - so I'm out. NT - BrownCoat
5:47PM 04/03/2008

Chels and Sheila are trying on outfits for tomorrow and ALLI is trying to give her opinion! (lol) NT - DanaRose
5:55PM 04/03/2008

Matt studying wall of fame NT - DanaRose
5:56PM 04/03/2008

Matt in KT - just finished eating (alone) Chel & Sheila trying on black dresses, Ali oozing compliments etc. NT - catgurl
5:56PM 04/03/2008

Matt snooping in the ST cupboards and fridge, Ali has her suitcase out, sorta packing while J&C watch NT - catgurl
5:59PM 04/03/2008

Sheila's now packing her clothes F1. Matt is folding his on F2. Chel is helping Ali pack her suitcase on F3/4 NT - WVpdles
6:17PM 04/03/2008
F2 changed to Adam asleep in bed NT - WVpdles
6:17PM 04/03/2008

On the feed are - pooh5983
6:25PM 04/03/2008

Ali to Chel while packing. This siren thing has to have something to do with the nominees, why else would they bring it up when we were still here. - WVpdles
6:43PM 04/03/2008
Ali - I just know from a viewers stand point, they want drama. If Ryan and I leave the only couples that would be remotely - WVpdles
6:47PM 04/03/2008

Outside Matt and Ryan are making run of Nat thinking there's 27 letters in the alphabet (X, Y AND, Z). And only seeing 3 colors when there's 4 on the - WVpdles
6:44PM 04/03/2008

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