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Josh sharon are up and getting dressed in hoh all others slow to get out of bed NT - crazybiotch42069
8:39AM 04/03/2008

ryan up and going into kitchen.....josh brushing his teeth NT - crazybiotch42069
8:40AM 04/03/2008

Sharon laughing about the sound of music song...and then going to hanna montanna flames again NT - crazybiotch42069
8:41AM 04/03/2008

ryan heading back to lay down...alison sort od awake but still in bed bb houseguests get up for the day NT - crazybiotch42069
8:42AM 04/03/2008

Josh:exuberant about saying goodbys today"goodby Allison!" NT - JJDaisy
8:43AM 04/03/2008

sheila in kit.....j/chel in bed still, adam mia josh and sharon talking in hoh room NT - crazybiotch42069
8:43AM 04/03/2008

Josh says he loves that bb played hannah montana for him NT - DanaRose
8:45AM 04/03/2008

j/sh giggly about mat and nats babies and what they would look like...very silly this morning.....sheila making coffee josh going downstairs NT - crazybiotch42069
8:45AM 04/03/2008

josh "hello world Helllllo la....heading in the back yard in his undies saying its going to be a glorious day NT - crazybiotch42069
8:46AM 04/03/2008

Josh in backyard yelling"hello world! As reinging HOH, I proclaim today Josh and Sharon Day" NT - JJDaisy
8:47AM 04/03/2008

Josh ealking around BY in undies and flip flops saying - DanaRose
8:47AM 04/03/2008

josh in kitchen making drink, shelia in bathroom, all others still trying ot sleep and in lights must remain on during the day NT - crazybiotch42069
8:47AM 04/03/2008

shelia in shower, Josh not on cam...j/chel still in bed and haven't moved lol NT - crazybiotch42069
8:48AM 04/03/2008

bb again telling houseguests to get up for the day, shelia showering josh off cam sleeping j/chel on other cam along with r/ali NT - crazybiotch42069
8:52AM 04/03/2008

ryan getting batteries from storage room NT - crazybiotch42069
8:53AM 04/03/2008

sharon still in hoh bed, awake , ryan in by josh getting dressed picking out his GODDBY outfit lol NT - crazybiotch42069
8:54AM 04/03/2008

Ryan napping on hammock - Timot
8:55AM 04/03/2008

ryan laying in hammock, ryan saying give me and my partner a b***job maybe we'll defend you all giggles from sharon NT - crazybiotch42069
8:55AM 04/03/2008
*Josh said the stuff about BJ not Ryan NT - DanaRose
8:57AM 04/03/2008

Josh practicing his goodbye message to Alli - DanaRose
8:56AM 04/03/2008

Josh told Sharon that Matt might try to touch her breast - mansbridge
8:57AM 04/03/2008

Josh walking down spiral stairs waving like a beauty queen to no one - DanaRose
8:59AM 04/03/2008

Josh heading back downstairs and out side to workout NT - JJDaisy
8:59AM 04/03/2008

Sheila out of the shower getting dressed in swimsuit, Allison fixing hair in mirror NT - JJDaisy
9:00AM 04/03/2008

Sheila laying out in BY, Josh on elliptical, Ryan in hammock and J/C still in bed - DanaRose
9:10AM 04/03/2008

Looks like M/N and Adam are still in bed too NT - DanaRose
9:22AM 04/03/2008

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