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Chel got up and is sitting backwards on a kitchen chair in front of the memory wall. NT - WVpdles
1:04AM 06/03/2008

James wakes up and realizes Chel isn't in bed, so he puts on his pants and goes sits with her NT - WVpdles
1:17AM 06/03/2008
James asks her who she wants to see go 1st, Chel - Adam or matt strategically NT - WVpdles
1:21AM 06/03/2008

James/Chel discuss who's possibly going to be nommed tomorrow. - WVpdles
1:49AM 06/03/2008

All 4 feeds on sleeping HGs NT - weebles
1:59AM 06/03/2008

All Houseguests still asleep. NT - JLPrinzess
7:17AM 06/03/2008

All feeds on sleeping houseguests and somebody is sawing logs. NT - nmbeach
8:02AM 06/03/2008
Ryan - BelleAEngBull
8:07AM 06/03/2008

Ryan is sawing logs... NT - artqueen5
8:05AM 06/03/2008

8:36AM 06/03/2008

Feeds back, Matt/Josh brushing teeth, Ryan is awake in HOH NT - NYTC7
8:42AM 06/03/2008

Nat now coming into WC NT - NYTC7
8:42AM 06/03/2008

Sheila up and in WC NT - NYTC7
8:43AM 06/03/2008

Josh told to put on mic NT - NYTC7
8:43AM 06/03/2008

Ryan putting his clothes away in the drawers in HOH NT - NYTC7
8:44AM 06/03/2008

Sheila talking to Nat, she needs to say a prayer she doesn't end up on slop - NYTC7
8:44AM 06/03/2008

Ryan is taking his bag of laundry downstairs NT - NYTC7
8:45AM 06/03/2008

Ryan telling Josh he used the hidden spot in the shower, to, ummm, you know.... NT - NYTC7
8:46AM 06/03/2008

Sheila telling Josh in WC that she thinks J/C will be put up, and then we get flames NT - NYTC7
8:47AM 06/03/2008

Sheila says that not telling everyone how they were voting (J/C) was f-ed up, and Josh will understand when he ends up on the block NT - NYTC7
8:48AM 06/03/2008

SHeila saying she got good sleep! NT - NYTC7
8:48AM 06/03/2008

Sheila in KT making coffee, on Fd 1 & 2, on Fd 3 & 4, Sharon, J/C still in bed NT - NYTC7
8:49AM 06/03/2008

BB - good morning HGs it's time to get up for the day NT - NYTC7
8:51AM 06/03/2008

Josh is debating taking a shower because there is food comp today - NYTC7
8:53AM 06/03/2008

Adam and matt making fun of Nat's singing this morning NT - NYTC7
8:55AM 06/03/2008

Apparently Josh was snoring last night and Chelsia couldn't sleep NT - NYTC7
8:56AM 06/03/2008

Adam was scissor kicking in the bed last night because he had the bed to himself - NYTC7
8:59AM 06/03/2008

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