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Ryan/Matt/Chelsia/James/Adam talking about Natalie. - crateriko
10:16PM 06/03/2008

Natalie to Josh and Sheila: "If I win HOH, I'm putting his (Matty's) ass on the block. He treats me like crap." NT - crateriko
10:18PM 06/03/2008

Sheila/Natalie/Sharon keep bashing Matt. Sheila warns of the guys' alliance (Matt, Adam, Ryan, James) pushing the girls out. NT - Tikkanen
10:24PM 06/03/2008

Sheila tells Natalie she'll put her in HER (Sheila's) movie - Photobug
10:25PM 06/03/2008

Josh proposes approaching Ryan to backdoor Matt in exchange for 2 weeks of safety. Natalie warns that Ryan/Matt are close and won't go for it.. NT - Tikkanen
10:32PM 06/03/2008

Sheila/Sharon keep consoling Natalie on the guys raining on her parade (dreaming of being an actress) and bash Matt. NT - Tikkanen
10:38PM 06/03/2008

Outside Lockdown Over. POV Practice on large size Pool Table NT - admiral
10:40PM 06/03/2008

Lockdown over. Giant pool table thingy set up in backyard. HG advised by BB voice (Michael) to practice it. HG suspect this will be used in POV. NT - Tikkanen
10:40PM 06/03/2008

Josh again proposes approaching Ryan to backdoor Matt in exchange for 2wks of safety. Natalie wants Chelsia out. NT - Tikkanen
10:45PM 06/03/2008

Sharon thinks POV might be tonight since BB-Michael (overhead voice) is here. She says he usually only talks to them during the live show. NT - Tikkanen
10:47PM 06/03/2008
Mike-O, not Michael. NT - excellence482
10:58PM 06/03/2008

Matt/Adam/Ryan/James/Chelsia practice while Sharon watches. Natalie/Josh/Sheila remain inside. NT - Tikkanen
10:53PM 06/03/2008

Shelia tellsJosh not to say anything to Nat. She is totally inlove with Matt, and right now she is in a love hate thing. NT - Jolt10
10:54PM 06/03/2008

Josh approaches Nat. She is really mad with Matt right now. She is "seriously pissed" with Matt right now. NT - Jolt10
10:56PM 06/03/2008

Sheila/Josh bash Matt and Adam. Matt promised all the girls "He has their back". They think Adam was cast because he's crazy. NT - Tikkanen
10:58PM 06/03/2008

Chelsia and Adam seem to be the best at the oversized pool table. NT - excellence482
10:58PM 06/03/2008

Shelia tellsJosh how Matty told her he thought he was going up...she knew it was BS,.....and then he told Shelia after - Jolt10
11:00PM 06/03/2008

Flames! NT - admiral
11:01PM 06/03/2008

Shelia: Matty loves Matty. Josh would be ok if Chelsia left this week. NT - Jolt10
11:01PM 06/03/2008

Shelia warns Josh again not to tell Nat to much....and that she inlove with Matty. NT - Jolt10
11:03PM 06/03/2008

Shelia: Matty has told every girl in this house, that he has her back (to Josh) Flames NT - Jolt10
11:03PM 06/03/2008

Nat says to Sh/Jo that Matt is being very ugly to her right now. She might think he is cute, but she won't be treated this way NT - Jolt10
11:05PM 06/03/2008

Shelia plans to tell Nat everything Matt has been saying about her behind her back. NT - Jolt10
11:06PM 06/03/2008
Sheila not Shelia....sorry....spelling NT - Jolt10
11:08PM 06/03/2008

Josh tells She and Shar that the reason that Matt made the vote 2-o for Ali to go was so that Josh wouldn't get the - Jolt10
11:11PM 06/03/2008

Josh,Sheila and Sharon discuss how manipulative Matt has been...and that he needs to go. NT - Jolt10
11:13PM 06/03/2008

Ryan enters the convo...between the kitchen crew....and it changes to the pool table comp. Sheila is called to DR NT - Jolt10
11:14PM 06/03/2008

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