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ryan, what time are noms? - NYTC7
12:46PM 06/03/2008

Ryan says i dont have a great reason to give for either one at this point - NYTC7
12:50PM 06/03/2008

Matt tells his plan of hitting on chelsia, james said go ahead, that would have burned nat - NYTC7
12:56PM 06/03/2008

James talks Ryan into putting up Chelsia - Timot
12:57PM 06/03/2008

M,J,A, HOH...talking noms. J saying he likes C...Matt saying not like me & Nat - kandio
12:59PM 06/03/2008

James asks R what his excuse for putting sharon up - NYTC7
12:59PM 06/03/2008

Boys leaving HOH NT - NYTC7
1:01PM 06/03/2008

Ryan, James, Matt, Chelsia on LR couch, talking slop NT - NYTC7
1:05PM 06/03/2008

James and Adam playing chess now, Chels and Ryan watching NT - DanaRose
1:08PM 06/03/2008

Feeds switch to Josh/Sharon, looks like Josh is going to sleep, sharon goes in to boat room to talk to sheila - NYTC7
1:15PM 06/03/2008

Ryan telling chelsia she's going up as a pawn - NYTC7
1:20PM 06/03/2008

Ryan, is that okay? - NYTC7
1:23PM 06/03/2008

Chelsia goes back to her bedroom, josh is sleeping there, she pokes him - NYTC7
1:25PM 06/03/2008

Feeds cut to Nat, Sharon, Sheila - NYTC7
1:26PM 06/03/2008

Chelsia lies to josh and says that ryan didnt tell her who else he's putting up NT - NYTC7
1:29PM 06/03/2008

Foods in the SR - Timot
1:29PM 06/03/2008

Nic Patches - Timot
1:32PM 06/03/2008

Josh pulls Ryan aside, says whatever you want to do I'll do if you dont put me up NT - NYTC7
1:33PM 06/03/2008
Josh said to Ryan, "Whatever you want me to do, I'll be your b!tch this week" NT - DanaRose
1:38PM 06/03/2008
and Ryan promises Josh he will NOT backdoor him this week NT - DanaRose
1:42PM 06/03/2008

chelsia alone in SR, takes the coffee and starts to hide it so sheila will go crazy without her coffee NT - bigjaniefan
1:35PM 06/03/2008

Chelsia asking I dont trust this, why do they want me up (she does not know that her former partner convinced Ryan to put her up) NT - KingMac
1:52PM 06/03/2008

James hugging Chelsia, asking her do you trust me? Chelsia says i only trust you NT - KingMac
1:54PM 06/03/2008

Chelsia telling everyone dont bother hiding the sugar, honey or anything, becuase they will just bring more. NT - KingMac
1:57PM 06/03/2008

Ryan laying on the "CURSED BED" Josh asks do you feel alright on that bed, Ryan says i think its ok if you are HoH... - KingMac
1:59PM 06/03/2008

Chelsia complaining about snoring - Timot
2:01PM 06/03/2008

Ryan, Chelsia, Matt, Sharon, Josh all in the boat room talking about the food comp NT - KingMac
2:02PM 06/03/2008

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