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Matt and Chelsia making obvious sexual innuendos. - Melisah
5:58PM 06/03/2008

Chelsia's doing the dishes. - Melisah
6:03PM 06/03/2008

James to Josh: "I think tomorrow is the POV". NT - BrownCoat
6:32PM 06/03/2008

Sharon's reading the bible all by her lonesome. Everyone else eating in the kitchen. - Melisah
6:33PM 06/03/2008

James in BR with Sharon (who is trying to read the Bible). NT - BrownCoat
6:34PM 06/03/2008

James is sitting next to Sharon the floor, reading over her shoulder. - Melisah
6:35PM 06/03/2008

Chelsia says "This is going to be harder than I thought" referring - Romney
6:35PM 06/03/2008

Ryan, Matt & James in LR complaining about have the "runs". NT - BrownCoat
6:36PM 06/03/2008

Matt went to DR to ask if they can have some of Ryan's Reeses Pieces. BB is checking. NT - BrownCoat
6:38PM 06/03/2008

Ryan & James playing chess. Matt giving commentary. Adam watching on. NT - BrownCoat
6:40PM 06/03/2008
Correction: Matt/James playing chess. Ryan watching on. Josh just sat down to watch. NT - BrownCoat
6:41PM 06/03/2008

Matt called to DR to find out if he gets Reeses Pieces. DR apparently says no. NT - BrownCoat
6:45PM 06/03/2008

Nat talking to Josh privately: "I'm not voting against Sharon. I was personally attacked (by Chelsia). I'm not forgetting that." NT - BrownCoat
6:54PM 06/03/2008

Nat, Josh in spa room, Nat says that Chelsia must be the target because everyone likes Sharon... - my0wn
6:55PM 06/03/2008

Nat to Josh: "Sheila wants Chelsia gone as well". That's 4 right there for Sharon. Matt, Josh, Nat, Sheila NT - BrownCoat
6:55PM 06/03/2008

Sheila, Nat telling Sharon she's safe and that it's the smart move by Ryan, his way of dealing with Chelsia (getting her out). NT - BrownCoat
7:00PM 06/03/2008

Sheila, Nat, Sharon talking about the boys having to, er, "diddle" with themselves. Sheila: "can't they just do that in the bathroom?" NT - BrownCoat
7:03PM 06/03/2008

Nat: J & C promised not to put us up and they did. F them. Basically a Chel bash session going on. NT - BrownCoat
7:04PM 06/03/2008

Josh and Adam - Josh wondering to Adam if POV is used to get Chelsia, is this a way to back door Josh. Adam smiling, "I dunno". NT - BrownCoat
7:07PM 06/03/2008

Natalie and Sheila saying that they wouldn't take someone down with the veto - IggysPINKTights
7:08PM 06/03/2008

James joins Josh and Adam in spa. Talking about winning prizes in the veto. James wants to play. Adam wants to win prizes. Adam talks of pimples. NT - BrownCoat
7:09PM 06/03/2008

Chel called to DR, Adam says "she's freakin'" . James says, "i've told her not to freak out". Josh then wonders - BrownCoat
7:11PM 06/03/2008

Josh, Adam and James continue: Adam, "do you love her (Sheila)?" Josh, I don't have a problem with her. Adam, "you hungry Josh?" (Josh is on slop) NT - BrownCoat
7:13PM 06/03/2008

Sheila says Ryans moves are cowardly b/c he put up 2 girls who are on slop - IggysPINKTights
7:13PM 06/03/2008

Nat talking about her "alliance" her /S/M/A/R NT - IggysPINKTights
7:14PM 06/03/2008

Josh predicting that, "this house will be a lot of fun when all the b!tches are on slop and on the rag". Predicts them getting rough soon. NT - BrownCoat
7:15PM 06/03/2008

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