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Flames. No idea why. NT - BrownCoat
8:20PM 06/03/2008

Back now. James kissing Chel's chest, she's not amused, "I hate life right now". NT - BrownCoat
8:24PM 06/03/2008

Adam goes in to the toilet to #2 and Chel is pulling the door open on him while he's going. Just to mess with him. NT - BrownCoat
8:29PM 06/03/2008

James leans in to Chel's mic and says, "I don't know if you know this BB but Chelsia has a pierced hood on her (you know)". Chel - "no I don't" NT - BrownCoat
8:30PM 06/03/2008

Sheila now in BR w/James/Chel and says (about POV), "maybe James will win it and take you off". chel, "no... he wouldn't". Sheila, "he adores you!" NT - BrownCoat
8:36PM 06/03/2008
I meant WC (water closet/bathroom), not BR. NT - BrownCoat
8:38PM 06/03/2008

James saying if Chel goes home, "I might just have to get kicked to go to sequester to get laid" NT - BrownCoat
8:39PM 06/03/2008

James says, "if I get POV tomorrow, I'll use it". Chel doesn't know if he should risk it. NT - BrownCoat
8:40PM 06/03/2008

James to Chel: I won't let you go. NT - SouthernBelladonna
8:41PM 06/03/2008

Around the Feeds: James/Chel talking about where to have sex in BB house. Matt laying in bed. Adam reading Bible. NT - BrownCoat
8:42PM 06/03/2008

James and Chel joke about crazy places to have sex in the BB house. - SouthernBelladonna
8:43PM 06/03/2008

Ryan/Chelsia talking. Ryan saying it's a 99% chance she's staying in the game. NT - crateriko
9:01PM 06/03/2008

Ryan/Chelsia still talking - crateriko
9:05PM 06/03/2008

Josh called to the DR. NT - crateriko
9:05PM 06/03/2008

Matt joins Chelsia/Ryan in the HOH room. - crateriko
9:07PM 06/03/2008

Ryan/Chelsia/Matt talking about their families -- nothing game related. NT - crateriko
9:11PM 06/03/2008

James is joining Natalie in the sauna. NT - crateriko
9:14PM 06/03/2008

Ryan/Matt/Chelsia talking game. - crateriko
9:17PM 06/03/2008
6-0 vote was a prediction if Sheila was up. NT - Snarf123
9:25PM 06/03/2008

HGs got beer. NT - crateriko
9:22PM 06/03/2008

Adam goes to HOH room to give some beer to the other HGs. - crateriko
9:25PM 06/03/2008

Natalie/Matt/Ryan/Chelsia/Adam still in HOH room talking about playing on sports teams when they were younger. NT - crateriko
9:30PM 06/03/2008

Ryan called to the DR. James joins the rest in the HOH room. NT - crateriko
9:35PM 06/03/2008

Josh has joined the crew in the HOH room. Not much going on. NT - crateriko
9:45PM 06/03/2008

HGs in HOH revisiting Allison saying she was suing Josh and BB. NT - crateriko
9:51PM 06/03/2008

Sharon and Sheila are the only 2 HGs not in the HOH room. Other HGs talking about what they'd do with the $ if they won. - crateriko
9:59PM 06/03/2008
James said he'd throw a huge party in LA, pay off mom's bills, start college fund for sibling, set up - CaitlinRoran
10:06PM 06/03/2008

Natalie calls Matt a dickhole and leaves the HOH room - crateriko
10:12PM 06/03/2008

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