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Stella222 All 4 Camera's on Matt, Adam playing pool talking NT 0 5:28PM 07/03/2008
Stella222 Matt trying to get Adam to tell him if there is a deal, and Ryan 0 5:30PM 07/03/2008
Stella222 Adam telling Matt that Josh is a bigger threat in the house than Matt NT 0 5:32PM 07/03/2008
Stella222 Josh, Sharon, Chel & Sheila in KT talking about Josh's & when he gets letter NT 0 5:34PM 07/03/2008
Stella222 Kitchen discussion on Unitard NT 0 5:35PM 07/03/2008
Stella222 More Matt & Adam talking about Josh on all 4 Cams NT 0 5:36PM 07/03/2008
Stella222 Nat in BY to do laundry, asking Matt & Adam if they want her to do theirs. 0 5:44PM 07/03/2008
Stella222 Matt telling Adam how good he is at playing pool NT 0 5:45PM 07/03/2008
lalali sheila tells natalie that they plan to backdoor matt 0 5:50PM 07/03/2008
Stella222 Sheila & Nat in BY talking about how the house is going after 0 5:50PM 07/03/2008
lalali nat still believes that ryan is not going to put up matt. she thinks he must be playing them, and will actually put up josh NT 0 5:52PM 07/03/2008
lalali sheila calls j/c "evil" 0 5:55PM 07/03/2008
mrmac Sheila continues to rag on Chelsia, saying that the PoV comp was luck, not skill. NT 1 5:58PM 07/03/2008
Stella222 Sheila telling Ryan not to backdoor Matt NT 1 6:04PM 07/03/2008
Stella222 Ryan asked Sheila who to put up, she said Josh, he is the ring leader NT 0 6:06PM 07/03/2008
lalali sheila thinks that s/a n/m have better chance of hoh than j/c and j/s 0 6:11PM 07/03/2008
Stella222 Ryan telling Sheila that he is feels if he puts up Josh, Sharon will join with a/n/s/m & Ryan, and j/c will be left on their own. NT 1 6:13PM 07/03/2008
lalali ryan turns....tells matt , natalie, adam he is sticking with them NT 0 6:15PM 07/03/2008
Stella222 Ryan telling Matt, Nat & Adam that he is going to vote with them and sheila, not the others NT 1 6:15PM 07/03/2008
Stella222 Ryan just said Josh is going home NT 0 6:16PM 07/03/2008
kimber1 Ryan, Adam, Matt playing pool - talking about the "other side" 0 6:44PM 07/03/2008
TheMike Ryan Matt and Adam playing pool, Chelsia and James on couch in BY NT 0 6:44PM 07/03/2008
kimber1 Adam, Matt and Ryan talk about veto 0 6:47PM 07/03/2008
TheMike Chelsia James and Sharon in HT NT 0 6:48PM 07/03/2008
kimber1 Shelia says Josh got his letter from his family 0 6:53PM 07/03/2008
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