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right2erin adam says how weird it is that they are actually in the BB house 0 10:43PM 07/03/2008
alexarae71 Josh talking about how bb takes a sick individual and he is so happy to be one of those NT 0 10:49PM 07/03/2008
alexarae71 Shelia talking aobut how ryan never stays n his room it is odd NT 0 10:50PM 07/03/2008
right2erin josh found some hairs on his back and is making sharon pluck them NT 0 10:51PM 07/03/2008
alexarae71 shelai asks chels why they call it bread a butter pickles... 0 10:51PM 07/03/2008
KingMac Matt says check Nig** than Adam says it too Check Nig** NT 0 10:52PM 07/03/2008
alexarae71 josh scared to see how fat he looks on tv...adam says you look good NT 0 10:52PM 07/03/2008
right2erin josh is standing in front of the mirror bouncing up and down, jiggling his fat NT 0 10:52PM 07/03/2008
alexarae71 Josh and nat in sauna...nat says drinking her beer in sauna will make you drunker NT 0 10:52PM 07/03/2008
alexarae71 josh and sharon talking aobut how matty hasn't talk to her and josh says well he doesn't need you cause you are on the block. NT 0 10:56PM 07/03/2008
alexarae71 Shelia and natty bashing chelsia in sauna... 1 11:01PM 07/03/2008
alexarae71 Shelia saying natty needs to tell ryan that the "others" were talking about how he wa weak etc. NT 0 11:02PM 07/03/2008
alexarae71 Ryan reasding his smoking book. Matty not leaving him alone NT 0 11:21PM 07/03/2008
alexarae71 Natty talking to ryan doing some spin control about why she has been talking to "others" 0 11:30PM 07/03/2008
alexarae71 Ryan spillign the beans about who he might veto 0 11:34PM 07/03/2008
TracyTurnblad Nat is painting a potrait of Ryan with nail polish! (lol) NT 0 11:57PM 07/03/2008
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