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JimAndJanet Matt saying he needs to be nicer to natalie and he knows it.... NT 0 2:52PM 07/03/2008
DebbieInc Adam talking about his friend who owns a topless bar called "The Booby Trap" NT 1 2:52PM 07/03/2008
JimAndJanet Matt keeps complimenting ryan on the 10 grand....ryan eating chips and matt still making niceties NT 0 2:54PM 07/03/2008
JimAndJanet Chelsia to DR..Ryan offering beef jerky to Matt NT 0 2:55PM 07/03/2008
JimAndJanet small talk in HOH.... NT 1 3:02PM 07/03/2008
JimAndJanet Ryan looking bored with Matt's motorcycle stories, now more interested cause 0 3:05PM 07/03/2008
seasickfan Matt leaving HOH NT 0 3:08PM 07/03/2008
JimAndJanet Matt finally left HOH..Ryan frantically looking for the remote NT 0 3:08PM 07/03/2008
JimAndJanet Matt visiting sheila, says he just spoke with Ryan....and says that ryan didnt say much NT 1 3:10PM 07/03/2008
JimAndJanet Matt says to least you are not on the block... she says Not yet and laughs 0 3:14PM 07/03/2008
JimAndJanet Matt says "he could put me up" Sheila still playing like she may be put up too. NT 0 3:16PM 07/03/2008
JimAndJanet Matt hosted POV NT 0 3:20PM 07/03/2008
JimAndJanet Shebot got a belt for her mic in SR NT 0 3:22PM 07/03/2008
JimAndJanet looks like nap time all over the house NT 0 3:23PM 07/03/2008
JimAndJanet Chels outside doing laudry....baller reading his bible...james and josh laying down.....matt out on hammock..says to Chels 0 3:25PM 07/03/2008
seasickfan All four feeds : Matt alone swinging in hammock NT 0 3:26PM 07/03/2008
JimAndJanet All feeds on Matt alone and in silence on the hammock NT 0 3:32PM 07/03/2008
MerryForDean All Four Feeds Still On Matt NT 0 3:34PM 07/03/2008
JimAndJanet Feed now to chels folding and putting towels away NT 0 3:37PM 07/03/2008
MerryForDean All four feeds now on Chelsea folding towels NT 0 3:37PM 07/03/2008
MerryForDean all feeds on Chelsea cleaning/doing laundry NT 0 3:53PM 07/03/2008
JimAndJanet Chels on a cleaning spree.....Adam emerges and goes to the bathroom NT 0 3:55PM 07/03/2008
MerryForDean Adam Awake now - in backyard. Chels still cleaning in KT NT 0 3:56PM 07/03/2008
JimAndJanet Sharon got out of the DR ...she was in there for over a half hour NT 0 3:57PM 07/03/2008
JimAndJanet Adam says a few things to matt...nothing important NT 0 3:58PM 07/03/2008
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