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mcoop Feeds switch to Matt and Nat in bed. 0 2:24AM 07/03/2008
JLPrinzess James, Chelsia, and Josh talking in the bathroom.. 0 2:38AM 07/03/2008
folieadeux8381 James and Chel sitting on the sofa in the bathroom 0 2:40AM 07/03/2008
Snarf123 All 4 Feeds on sleeping hamsters. NT 0 3:02AM 07/03/2008
aubrey04 Chelsia/James/Josh in the bathroom devises plan to get Matt out this week. Operation C - for crooked eye. 0 3:07AM 07/03/2008
BB6247 There's some hanky panky going on! :) But BB backed off to give pinky & the brainless..... 0 3:08AM 07/03/2008
JLPrinzess Feeds 1 & 4 on Sheila, 2 & 3 on Josh and Sharon.. all asleep. NT 0 3:25AM 07/03/2008
JLPrinzess I think I heard Chelsia say stop. Feeds are still on Josh, Sharon and Sheila. NT 0 4:00AM 07/03/2008
icant It looks like James just made himself a bed on the floor at the foot of his and Chelsia's bed with cushions from the LR. Trouble in paradise? NT 0 5:02AM 07/03/2008
bcbmom Looks like all are still sleeping NT 0 6:59AM 07/03/2008
NYTC7 Flames! NT 0 8:02AM 07/03/2008
Ashton Ryan is up in the HOH bathroom Shelia and Josh are up in the kitchen NT 0 8:19AM 07/03/2008
NYTC7 Feeds back, Josh telling sheila of the plan to have the whole house sit down w/ ryan when matt goes into dr and tell him they will give him 2 weeks 0 8:19AM 07/03/2008
NYTC7 Josh starts singing to sharon and we get flames NT 0 8:21AM 07/03/2008
NYTC7 ryan goes back to lay down in bed and look at the hoh cam NT 0 8:21AM 07/03/2008
NYTC7 james said he couldn't sleep last night b/c of nicotine patch, he slept on the floor b/c he was tossing /turning and didnt want to keep ch awake NT 0 8:22AM 07/03/2008
NYTC7 Josh says he's not gonna lie, he's hungry NT 0 8:23AM 07/03/2008
NYTC7 more flames.... NT 0 8:23AM 07/03/2008
NYTC7 Feeds back, Josh/sheila talking about how matt talks about nat behind her back, how horrible it is NT 0 8:27AM 07/03/2008
NYTC7 Sheila saying she feels like it was her that slowed everyone down in the food comp NT 0 8:28AM 07/03/2008
NYTC7 Sheila is afraid that ryan won't put matt up b/c of the boys club that's going on NT 0 8:29AM 07/03/2008
NYTC7 Sheila also said that ryan didn't have the ba!!s to put up a man before, says ryan fears matt winning pov, thats why he didn't put him up 0 8:31AM 07/03/2008
NYTC7 sheila said she needs to request a sewing kit from dr 0 8:34AM 07/03/2008
NYTC7 They are talking about this mornings music, stronger by kanye west, and we get flames for a sec NT 0 8:35AM 07/03/2008
NYTC7 BB says good morning HGs, its time to get up for the day NT 0 8:38AM 07/03/2008
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