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littlemissaly Chelsia called to DR 1 12:00AM 07/03/2008
Jolt10 Material girls, sparkle power, Sharon, Josh, Nat trying to come up with a name for their alliance...(I don't think they came up with one) NT 1 12:01AM 07/03/2008
littlemissaly Shelia finally gets a turn saying how Sharon needs to start practicing too. NT 0 12:01AM 07/03/2008
Jolt10 I can only hear Josh, cam is on Nat, and JOsh tells the boys that if he was on block he only thinks it is fair the Nom's get to practice. NT 1 12:03AM 07/03/2008
jalynne Outside now, 0 12:07AM 07/03/2008
littlemissaly Chelsia and Nat practicing on the big pool table, guys playing pool 0 12:17AM 07/03/2008
JimAndJanet BIG dr leak with sharon on vid NT 0 12:18AM 07/03/2008
littlemissaly All 4 Cams, on Mattie, James, & Adam playing pool. NT 0 12:19AM 07/03/2008
dm101b James just brought the "backdoor Matt" deal up to Adam. NT 0 12:29AM 07/03/2008
Jolt10 Matt tells Ryan that "when" he win HOH next week...who will "we" put up NT 0 12:49AM 07/03/2008
Jolt10 Natt sharing everything she heard tonight....with Matt. NT 0 12:59AM 07/03/2008
ButterBean Matt just ran straight to Ryan to tell him what Nat just told him! NT 0 1:01AM 07/03/2008
Jolt10 Matt: the puppet has spoken. ...Matt: have been offered a 2 week deal NT 0 1:01AM 07/03/2008
Jolt10 Matt: you know what I might do , since your the one who might want to back door me, your up on the block "n-word" NT 0 1:05AM 07/03/2008
mrmac Matt and Ryan running through who will offer Ryan "the deal". NT 0 1:07AM 07/03/2008
mrmac Matt and Ryan trashing Sharon and predicting Sharon will be evicted 6-0. NT 0 1:09AM 07/03/2008
mrmac Matt comparing himself to EvelDick (ed. yeah, right). NT 0 1:10AM 07/03/2008
Snarf123 Around the Feeds: F1&2 on BY with Matt, Chels, Josh, Ryan and Baller. F3&4 Natty and Sheila in boat BR. 0 1:37AM 07/03/2008
Snarf123 F1 & 2 -- Change to James and Adam in the kitchen staring at the Memory Wall. 0 1:44AM 07/03/2008
Snarf123 All Feeds on BY. Matt and Josh chatting. Ryan and Chels playing the new pool game. NT 0 1:53AM 07/03/2008
Snarf123 Ryan to HoH bedroom. Baller sitting at Kitchen table by himself. NT 0 1:54AM 07/03/2008
WVpdles Josh to talking to Ryan in HoH. He offered up the suggest of putting up Matt if PoV was used but Ryan didn't bite. NT 0 2:14AM 07/03/2008
JLPrinzess Ryan and Josh in HOH talking. James and Chel in BY playing new game 0 2:15AM 07/03/2008
Snarf123 Josh heads up to HoH bedroom to talk with Ryan. 0 2:19AM 07/03/2008
JLPrinzess Josh in BY with James and Chelsia saying 0 2:23AM 07/03/2008
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