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Topic #8192461
BB_Addiction - F1 and F2 on Adam, Ryan, Matt, and James in BY and F3 and F4 on Sharon, Sheila, and Natalie in the kitchen. NT 0 Replies #8192461 6:00PM 10/03/2008
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Topic #8192529
BB_Addiction - Matt shoots the ball and misses. Ryan then shoots and makes it. James misses. Matt misses again.... NT 0 Replies #8192529 6:05PM 10/03/2008
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Topic #8192531
eyesofjade - Shelia, Sharon and Nat in kitchen cooking/ general chit chat 0 Replies #8192531 6:05PM 10/03/2008
nat: "even after winning the food competion we are starving"... talking about low food supply
Sharon fixing slop
nat is begging for milk from big brother.
talking about the Pizza they got after being on slop last time. Wonder if they will get food from big brother after they get off slop.
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Topic #8192617
BB_Addiction - Matt asking Ryan if he thinks the food is ready. NT 0 Replies #8192617 6:10PM 10/03/2008
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Topic #8192713
BB_Addiction - Lots of planes flying over the BY right now. Boys still playing basketball while girls are in the kitchen talking about Dane Cook. 0 Replies #8192713 6:14PM 10/03/2008
Sheila loves Dane Cook. Sharon says he's "***** hot". Sheila says he's on her Myspace and Nat says she loves Conan O'Brien. All girls agree they love Jack Black too. Nat says she loves School of Rock.
Ryan gets in trouble for throwing ball against the wall outside. Boys then come in from BY and talking about Dane Cook in the Kitchen.
Sheila says Jessica Simpson is hot. Sharon says she met Jessica Simpson and got her autograph.
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Topic #8192735
eyesofjade - boys are now in kitchen with girls,,, James sitting by HT all alone, .,, So Sad:( NT 0 Replies #8192735 6:16PM 10/03/2008
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Topic #8192756
BB_Addiction - Everyone still talking about Dane Cook. Nat says she doesn't think he's hot. Sharon says Employee of the Month is HA-larious. NT 0 Replies #8192756 6:17PM 10/03/2008
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Topic #8192778
BB_Addiction - Nat in the kitchen spelling words to Ryan and Matt. NT 0 Replies #8192778 6:18PM 10/03/2008
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Topic #8192921
BB_Addiction - Dinnertime in the BB house. Ryan, Matt, Adam, Nat, James and Sheila all in Kitchen. NT 0 Replies #8192921 6:26PM 10/03/2008
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Topic #8193018
BB_Addiction - Matt asks Ryan if he's the type of person who mixes everything together on Thanksgiving. Ryan says he is, Matt says he does it too. 0 Replies #8193018 6:33PM 10/03/2008
Sharon is talking to Sheila while she does her nails. Sheila says that she doesn't have anything against James. Sharon says Chelsia won't go after them if she wins HoH, she'll put up Matt and Nat for sure.
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Topic #8193065
BB_Addiction - Chelsia telling Josh that James said: "You know i care about you, you're a smart girl and if you care about me then vote for me to stay" 0 Replies #8193065 6:36PM 10/03/2008
James comes in and joins them. Chelsia says she's got alot to get off her chest in the DR. James says he's okay with going home. Chelsia says she doesn't want him to give up.
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Topic #8193099
BB_Addiction - James says the last thing he needs is that money because its alot of money and he doesn't think it would be for the best 0 Replies #8193099 6:39PM 10/03/2008
Josh says "at the rate things are going, I'll be seeing you in the villa next week."
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Topic #8193106
rg1 - James, Chelsia and Josh 0 Replies #8193106 6:40PM 10/03/2008
James - I'm not giving up
Chelsia - this whole situation sucks
James - Do I want to be stuck in this house with Natalie? House, Resort? The last thing I need would be that money - do I really need it.
Josh - at the rate things are going, I'll see you at the Villa next week
no matter what they say, they'll flip on me
Josh - did they say anything to you
James - they didn't invite me to dinner until it was all divied out
Chelsia - lets just have fun
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Topic #8193182
BB_Addiction - Sheila and Sharon talking about Slop and Food comps. Sheila wonders what the feast would of been. 0 Replies #8193182 6:45PM 10/03/2008
Sharon says she watched all last season. Says she likes Jameka and Amber was drama. Sheila says she's the Amber of the show. Sharon going on and on about how terrible Amber was crying last season. Now talking about Joe and Dustin's relationship. Saying Joe was the first to go home.
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Topic #8193207
rg1 - Sheila and Sharon are in another bedroom talking about last season's BB contestants - no game talk 0 Replies #8193207 6:47PM 10/03/2008
wondering why they didn't do America's player this year. Sharon says it's because it's been done, can't do it again. Sheila wondering if America is involved at all. Sharon says, yes, they are involved every year
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Topic #8193222
BB_Addiction - Sheila asking Sharon about Zach last season. Sharon says he was never in the spotlight. 0 Replies #8193222 6:47PM 10/03/2008
Now talking about America's Player. Sheila asks Sharon if she thinks America is involved this season. Sharon says she definatly thinks so (which we are!!)
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Topic #8193262
BB_Addiction - Nat, Chelsia and Josh in Kitchen. Nat is doing dishes. ( you can take over rg1, I'm done for now) NT 0 Replies #8193262 6:50PM 10/03/2008
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Topic #8193283
rg1 - Feed 4 - kitchen - Josh\Chelsia\Nat 0 Replies #8193283 6:51PM 10/03/2008
Josh says none of the most memorable people have won the show and who remembers Maggie. Chelsia says she doesn't even know Maggie
Josh and Chelsia now in kitchen. Natalie is doing dishes - Josh says she should start making the boys do dishes.
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Topic #8193327
rg1 - Feed 4 1 Replies #8193327 6:54PM 10/03/2008
Nat and Chelsia still in kichen - not talking, making ice, cleaning. James wandering in and out - Josh in bathroom with James now. talkinga bout hair - james wants to dye hair pink in honor of James
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WVpdles - Josh wants to dye his hair pink in honor of james NT #8199420 2:00AM 11/03/2008
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Topic #8193376
rg1 - Sheila and Sharon talking about their families 0 Replies #8193376 6:57PM 10/03/2008
Chelsia now in bathroom with Josh and James, talking about hair dye, Nat still in kitchen, no one else is on feeds.
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Topic #8193409
rg1 - Baller and Matt outside 1 Replies #8193409 6:59PM 10/03/2008
Matt talking about someone being the most boring person, tell the most boring stories about her neighbors dog jumping the fence (not sure who he's talking about - one of the girls in the house/)
Matt saying they have to win HOH. "If they had a good alliance, Josh would have kept POV for Sharon, but they don't play right, think for themselves"
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ostra - the most boring girl in America is Sharon according to Matt NT #8193459 7:02PM 10/03/2008
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Topic #8193443
rg1 - Matt and Baller 0 Replies #8193443 7:01PM 10/03/2008
Natalie just came outside "can you guys call me when you guys are playing pool". Matt and Baller are sitting on the pool table, Nat playing ball. not really talking about anything.
J\J\C still dying hair
Not sure where Ryan is, probably in HOH
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Topic #8193496
rg1 - Matt and Nat 0 Replies #8193496 7:04PM 10/03/2008
Matt and Nat studying in the backyard
Matt "how many laps does it take to do 15miles in the pool"
Matt says 6600 - Nat says "I was getting there, you have to give me a bit more time - they give you more time"
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Topic #8193546
rg1 - Bathroom J\J\C 0 Replies #8193546 7:07PM 10/03/2008
Josh - trying to figure out how many weeks are left in the game. "we have to get out seven people"
James "has anyone won HOH four times?"
Josh "I think three times, Chels and I are going to alternate weeks"
"they have a double eviction in at the end"

Chelsia is finished with James and now dying Josh a strip of pink hair
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Topic #8193552
streetsense - josh getting one small pink swoop in bangs of his hair NT 0 Replies #8193552 7:08PM 10/03/2008
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