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Topic #8183185
streetsense - josh came back out and started going off again--- NT 0 Replies #8183185 12:00AM 10/03/2008
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Topic #8183205
streetsense - omg they doing 440 laps = a mile and wonder if there is something to that NT 0 Replies #8183205 12:02AM 10/03/2008
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Topic #8183223
streetsense - sheila claiming she might seduce matt, cuz thats his weakness--and warning them not to get grossed out NT 0 Replies #8183223 12:04AM 10/03/2008
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Topic #8183231
streetsense - sheila saying it will be the graduate ms. robinson all over again--and then natty would come after her NT 0 Replies #8183231 12:05AM 10/03/2008
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Topic #8183237
streetsense - sheila saying when james went up--it "scared hell out of her" NT 0 Replies #8183237 12:06AM 10/03/2008
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Topic #8183272
streetsense - matt nat -- talking to sharon---saying shes good--adam just walked in and i think is telling about james--- NT 0 Replies #8183272 12:10AM 10/03/2008
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Topic #8183281
streetsense - adam saying he aint gonna tell anybody anything until the votes---and people know where he stands NT 0 Replies #8183281 12:11AM 10/03/2008
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Topic #8183289
streetsense - adams telling all to matt nat sharon NT 0 Replies #8183289 12:12AM 10/03/2008
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Topic #8183304
streetsense - matt saying let them campaign--adam saying they made him reasonable offers--matt says ill double it--they all 4 laugh NT 0 Replies #8183304 12:14AM 10/03/2008
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Topic #8183344
streetsense - adam telling them all james is staying, josh is voting out sharon----says they all blind---lol NT 0 Replies #8183344 12:19AM 10/03/2008
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Topic #8183383
streetsense - josh telling chelsia james ---sharon wants to put up adam/ryan---josh says he puts up mat/nat ---one goes home NT 0 Replies #8183383 12:23AM 10/03/2008
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Topic #8183534
Snarf123 - James and Chels in Hot Tub. 0 Replies #8183534 12:40AM 10/03/2008
They are flirting/kissing and talking about James' fate. He says he didn't have 10G's when he came into the house and that he could travel a lot with it.

Chels says please don't go.

They talk about wanting to go to Egypt . . . or Cape Cod, Chels adds.

Then she says, wait, is it CapeTown? Where's Cape Cod?
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Topic #8183565
Snarf123 - 4 Feeds switch to Sheila and Sharon in Sharon's BR. 0 Replies #8183565 12:45AM 10/03/2008
Sheila is reiterating her plan to seduce Matt. She is annoyed with Natalie playing her for a couple days.

Sharon likes the idea.

Nat comes in.

Sheila tells Nat and Sharon that James is working her hard but she'd not biting. She's just going to tell James that she's going to think about it.

Matt and Adam march in and Matt says, "We need to know who you're voting for right now. Who are you voting for?"

Adam says, "You better not be floating, Sheila!"

They all laugh.
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Topic #8183592
Snarf123 - Adam is acting punchy and Natalie claims it's because he's filled with the Holy Spirit. NT 0 Replies #8183592 12:49AM 10/03/2008
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Topic #8183622
Snarf123 - Josh returns to BR from a very long DR session, breaking up the conversation. 0 Replies #8183622 12:52AM 10/03/2008
They were rehashing the pickle juice incident of earlier in the day and Matt was once again saying that James was lucky that he didn't toss it on Matt because Matt would have messed him up.
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Topic #8183634
Snarf123 - Natalie now Stomp Dancing in the BR. 0 Replies #8183634 12:53AM 10/03/2008
Sheila -- I like your little nightgown

Nat -- Thank you! Target $19.99
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Topic #8183654
Snarf123 - Josh heads out to BY to talk with Chels and James who have moved to the couches out there. 0 Replies #8183654 12:55AM 10/03/2008
Josh is livid that everyone is in his bedroom talking with Sharon.

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Topic #8183758
Snarf123 - Adam comes out to smoke in BY and talks with James, Chels and Josh. 0 Replies #8183758 1:06AM 10/03/2008
Baller still acting like he doesn't know what he's going to do. He says that he doesn't want to be one of two voting to keep James. James and Chels tell him that if he gets Sheila, Josh will come over, that's 4.

Adam says he'll talk to Sheila tomorrow.

Adam goes inside and Josh comments that Adam is going straight to Matty with that info.

Adam does go straight into his bedroom and tells Matty, Natty, and Sheila what was said. He says he told them that he can't promise anything.
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Topic #8183765
Snarf123 - Flames NT 0 Replies #8183765 1:07AM 10/03/2008
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Topic #8183841
Snarf123 - 1&2 on Matt, Natty and Baller in Pink Frilly BR. 0 Replies #8183841 1:15AM 10/03/2008
3&4 on Josh, Chels and James in the BY.

They are reminiscing about Day one in the BB house. Chels says that she knew she liked Josh as soon as he walked in. Josh says you mean when I sashayed in? James says he thought Chels was a dyke and that she was loud. Chels and James think it seems like yesterday. Josh says it seems like months ago. Josh wishes that BB didn't have all the down days, like today, and filmed more like Survivor or The Bachelor.
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Topic #8183884
Snarf123 - Chels, James and Josh talking about how Natalie swiped something from each of them today. She took James' bag. Chels still doesn't know what was 1 Replies #8183884 1:20AM 10/03/2008
taken from her.

James says he went into the DR and said look, I don't want to look for whatever she took, so just tell me what she took. And we get Flames.
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Shar - Also trash talk about Matt and Natalie. Talk about possible places to hide Nat's Bible if they can get it again. NT #8183974 1:29AM 10/03/2008
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Topic #8183901
Snarf123 - Matt and Nat in bed together. Adam is in bed now too. Sharon in bed. 0 Replies #8183901 1:22AM 10/03/2008
Ryan has been up in HoH room for an hour or so. BB told him to please put on his microphone, but he's up there alone.
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Topic #8183993
Shar - Josh suggested that James should ejaculate in Natalie's Bible so that the pages stick together. 0 Replies #8183993 1:32AM 10/03/2008
James said he didn't want that to be his 5 minutes of reality fame, and didn't want upset people gunning for him when he gets out of the house. Josh said the religious people would be after Natalie.
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Topic #8183997
Snarf123 - Josh is hoping for an America's Choice award. 0 Replies #8183997 1:33AM 10/03/2008
Josh says: America wants to give Josh a phone call! Or, America, what would you like to give to Joshua to destroy one of the houseguests? A machete? A bow and arrow? A Rifle? All of the Above?

Chels -- Or like if James went this week, America, if you could pick one player to come back into the house -- it would be James in a sec. All of the sudden he just walks in the front door naked!

Josh -- Wearing a candy thong.

James -- (in a silly voice) I'm not leaving! I can't leave!

Josh -- I don't want you to leave sequester because if you do, the vote goes to America (the Jury vote, I'm assuming). It says in the rule book.
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Topic #8184175
KennyN - All HG's sleeping. NT 1 Replies #8184175 2:55AM 10/03/2008
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WVpdles - When Josh got in bed with Sharon, she told him what the others had been telling her today. #8184370 5:42AM 10/03/2008
Sharon says Matt told her Josh was never a target to be put up, because if Matt had wanted Josh up he would be up. (ed. not true Matt tried to get Ryan to put up Josh, but Ryan refused.) So Josh is safe as long as he doesn't cause any more fights. Sharon also thinks Chel was the original target this week and James was replacement because they're a couple.
Sharon says that Sheila will go after Nat if she gets HoH, because Sharon told Sheila that Nat told Sharon Nat faked the fight with Matt. Sheila said she didn't realize Nat was such a good little actress. Sheila told Sharon she doesn't feel bad about her plan to 'seduce' Matt after knowing Nat isn't really upset with the way Matt treats her.
Sharon told Josh they're in a good position, Sheila won't be after them but Nat and everyone else will be trying to get out Chel next week, and she doesn't think Josh would even be used as a pawn.
They don't realize that Sheila is the one who flipped Ryan away from putting up Matt, and think Sheila is 'working' with them.
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